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Discovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life
Thomas - 17th January 2019

In today's blog Thomas - PIN 500126 reminds us that our focus and attention create our point of attraction unconditionally whether we aware ...

Laugh Now, Love Later
Skylin - 13th January 2019

Everyone loves romance and women are especially prone to falling in love with someone they’ve never met. Let’s blame romance novels and roma...

I'm Always Near
Trish - 10th January 2019

I use my gifts to help connect loved ones here with those on the other side, I can tell you with no doubt, they are always around us.

Raising Your Tone And Vibrations to Attract What You Need And Want
Guest Speaker - 6th January 2019

How you can live your life not only to the fullest, but also living it out loud so that all that you connect with and share your journey wit...

Ask The Answer's Birthday
Guest Blogger - 3rd January 2019

Steve Judd's Personal Reading For Ask The Answer's Birthday

Is Your Child Psychic?
Jehanne - 3rd January 2019

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be parenting a psychic child. Read on to discover how to recognize these abilit...

My Spiritual Journey
Shantia - 30th December 2018

Shantia's Spiritual journey started with her deep and special bond with her dog Jasper when she was 7 years old.

Getting To The Root Of Issues
Trish - 27th December 2018

My instinct as a psychic reader and advisor is to first try to help calm my clients, and break the issue into small, individual sections.

Magic and Mistletoe
Charnjit - 24th December 2018

Peace and Goodwill to everyone

What To Do At A Crossroads
Carly - 23rd December 2018

Are you going the right way in life? Can you self guide when there's no one to ask? Do you need to decide something right away?

Noel Sorbie - 21st December 2018

This is a time of year of reflection a time of good will peace to all people in all of the world

Thoughtful and Aware - Holiday Energy!
Vivian - 20th December 2018

The Holiday Season can be a very happy time for many and a sad time for others.

Covens Are Good For Women
Summer - 16th December 2018

Covens have been known as a group of witches that get up to magic or spells. But what if a COVEN is just a group of women making magic in t...

Magic Wands
Sal - 13th December 2018

Wands can be used for many things, not just Spells and Rituals, for example if you place a willow wand under your pillow as you sleep, this ...

What His Dog Reveals (About Him)
Zen - 8th December 2018

Zen - PIN 500538 asks.THINKING about meeting a guy because he happens to be a cute man with an adorable dog? Well, think again. Far more imp...

Thomas - 6th December 2018

Thomas - PIN 500126 identifies that not just anyone can fulfil you the way your soulmate will. There’s a world of difference between your so...

Are Mediums Telephones for Spirit People?
Rhiannon - 2nd December 2018

Rhiannon PIN 500993 enlightens us on how mediums and spirit guides work together. Spirit people are all around everyone, all the time. The p...

Communication Within a Relationship
Sal - 29th November 2018

Reader Sal PIN 500551 urges us to remember that communication builds trust in a relationship as it is important to grow and bond. Sometimes ...