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Love Issues - Catagories
Lilith - 21st August 2017

To hold onto the belief that there can only be one single person with whom you can develop a life partnership or long-term relationship not ...

Love Issues - The Love You Want
Vivian - 20th August 2017

When I read clients who have broken up from a relationship with someone and they are wondering if they will get back together, the first que...

Soulmates - Friend Or Foe
Vivian - 19th August 2017

You may meet someone that you feel an instant connection to, whose sentences you finish and when you look into their eyes you are drawn to t...

Soulmates - Recognition
Maria - 17th August 2017

I am talking about that moment when everything seems to click into place at a deep soul level and you just know that they are the one.

Soulmates - Can there be more than one?
Crystal Rose - 16th August 2017

A soul mate is a person who has an extra special connection with you. You each have travelled together before in many life times that's why ...

Soulmates -The Connection
Katie - 14th August 2017

A soul mate has many names, true love, twin flame, ‘the one’ but my idea of a soul mate goes much deeper

Soulmates - My Story
Christel - 13th August 2017

Nine years ago, I attended a workshop in South Africa on calling your Soulmate. Being a part sceptic at the time I went in with an open min...

Subconscious - Affirmations
Crystal Rose - 12th August 2017

Using affirmations of faith can counteract negative sabotage thoughts ,seeking to betray us at an inner subconscious level

Subconscious - Dreaming
Ella - 11th August 2017

Dreams always tell us something. Sometime it’s something important and sometimes it’s the mind unravelling and reorganising itself. Books on...

Subconscious - Near Death
Summer - 9th August 2017

I find the most amazing factor in all of my research, that I see as undeniable, is the change in the individuals after their "Near Eternal L...

Subconscious - Tuning In
Vivian - 7th August 2017

Dreams help us work out issues in our everyday lives that we may not be dealing with during our waking hours. They can be symbolic or proph...

Belief - Love Lessons
Griffin - 4th August 2017

Love lessons may be the most important lessons for all of us; but they are especially important to this self-reliant person. Estrangements a...

Belief - Attraction
Thomas - 2nd August 2017

Pick 5 areas of your life that could use improvement. Perhaps it’s your self-esteem, your finances; it might be your love life and your care...

Belief - Your Relationship
Ella - 1st August 2017

You can ask the angels, your Guardian Angel and the other person’s, or whatever spiritual being you believe in, to shower the situation with...

Relationships - Why Bother?
Crystal Rose - 24th July 2017

So much learning is involved in relationships.We came here to schoolhouse earth as the guides call it ,to learn, did we not.? What better wa...

Colour - The Power Of Pink
Summer - 23rd July 2017

The colour pink is the colour of universal love of self and of others. Pink is also the colour most associated with calm and relaxation

Colour - Quick Colour Meditation
Crystal - 21st July 2017

Many people I read for say that they would love to meditate but they don’t have time. This is true we all have extremely busy lives! However...

Colour - Therapy
Esther - 19th July 2017

We are swamped with colour from the moment we are born. Colour is an aspect of everything we eat, drink, touch and are surrounded by. We u...