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I'm a true Aquarian who has been in touch with my mystical side since I was 7. Spiritual experiences prompted me to study and gain qualifications in Tarot and Cartomancy, Runes, Dreams and Numerology. I am a Fellow of the New Age Foundation since 2002. I read Tarot, Playing cards, Angel cards as well as astrological insights to provide you with intuitive guidance in an email.

Shantia's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant - Angel Cards - Runes - Astrology


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Shantia's Blogs and Articles

Shantia - 24th August 2023

Whether you fully embrace the more mystical side of life or consider yourself to be a die-hard sceptic, at some point in your life you have ...

Planets Of Love: How Compatible Are You?
Shantia - 15th February 2022

Shantia provides some wisdom on the role of the planets in compatibility!

Reviews for Shantia (17)

Veronica Rated: 5 

Thanks so much Shantia for such a warm and honest response to my family dilemma. I can see that you make some very good points in all you say. I am more sympathetic to my cousins personal issues now so will be sure to approach things very cautiously and sensitively. Thanks so much.

LianneRated: 5 

Thank you again. I've decided to look after my emotional health and move on. I've given enough chances patience and dedication to this person. Thank you for giviing me the confidence to find a better person I'm truly done many thanks xx

LianneRated: 5 

Another amazing reading thank you Shantia and may 20th is the exact weekend we are away. Your reading was spot on I'm very much in the lead now I think!