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Love Quiz - The Right Combination
Zen - 12th October 2017

IS HE THE ONE FOR YOU? If You Love Your Man,But Your Future Together Seems Unclear, Take This Quiz And Find Out If You Two Are Meant To Be. ...

Step Forward Experience
Noel Sorbie - 10th October 2017

You can call on your Angels to help at any time, remember always give thanks in advance that is the Key

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
Laura - 9th October 2017

Have you ever sat and thought about following your dream?

Steps - Taking Small Steps
Guest Speaker - 30th September 2017

So let’s talk about doing something different in 2018 what are some of your goals,what would you like to achieve what would you like to do y...

What If - Changes
Guest Speaker - 29th September 2017

The changes you make are your positive steps to changing your fate

What If - It Was Simply Destiny
Maria - 27th September 2017

. And now I believe time will show a different lot of “What ifs” As the friends he makes now are of this time, the relationships he goes int...

The Right Time
Thomas - 20th September 2017

The intelligence of intuition is using your "gut feeling" about possible courses of action based on an inner knowing from the intelligence o...

Is Now The Right Time
Crystal - 20th September 2017

One of the most interesting cards to crop up in these dilemma readings is the High Priestess as she appears when we really need to listen to...

Deja Vu vs Prophetic Dreams
Vivian - 16th September 2017

There are a lot of assumptions and hypothesis on what Deja vu truly is and some have physical explanations and others have psychological

What If - Timing
Jools - 16th September 2017

It’s so hard to know when the time is right and the time is wrong to address a problem or concern, as we are so bombarded with outside influ...

Deja Vu - Back To School
Charnjit - 14th September 2017

Making sure your attention does not lessen Before, during and after each and every lesson Six hours later and then you're done Back on th...

Deja Vu - Forecasts
Zen - 10th September 2017

In December 2016 I penned my annual Earth Changes Forecasts... It was based on images and past experiences that I felt were going to happen ...

Doubts - Your Inner GPS
Vivian - 8th September 2017

Intuition is like our inner GPS or radar. When we let our intuition guide us we are usually guided where we need to be.

Doubt - If You Can Change Your Minds You Can Change Your Lives
Crystal Rose - 5th September 2017

It is good to relinquish willingly all negative attachments and belief patterns and negative thoughts that have stopped you from moving forw...

Paranormal Paralysis Preventing Progress?
Lilith - 1st September 2017

Paranormal (beyond normal understanding) occurrences as well as dreams - whether recurring or not - often serve as roadblocks to living life...

Voice - More Orange Than Voice
Maria - 29th August 2017

As a psychic there are three things I would like to end with and that is 1) that you should always keep an eye out for signs as they are bro...

Love Issues - Unrequited Love
Zen - 26th August 2017

Five Signs You’re About To Be Dumped - and What To Do About It

Voice - Communication
Crystal Rose - 26th August 2017

Speaking clearly and from the heart make a difference and breathing into the heart makes for heartfelt communications.