Blogs and Articles by the Readers

Understanding Tarot
Susanne - 20th October 2019

Susanne - PIN 600426 explains the basics of Tarot and their history.

Ornithomancy - Bird Divination Part 2
Gaia - 17th October 2019

Following on from her last post Gaia-PIN 600486 teaches us more about the magic of Ornithomancy, this time focusing on what the colour of a ...

Ornithomancy - Bird Divination Part 1
Gaia - 13th October 2019

In today's blog post Gaia-PIN 600846 teaches us the wonders of Ornithomancy and how to read the future through birds and their movements.

Why Not Be Open To What The Cards Are Telling You
Summer - 10th October 2019

Summer-PIN 500954 discusses how it's always best to approach your psychic readings with an open mind.

Simon Cowell Predictions 2019
Anne-Marie - 7th October 2019

Anne-Marie (400020) looks at the coming year for Simon Cowell who turns 60 today.

Love Yourself
Emzycat - 6th October 2019

Emzycat-PIN 600435 discusses the importance of loving yourself and how sometimes it's OK to be on your own.

Happy Endings - A True Account Of A Reading
Manda - 3rd October 2019

In today's blog Manda PIN 500813 tells us all about a lovely experience she shared with one of her customers and how Manda's guidance and ad...

Feathers And Their Meanings
Gaia - 22nd September 2019

Feel the magic of the universe in these little messages. Gaia PIN 600486 even describes what different coloured feathers mean.

Call Your Psychic
Starlight - 19th September 2019

If you have an unexpected life change, a break-up, a job loss, or infidelity. Starlight PIN 600393 suggests 'Call Your Psychic'

Sharon - 15th September 2019

Sharon - PIN 600563 invites us to let her make this the simplest thing you will ever do.

Relationship Stagnation
Skylin - 12th September 2019

Skylin PIN 600315 - imagine this 'things aren't working out, you feel like you're disinvesting.' what can you do?

Idris Elba
Anne-Marie - 10th September 2019

Anne-Marie PIN 400020 takes a look at her tarot cards to forecast for next year for actor Idris Elba.

My Black Psychic Cat And Animal Reiki
Manda - 8th September 2019

Manda PIN 500813 loves her cats and she even give Reiki healing to them... read on

Sacred Water Ritual
Gaia - 5th September 2019

Gaia PIN 600846 teaches us how to manifest and the most important part is the intention you set.

Signs You're Dating A Narcissist
Janette - 1st September 2019

Janette PIN 600242 highlights the red flags to look out for.

Fifty years On
Emzycat - 29th August 2019

Emzycat PIN 600435 asks. How far have we really come 50 years after landing on the moon?

Love Blog
Sparkle - 25th August 2019

The Ultimate Surrender. Sparkle PIN 600144 reminds us that love can be blind.

Are You Clairvoyant?
Steven - 22nd August 2019

Steven PIN 600402 explores whether he is Clairvoyant or psychic.