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I have a gift for Angel and Fairy card readings, that I would love to share with you, in a one to one reading. As a colour therapist I like to draw upon the energies of the rainbow, using them to provide a natural and deeper understanding of the unseen influences affecting your inner most feelings and desires. From childhood I have been sensitive to the unseen and I have sat in awareness circles to enhance this gift. I use the cards and colour alongside my own intuition.

Maria's expertises include:

Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Angel Cards - Spirit Coach

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Maria offers a concise reading of 500 words for $29.99 and a comprehensive reading of over 1000 words for $56.99

Please note: We are unable to answer questions to do with health, pregnancy, legal matters and finances. Replies to emails are usually within 24 hours, if has been longer than 24 hours and you have not received a reply please contact our Customer Care team.

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Maria's Blogs and Articles

Waiting At The Bus Stop Of Life
Maria - 26th October 2017

If necessary find the patience within yourself to stand still and let that bus come to you. Or if you feel you have gone too far down the wr...

What If - It Was Simply Destiny
Maria - 27th September 2017

. And now I believe time will show a different lot of “What ifs” As the friends he makes now are of this time, the relationships he goes int...

Reviews for Maria (86)

JenniferRated: 5 

The email reading I received was very accurate. Very pleased. Will see whether the future predictions happen and feedback. Thanks!

ElizabethRated: 5 

Maria, thank you for your magical reading, so beautifully constructed and I feel safer and warmer after your insight. You were right with "C" and his stubble and I will try and sit back and enjoy the flow as you described it to me in a way thats clearer to me now. Many Thanks again.

AshleyRated: 5 

Had a great reading and Maria tuned in really well (done what my gran told her) New my situation really well I will be calling back in the future , ashley x