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A warm welcome to our psychic community marketplace and award winning website. You can call, email or IM with one of over 200 listed readers who using gifts including psychic ability, mediumship, clairvoyance or tools including tarot cards, angel cards or runes can give insight and advice on your relationships, career or love and romance. Let them help answer your questions and empower your life!

  • 1 Choose the reader you would like to connect to.
  • 2 Click the ‘Message Me’ button.
  • 3 Confirm your date of birth.
  • 4 Top up your account with credits.
  • 5 Follow the ‘Chat Commands’ to get started.

We actively encourage our customers to leave feedback about their favourite readers, this can be done in two ways: ‘Ratings’ and ‘Reviews’ If you want to leave a rating, just click on the stars on a profile card, enter your phone number and score out of 5 and submit, it’s that easy! To leave a review just write a comment in the box provided.

Instant Messaging Readers

On Until 07:05 (EST)
Instant Messaging Readers - Heather M
Credit/Debit card only

Heather M

PIN: 600078

I have been in contact with Spirit all my life. I do Tarot and Angel card readings while connecting to Spirit to receive insightful readings and messages for you. I specialise in love, career and futu...

On Until 09:05 (EST) Ribbon
Instant Messaging Readers - Nikita
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600097

Hi there! I'm a Tarot, Oracle, and Elder Futhark rune reader with close to 6 years of experience. I let my intuition guide me during readings, and can read on all areas of life. I am particularly good...

On Until 10:00 (EST) Ribbon
Instant Messaging Readers - Aidan
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600114

I am a level 2 Reiki practitioner but also specialise in Angel card and Psychic photo readings. For the last three years I have been doing angel card and photo readings with great success in certain F...

On Until 10:00 (EST)
Instant Messaging Readers - Susan
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500134

As an Empath and Clairvoyant, I pick up cues and clues about your relationship not only from you and your energy, but also from the Angelic Realm and from my Guides. I use Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle...

On Until 16:34 (EST) Ribbon
Instant Messaging Readers - Sakab
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600096

You can speak to me and have a special personalised reading. I specialise in spirit connections and Angel card readings which can indicate past, present and future events. I have always had a strong s...

Next Due: Today @ 07:00 (EST) Ribbon
Instant Messaging Readers - Sandra
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600119

I am a Tarot reader with many years experience. I've been drawn to the cards and had intuitive gifts as long as I can remember. I use the cards to see where you are at currently in your situation and ...

Next Due: Today @ 09:00 (EST) Ribbon
Instant Messaging Readers - Mandy-Louise
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500975

I am Clairsentient and Clairaudient and I use the Tarot as a guide to focus on hidden issues or obstacles that maybe blocking the path to your happiness. I can help you with love and relationships plu...

Next Due: Today @ 13:00 (EST)
Instant Messaging Readers - Mother Tempyst
Credit/Debit card only

Mother Tempyst

PIN: 600090

I specialize in different types of energy work and readings. The readings rendered by me consist of 1-5 cards per spread, per individual. I try to assist as many people as possible with their situatio...

Next Due: Today @ 15:00 (EST) Ribbon
Instant Messaging Readers - Crystal
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500696

I am an Intuitive tarot reader. I work with not only the Tarot but also with Oracle cards, Angel Cards, Fairy cards, as well as dreams, the Law of Attraction and also colour. I am an empath and will o...

Next Due: Today @ 17:00 (EST)
Instant Messaging Readers - Kelly
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500967

I have over 20 years experience reading Tarot, oracle cards and angel cards. I’m an intuitive empath and I also have my 3 guides to help answer all your questions. I specialize in love, relationships,...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 02:00 (EST)
Instant Messaging Readers - Keisha
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500578

I am Psychic Medium with all of the Clairs such as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. I also do Past Life readings, career readings, energy healing, soul work, as well as love and relat...

