Blogs and Articles by the Readers

Shenpa Syndrome
Jasmine - 20th June 2021

Did you know there's a word for those negative feelings and thoughts you can't shake off? Psychic reader Jasmine explains more...

Tao Oracle Musings: "Difficulty in the Beginning" and "Completion"
Diti Kaal - 17th June 2021

Continuing her "Tao Oracle" series, tarot reader Diti Kaal shares some wisdom drawn from the messages the deck contains.

Gaynor Marie - 13th June 2021

What exactly is shamanism? Psychic reader Gaynor Marie explains all...

Tibetan Bon Astrology - Month of the Male Wooden Horse
Tasha - 10th June 2021

Continuing her series on Tibetan Bon Astrology, psychic reader Tasha explains the month ahead!

Making the Best of Mercury Retrograde
Kadi - 10th June 2021

Mercury Retrograde has a bad reputation, but is this cosmic event just misunderstood?

Love and Relationship Readings
Roxanne - 6th June 2021

What can you learn from a relationship reading? Here's a rundown of some of the common questions!

June 2021 Charmscopes
Michelle M - 3rd June 2021

What does the month ahead have in store for you? Find out with a Charmscope reading, courtesy of Michelle M!

Psychic Terms
Shelly - 30th May 2021

Learn the psychic lingo with this great guide by reader Shelly!

Telepathy: New Ways To Connect
Jasmine - 27th May 2021

Have you ever found yourself thinking of somebody just before they call you? It may be telepathy!

Candle Gazing Meditation
Shelly - 23rd May 2021

Candles serve all kinds of spiritual purposes, but did you know they are a great aid to meditation?

Work On What Has Been Spoiled
Diti Kaal - 20th May 2021

Carrying on from her last blog, Diti Kaal has some more great wisdom inspired by the Tao Oracle deck.

Tibetan Bon Astrology - Month of the Water Dragon
Tasha - 20th May 2021

April was the month of the Water Dragon in Bon Astrology. Did your month match up with Tasha's predictions?

Tibetan Bon Astrology - Month of the Water Snake
Tasha - 20th May 2021

May is the month of the Water Snake in Bon astrology. So what does it have in store for you?

How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities
Crystal N - 16th May 2021

Ever wondered how to tap into your psychic potential? Here's a few tips to get you started...

The Importance of Meditation
Joely - 13th May 2021

Why should you meditate? And how do you get started? Here's the answers you're looking for!

Am I Clairsentient?
Chloe Saskia - 9th May 2021

Are you clairsentient? If you have these signs, you may well be!

My Favourite Cards
Carrie - 6th May 2021

There's a multitude of decks out there, so how does a reader choose?

Life's Too Short to Stuff a Mushroom
Joanna O - 2nd May 2021

Here's some interesting spiritual insights, courtesy of one of the psychic readers on Ask The Answer.