Blogs and Articles by the Readers

Asking for Signs From Your Spirit Guides
Trish - 20th July 2018

Are there times when you are getting anxious waiting for the outcome of a situation? Reader Trish asks "When should you ask for a sign from ...

Interesting Thoughts
Laura - 18th July 2018

Reader Laura (500120) shares here "Interesting Thoughts" on relationships.

Book Week: We Hear You Angels
Jennifer - 16th July 2018

This book explores how to connect and listen to your guardian angel. It also looks at different types of angels, including light beings.

Book Week: Zoetic Soul
Jan M - 15th July 2018

Jan M writes: “Sort out your life! Real life experiences with channelled information to empower and change your thought processes”

Book Week: My Creative Thoughts
Thomas - 14th July 2018

A self-help manual and a rigorous analysis of the psychology of motivation. Solve your motivational problems, by understanding how the mind ...

Book Week: Maria's Trilogy
Maria - 13th July 2018

Three books today, firstly Faye's Fate, a tale of a reluctant psychic medium, the second and third are books in the 'Chronicles Of The Godde...

Book Week: The Healing Powers Of Tea
Zen - 12th July 2018

All you could ever wish to know about this superfood.

Book Week: Two Ends Of The Spectrum
Jacqueline - 11th July 2018

Reader Jacqueline has written two books, the first is a lighthearted look into the pitfalls on online dating, the second is a serious tale o...

Book Week: Uncommon Enchantment
Wendakai - 10th July 2018

Reader Wendakai writes: "So many romance novels feature beautiful, perfect people, but the rest of us have love stories to tell as well"

Book Week: A Walk On The Wild Side
Gary - 9th July 2018

Reader Gary writes: "I am attempting in this book to build a model of the universe that will satisfy the need for a comprehensive picture of...

What Is A Good Relationship?
Denise - 5th July 2018

Does this person make you feel supported and loved? Do they big you up instead of putting you down?

Spirits Would Like To Get Our Attention
Trish - 3rd July 2018

During many readings, spirits of deceased loved ones come through, wishing to communicate. They are always eager to let us know they are sti...

Meet The Super Sensitive
Zen - 30th June 2018

Super Sensitives & Cat-astrophic Events. Zen explains more

Finding Your Peace Within When It Feels Impossible
Marletha - 26th June 2018

Creating inner peace is always a choice. Each day, we’re faced with the choice to create peace or create stress. For some, this can be a cha...

Sal - 24th June 2018

We all have Guardian Angels around us they are truly like patient older sisters who uphold and direct us and administer correction or encour...

The Summer Solstice and The Sun Sign Cancer
Vivian - 23rd June 2018

The beginning of summer also marks the beginning of Cancer Sun sign (June 21-July 23) which is a nurturing sign that embodies family, mother...

Ally Key - 20th June 2018

Yes we are all more independent than we actually think we are. Independence is a mind-set which is within us all, within our souls and we ju...

June Gemstones
Summer - 14th June 2018

Reader Summer gives insight into some of the gemstones that are applicable to those born this month.