Next Due: 19/12/2017 @ 14:00 (EST)
Instant Messaging Readers - Renoir
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500570

I am a natural born Psychic and have been in this line of work for over 30 years. My work has included various platforms such as Internet, TV, Radio, Magazines, face to face Psychic readings and Psych...

Currently Unavailable
Instant Messaging Readers - Leonora
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500859

I am a World renowned Psychic; my readings for celebrities have been published in national magazines and I have performed readings on live television and given personal readings to well known televisi...

Currently Unavailable Ribbon
Instant Messaging Readers - Blue
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600116

I first came to the Tarot when I was very young and my draw towards it, along with my intuitive abilities, has increased as I've gotten older. I like to look at the Tarot as a way to seek guidance fro...

Currently Unavailable Ribbon
Instant Messaging Readers - Veronica
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600112

I have over 24 years of professional reading experience and would consider it an honour to help you with the struggles and challenges you are facing. I can work without the use of tools; however, I ha...

Currently Unavailable Ribbon
Instant Messaging Readers - Anton
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600115

While I mostly read with Tarot, I am also a sensitive and a medium, often messages come through while reading the cards. I can also use other reading tools like the pendulum, oracle cards. I strive to...

More About Instant Messaging Readers


Many people are now having instant message readings but many people have asked “Can an instant message psychic reading be as accurate as a face to face reading?”

Instant message psychic readings allow you to connect to the readers via our chat window on the readers profile page, by adding them on Skype or by Facebook IM chat.

If you’ve never had an IM reading before and are thinking of having one but you are not sure let us reassure you that whilst many readers use tarot and angel cards, runes etc you don’t need to handle the cards to have a reading.

The other main benefit of having IM reading is that it means you can connect with quality psychics who are based all around the world, not just close to your house!


There are several things you can discover from having an IM reading, the first is clarity.  If a situation has been clouding over you for some time it helps to sometimes get a fresh perspective and a neutral view over your situation.

The second thing you can get is options, with any troubling situation people need to know what options they have to move on and get a positive outcome.

Also, our readers can give you reassurance that you are on the right path to get the outcome you desire and offer advice if you need it.


Here at Ask The Answer we have instant message readers who use a variety of tools and use a variety of skills in their readings.  If you are looking for a reader who uses a specific tool or gift in their readings then you can find them by looking in the profiles pages of each reader. Some of the tools used by our readers include tarot cards, angel cards, runes and astrology. Some of the gifts used by our readers include psychic ability, clairvoyance and mediumship, whilst some readers are able to help you along your spiritual journey as they are spirit coaches.  As well as these skills and gifts many of our readers have many special skills they use, to find out more read the biography of the individual readers on their profile page.


Our IM readings are billed per minute, before you begin your IM reading it’s best to check how much credit you have on your account and top up should you require as your reading will be terminated if you run out of credit unless you have chose the auto-top up function.  If no messages have been exchanged for 2 minutes then your IM reading will automatically be ended.


Some good questions to ask include:

  • When will I hear from him?
  • Do you see any contact from my partner soon?
  • Do you have any messages from spirit for me?
  • Do you see any improvements in my career prospects?
  • Do you see any movement on my desired house move?


One of the most common subjects brought up during readings are matters of the heart. A love reading is a powerful route to find the answers you seek. Instant message readings allow our readers to impart their wisdom to guide you on the right path to take.  One of the most important things to remember is not to ask yes or no questions. Examples include “Will I find my true love?”, “Will my current relationship work?”, “Will he ask me to marry me soon?” or “Is he cheating on me?” To achieve more insight with a phone love reading, it is best to ask open questions such as “What can I do to manifest love into my life?” or maybe “What would be the best way to reconnect with a past love?” or “How I can ensure this is the right relationship for me?” Open questions on your relationship issues can provide better direction on changing an outcome based on the choices you make. Try an instant message love reading now and see how it can guide you regarding past, present and future relationships.

Customer Care

Our customer care team is available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (GMT) and can be contacted here. Alternatively your question may be answered by reading our FAQ section.