Blogs and Articles by the Readers

Discover More About Michelle
Michelle - 28th June 2017

I pick up psychic vibes all the time and sometimes I need to stop myself from telling friends how I feel about decisions in their personal l...

Discover More About Alice
Alice - 26th June 2017

I am a psychic and clairvoyant renowned for my deep and “pookily accurate” tarot and angel card readings. I have a global clientele and read...

Discover More About Sarah
Sarah - 23rd June 2017

I have been drawn to the Tarot since I was young, but I was never allowed to get my own deck of cards. When I was 14 I found some paper prin...

Touched By An Angel
Zen - 21st June 2017

Guiding, guarding, warning, comforting and teaching—are these cat angels?

How Mediums Speak With Spirit
Alan - 19th June 2017

Speaking with Spirit is something that us Mediums do on a daily basis but sometimes people ask “how come You can communicate with Spirit and...

Tools Of The Trade
Anna S - 16th June 2017

The tools that I use for all of the readings I do are, a set of Astrological cards I have designed myself and I have found that these are th...

A Natural Born Intuitive
Zen - 15th June 2017

Recently, I realized that due to my Osage Indian roots that it may be in my blood to be super sensitive and the key to my being able to sens...

Special Moments In Time
Crystal Rose - 13th June 2017

Some people have trouble believing in faeries, elves and leprechauns.

Discover More About Georgina
Georgina A - 10th June 2017

My names is Georgina and descend from French travellers, I work with the Tarot as a tool for my psychic abilities to be able to see into you...

Discover More About Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose - 8th June 2017

My Spiritual awakening occurred in my late twenties. I had been meditating and doing yoga for about a year. I experienced a full kundalini a...

Discover More About Gilly
Gilly - 6th June 2017

I’ve featured in several magazines. In 2003 Woman’s Health-private tarot reading. Toni & Guy magazine- Dreams. New Bliss-Past lives of celeb...

The Power Of Pink
Crystal Rose - 1st June 2017

Begin by visualizing soft fluffy pink clouds of light surrounding you and your Aura.

Aquarius To The Rescue
Tommy Ross - 26th May 2017

A description of the Knight of Swords.

How To Spot A Cheat
Crystal Rose - 24th May 2017

He is usually the one that asks you out on a date and then has conveniently left his card and cheque book at home. Just doesn’t have his wal...

Unconditional Me: Is Love Eluding You?
Phoenix - 23rd May 2017

We are all conditioned to believe that LOVE is a reward for being nice, being good, pleasing others, when in fact Love is the complete oppos...

Chakra Meditation
Esther - 20th May 2017

This Charka Meditation as found in “Angela McGerr books called “A HARMONY OF ANGELS”

The Benefits of Mindful Meditation
Summer - 18th May 2017

Relaxing mind, body and spirit can heal so many ailments: anxiety, stress, sleep problems, food issues, obsessive thinking, depression, chro...

Crystal Power
Vivian - 17th May 2017

Crystals and various stones really stand out and draw us to them. They can be stunning and mesmerizing, but often we are drawn to crystals ...