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The Key - Torn Between Two Lovers?
Zen - 18th March 2018

Good, bad, complicated? Zen provides some advice if you have more than one partner

The Ultimate Surrender
Sparkle - 17th March 2018

Whenever we decide to enter into a relationship we never really think about the cost or sacrifices we'll have to face

True Life - Why Did He Come Home At 4am?
Fairy Queen - 16th March 2018

How the lack of trust can destroy a relationship

True Life - Am I In The Right Relationship
Gilly - 14th March 2018

The question in itself does suggest that there is a problem. Sandra I wonder if you have ever consider asking yourself if you are the right ...

True Life - Will A Past Lover Return?
Sal - 12th March 2018

Sal reads for Debbie 10/07/1970. Will a past love come back into her life?

The Soul Knows
Fairy Queen - 11th March 2018

People ask me how they can find happiness, well it’s not quite that easy, but I will do my best to simply a somewhat complicated topic. Firs...

What's In A Dream?
Noel Sorbie - 8th March 2018

What do your dreams mean, you can discover things about yourself such as what your brain or spirit is trying to tell you or what you really ...

Am I Having A Late Identity Crisis?
Sonnie - 6th March 2018

Change is not something that humans are fond of in the slightest. Why change something that works perfectly? Nevertheless, late-onset identi...

Should We Always Be Honest?
Fairy Queen - 5th March 2018

The question may sound a bit odd, but let’s think about it for a moment, and let’s be honest here, how often do you sugar coat the truth in ...

Who Am I? - Gilly
Gilly - 3rd March 2018

My aim is to give reassurance to those who are facing a particular problem or difficulties and are seeking guidance; to enlighten and initia...

What Are Gypsy Cards?
Esther - 2nd March 2018

Gypsy Cards are a pack of cards which can vary in size and can be anything from 16 to 52 instead of having 78 cards as in a tarot deck.

World Book Day
Guest Blogger - 1st March 2018

In celebration of books, some of the readers at Ask The Answer have provided insight into their favourite read! There is a great varied sele...

Let Us Meditate
Fairy Queen - 27th February 2018

The best thing about meditation is you can do it anytime anyplace if you know how, it requires training the mind to be still, so I suggest p...

Dreams And Communication
Thomas - 23rd February 2018

Dreaming is part of a developing consciousness and a widening of an expanded consciousness. I learned that my dreams were communication from...

Who Am I?
Psychic Kay - 23rd February 2018

For me ‘Who am I’ is totally in the hands of those that wish to define it. I look at it as you starting to write a new chapter in a book wit...

Your Journey
Fairy Queen - 22nd February 2018

Many people ask me 'will I be happy?' To be perfectly honest, this depends entirely on your outlook

Dreams And The Tower Card
Guineith - 20th February 2018

This is an important thing to realize, that when the Tower Card appears in a Spread, it always portends difficulty, but the hardship has a p...

Communication Through Dreams
Sonnie - 18th February 2018

As Freud explains, dreams are the window into the unconscious mind and provide insight into ‘what makes you tick’ as an individual.