Blogs and Articles by the Readers

Guardian Angel Deck
Summer - 23rd May 2018

If you would like an in-depth reading using the Guardian Angel Tarot Deck please give me a call and we can have a look at what is going on i...

It's Easier To Be Casual Than To Open Up Your Heart
Jennifer - 19th May 2018

In my experience, although I may get a back lash for this, I’ve found that males are more interested in casual relationships than women

Stranger On The Shore
Noel Sorbie - 17th May 2018

Relationships - A Spiritual Outlook by reader Noel . What are you really looking for?

Using Our Spirits To Communicate
Trish - 16th May 2018

We all know individuals who are hard to talk to. Some don't listen or pay attention to what we say. Others will argue with us, not even tryi...

The Tapestry Of Life. Soul Connections
Katie F - 14th May 2018

There are people we feel instantly connected to, and people we have met for the first time, and then there is that special person, that you ...

Soul Mate Or Not?
Juliet James - 9th May 2018

We meet a many soul mates during our life; some come in to our life when we need to break some bad habits. Have you ever noticed yourself fo...

Allowing Us To Take Flight
Charnjit - 6th May 2018

A poem by reader Charnjit. Let us be grateful for every day

Enjoy A Simple Life
Heaven Sent - 5th May 2018

Life is not as complex as we think only as complex as we make it or allow others to make it.

Ups And Downs In Life
Thomas - 4th May 2018

Within the human condition, fearful thoughts usually produce great turbulence of negative thought followed by desire for solutions or option...

Rollercoaster - You've Just Got To Ride It
Sonnie - 2nd May 2018

Reader Sonnie explains bad days and high days and how to deal with them! When facing down days, tarot can be helpful

Life Is Meant To Be Joyful
Trish - 1st May 2018

If there is a person or people who drain your energy, put a distance between yourself and them. Surround yourself in the universal white lig...

Avoiding Denial In Relationships
Vivian - 28th April 2018

. If you don’t feel right or are not happy, then you need to make changes. Remember you can’t make someone into the right person or go in t...

Denial - Help From Angels
Sal - 26th April 2018

Being in denial can be harmful, as when we refuse to accept a situation or not facing up to what is happening.  It can seem comforting at th...

Just Be, I Dare You
Summer - 22nd April 2018

Let's be totally realistic for a moment. We live in a society where 'doing' is 'rewarded'. If we are 'doing' or are 'doers' then we are resp...

Is This Relationship Making Me Happy?
Summer - 20th April 2018

Denial can be a very tricky thing for anyone to deal with? Let's answer a few questions that may help you to really look at how happy you ar...

A Sample Reading
Vivian - 19th April 2018

Vivian answers a question from Dianne who is looking for a new relationship

How To Develop Your Own Intuition
Summer - 17th April 2018

When we are highly intuitive we know when we are being lied to. So I suggest developing your intuition so that you know who is deceptive and...

Returning Home To Love
Gwyneth - 15th April 2018

When we get cut off from love and vow we will never ever fall in love again - what are we doing?