Blogs and Articles by the Readers

Diffusing Difficult People
Trish - 23rd September 2018

We all know people -with be they friends, relatives or co-workers - that are difficult to deal with or be around. Even a short conversation ...

Anton - 20th September 2018

Grounding signifies cleansing oneself and making sure roots are firmly anchored in this plane. It is very useful to ground during (and after...

The Stars Impel But Do Not Compel
Fairy Queen - 16th September 2018

We are the way we are not by chance, more because that’s how the universe made us out to be, so what do I mean, the universe is not only the...

Why Focus On The "What If" Question?
Thomas - 13th September 2018

When we live in the "what if?" question we have no new experiences as we become blocked. Our focus of attention blindly leads us into absorb...

Dealing With Grief And Loss
Jon Paul - 9th September 2018

This blog aims to help you deal with the grieving process and learning to heal.

Quiz - Is He The One For You?
Zen - 6th September 2018

By taking this quick relationship test you can find out if the man in your life is compatible with your personality.

Twin Flame Or Soul Mate - Whats The Difference
Juliet James - 2nd September 2018

Is there a difference between twin flames and soul mates, and if so, what is it?

Why We Suffer In Relationships
Thomas - 30th August 2018

How do we recognize why we suffer in relationships and what can you do about it?

Sal - 22nd August 2018

Are you a Virgo, is your partner a Virgo, find out all about them here.

Things That Go Bump In The Night
Leaf Green - 16th August 2018

A lot of people I work with are often afraid of those things that go bump in the night. Every day more and more of us are working out that t...

Tuning Into Your Intuition
Vivian - 15th August 2018

We all have innate intuition and psychic ability. Some of us are more in tune with our intuition and some of us block or ignore those feelin...

Lunar Eclipse - Blood Moon
Vanessa - 27th July 2018

Find out all out about the impending lunar eclipse and blood moon.

Asking for Signs From Your Spirit Guides
Trish - 20th July 2018

Are there times when you are getting anxious waiting for the outcome of a situation? Reader Trish asks "When should you ask for a sign from ...

Interesting Thoughts
Laura - 18th July 2018

Reader Laura (500120) shares here "Interesting Thoughts" on relationships.

Book Week: We Hear You Angels
Guest Speaker - 16th July 2018

This book explores how to connect and listen to your guardian angel. It also looks at different types of angels, including light beings.

Book Week: Zoetic Soul
Jan M - 15th July 2018

Jan M writes: “Sort out your life! Real life experiences with channelled information to empower and change your thought processes”

Book Week: My Creative Thoughts
Thomas - 14th July 2018

A self-help manual and a rigorous analysis of the psychology of motivation. Solve your motivational problems, by understanding how the mind ...

Book Week: Maria's Trilogy
Maria - 13th July 2018

Three books today, firstly Faye's Fate, a tale of a reluctant psychic medium, the second and third are books in the 'Chronicles Of The Godde...