Blogs and Articles by the Readers

Trust Your Gut
Jasmine - 15th April 2021

Many psychics believe our bodies tell us much more than we may realise...

Cleansing The Crown Chakra
Amelia Mai - 11th April 2021

The crown chakra is very important to your energy. Here's a way to cleanse it!

5 Steps for a Successful Relationship Reading
Heenali - 8th April 2021

A Tarot Reading can tell you so much more than whether they like you! Here's how to get the most out of a relationship reading.

What Is Psychometry?
Shelly - 4th April 2021

Psychometry is the art of connecting with spirit via objects. Read on to learn more...

Over The Rainbow
Joanna O - 1st April 2021

Here's a story and some insightful life lessons, courtesy of one of the psychics on Ask The Answer.

My Guide To Manifesting
Penny D - 28th March 2021

Here's a guide to manifesting, courtesy of Penny D!

Spirit Lights and Orbs
Ivy - 25th March 2021

A trick of the light, or a message from Spirit? What are the mysterious orbs sometimes seen in photos?

Divining With The Dice
The Dice Man - 21st March 2021

Can dice predict your future? Read on to find out...

18/03/2021 Charmscopes
Michelle M - 18th March 2021

Here's this week's Charmscopes, courtesy of Michelle M!

Tibetan Bon Astrology - Month Of The Metal Rabbit
Tasha - 16th March 2021

Following on from our last video, here's your monthly insight for the sign of the Rabbit!

Don't Fear The Death Card
Draco - 14th March 2021

The Death Card can be a shock to find in a tarot draw, but is it the bad omen you think?

Pisces: Which Sign Is Most Compatible?
Jasmine - 11th March 2021

Who's the best love match for a Pisces? You might be surprised...

March 2021 Charmscopes
Michelle M - 7th March 2021

Here's a special type of reading, using charms to determine the week ahead!

Happiness: The Antidote to Anxiety
Shikha - 4th March 2021

It's a question many of us have asked: How can I be happy?

Being At Peace
Fairy Queen - 28th February 2021

Could gratitude be the path to peace and happiness?

Pick A Card Tarot
Guest Blogger - 26th February 2021

Here's a free Pick A Card reading from guest reader, Victoria Moon!

Pisces Season
Jasmine - 25th February 2021

Pisces Season has just begun, but what does it mean to be a Pisces?

Getting To Know Your Angels
Shantia - 21st February 2021

We all have our own personal angels, but how do we get to know them?