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Whether you fully embrace the more mystical side of life or consider yourself to be a die-hard sceptic, at some point in your life you have probably had the unexplainable experience of waking up to a vivid dream that somehow felt meaningful. 


Some of the most iconic personalities of the 20th century have credited a dream as being their main source of inspiration when making a historical breakthrough. Einstein reportedly used the power of his dreams to discover The Theory of Relativity, whilst Paul McCartney claimed to have written Yesterday having first heard the melody in a dream. 


The moon is believed to influence our dreams with some of the most vivid and wildest dreams occurring during a full moon. With August 2023 being a month with not one but two full moons as well as a new moon, it’s the perfect time to pay more attention to your personal nocturnal movies. 


Research has shown that individuals will find it more difficult to sleep in the week leading up to a full moon and on average are likely to sleep for 20 mins less. This sensitivity may be embedded in our DNA due to our hunter gatherer ancestors who used the powerful moonlight to seek out their prey. 


The Full moon phase is known to bring about the weirdest of dreams and may bring to your attention a situation that especially stirs your emotions or gives clues to issues in your waking life that need to come to a head or a full stop. People have often been known to dream about a celebrity on a full moon. It can be useful to ask yourself how you generally feel about that star. Famous people represent modern day archetypical influences. 


If you find yourself remembering your dream around the time of a new moon it is likely to be giving you an opportunity to reflect on a new aspect emerging in your life. New moon dreams put a spotlight on the hidden facets of our inner world, bringing issues from the depths of our subconscious to the surface for reflection. 


Many dreamers have experienced a type of prophetic dream where they recognise aspects of their dream actually taking place in their daily life. This is one of the main reasons why it’s important to get into the habit of journaling your dreams. 


 It’s worth paying attention to what Lunar Day and sign is in focus when you have a significant dream as this will provide you with further insights. A lunar cycle roughly has 30 days as the moon stays in each sign for around two and a half days.  


Dreams which occur under the water sign moons are often considered to be some of the most visionary. Dreams on the 12th, 14th   and 20th Lunar Day are especially ones to take notice of. Also dreams occurring closer to the morning apparently have a higher chance of impacting your reality according to the teachings of Eastern astrology. These are some special points to take into consideration when beginning your dream diary. 


Many dream themes are universal with anxiety dreams about being chased, having teeth falling out or being naked regularly noted amongst the topmost popular dreams people are likely to have. If you’re haunted by nightmares, it could be time to reflect on what you’ve been avoiding and may need to address in your waking life. Try listening to pleasant natural sounds like birdsong to experience more positive dreams. 


The art of dreaming is a natural invitation bestowed upon us to explore our creativity and imagination on a deeper level. The points here should be taken as guidelines to get you started on your journey and delve into the mysterious world of your dreams. As you explore the land of closed eyes further, you will also make some exciting discoveries and identify new personal patterns of awakening for yourself. 


I would love to hear what you have been dreaming recently. 

Sending Love and Light as always  


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