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Fearless Energy
Hope - 14th September 2023

I say feel the fear and do it anyway right?!? (Which is actually a powerful book written by Susan Jeffers by the way). I also say there is n...

Speak Your Truth Into Existence
Hope - 7th September 2023

Easier said than done right? Nope, it’s easy! How? Putting your right (or left) foot forwards and walk the walk! We can all read and gain...

Speak Your Absolute Truth
Hope - 31st August 2023

Now, let’s clear that throat chakra, shall we? How? Well, there are many ways to clear and energise our chakras; crystals (blue in colour,...

Shantia - 24th August 2023

Whether you fully embrace the more mystical side of life or consider yourself to be a die-hard sceptic, at some point in your life you have ...

Navigating and Leveraging Mercury Retrograde to Your Advantage
Aeris - 23rd August 2023

Mercury Retrograde is often perceived as a period of confusion and communication challenges, affecting various aspects such as communication...

Supercharge Your Affirmations
Hope - 17th August 2023

I find the practice of using positive affirmations to be life changing. It is how I have become amazing at manifesting, and it is how we re-...

Feel the Heal: National Relaxation Day
Gemma - 15th August 2023

The human mind plays a crucial role in processing information, but at times, it can become fixated, influenced, or trapped in cycles shaped ...

Mary Maria - 10th August 2023

Psychometry is when a reader holds an object which belonged to a soul before they passed into the spirit world. It is held by the reader in ...

Book Recommendations for National Book Lover Day
Litz - 9th August 2023

My Top 6 Books for Learning the Tarot and Developing Psychic Abilities and Mediumship

Psychic Day
Shelly - 6th August 2023

Today, on the 6th of August, a rather intriguing day known as Psychic Day quietly unfolds.

All-Inclusive Holidays: Nourishing the Soul
Ambriel - 3rd August 2023

I need another holiday to recover from my vacation!

Soul Contracts and Life Lessons
Shelly - 27th July 2023

We talk about ‘life lessons’ easily; things that we have to learn down here which enable our souls … and others to grow, learn, become wiser...

The Healing Power of Crystals
Guest Blogger - 13th July 2023

Discover the enchanting world of crystal healing, its rich history, and how it can positively impact your mental well-being. Learn about dif...

Our Superpower of Freewill
Shelly - 6th July 2023

Freewill. A word that we all hear, some of us say, but have you ever stopped and thought about it and what it actually means? The diction...

Pick A Card Tarot Reading - July 2023 Predictions
Guest Blogger - 27th June 2023

We are very pleased to have Victoria Moon Tarot back with her 'Pick A Card' Tarot Reading, see what July has in store for you...

Journaling: The Importance of Writing
Guest Speaker - 23rd June 2023

There is something to be said for writing things down. Not only does the act of writing help us to remember important things, it also allo...

How Do You Know If You Should Let Go?
Shelly - 15th June 2023

Let’s face it, relationships are challenging.  They are not always as perfect as the old romance books make them out to be.  They have probl...

Pet Communication: What Animals Teach Us
Ambriel - 8th June 2023

Extraordinary, Exhilarating, Evolving, are just a few pertinent words relating to the connection between human and animal world. To the spi...