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Lonely - Experiences Of Loss
Zoe K - 15th December 2017

Unfortunately I completely understand that Christmas can be all too often a bitter sweet time for anybody who has lost someone that they lov...

Lonely - Kindred Spirit
Pamela - 14th December 2017

Let’s now touch base on what a kindred spirit really is. A kindred spirit is someone you have shared past lives with that now are cohabitin...

Lonely - Bereavement
Gilly - 12th December 2017

The pain will gradually ease if we keep the memory of the person alive with family and friends

Lonely - Angel Cards
Summer - 11th December 2017

A personal message from Summer to her callers

Nothing Is Perfect - Mercury Retrograde
E'lan - 9th December 2017

When Mercury is retrograde it is time to SLOW Down and be still as much as possible...listening to you your guides, inquiring deeply into yo...

Nothing Is Perfect - Chores
Goddess Guide - 8th December 2017

A humorous verse to lift your spirits.

Nothing Is Perfect - No Love For Sale
Jackie - 7th December 2017

Seeing her in distress I quickly went to her and help her to her feet. Taking her bags, and goods, got her over to a near bye seat, where sh...

Nothing Is Perfect - Bad Boys
Zen - 6th December 2017

Are you always attracted to a bad boy? Zen explains the signs to look for

Coping - Christmas On A Shoestring
Summer - 2nd December 2017

10 things to do when money is tight this year and have plenty of fun too.

Coping - Family Gatherings
Laura - 1st December 2017

We cannot choose our family, but we choose our friends with care .We have only those that make up happy around us. If your family does not m...

Coping - Miscommunication
Pamela - 29th November 2017

The lack of men understanding what women say and vice a versa is an issue that seems to be a constant source of aggravation to many of us.

Coping - Loneliness
Noel Sorbie - 28th November 2017

We reflect on our photos and photograph albums think of the kids that have grown up and left, do they still have a thought for us!

Coping - Psychic Insights
Marisa - 27th November 2017

Are you experiencing tension in your relationships, conflict at work, or just general miscommunication with loved ones? Do know you are not ...

Festive Planning - Start A Bucket List
Julia Star - 25th November 2017

If you’re going through troubles in your love or relationships, career, family, friends or work, we are here to help.

Festive Planning - Finding New Friends
Michelle - 24th November 2017

We all want someone to care about us and us to care about them, so make this year one to remember!

Festive Planning - Priceless Gifts
Vivian - 22nd November 2017

We can all give a gift that is priceless by taking time to be there for those people around us who are not experiencing the best of times

Festive Planning - Clearing The Decks
Noel Sorbie - 19th November 2017

Sometimes something can never be resolved or it appears that way, who can we turn to for help and advice?

Living In Higher Heart Consciousness
Visionary - 16th November 2017

Tapping into your inner richness, creativity, beauty and goodness, compassion without inhibitions and embody it is true essence. Being at on...