Blogs and Articles by the Readers

White Wolf Dream Meaning
Anya - 16th September 2021

What does it mean when in your dreams you are visited by a white wolf?

Tibetan Bon Astrology - Month of the Female Fire Bird
Tasha - 13th September 2021

Following on from last month's forecast, Psychic Reader Tasha returns with her forecast of the month head, via Tibetan Bon Astrology!

Dowsing and Pendulums
Shelly - 12th September 2021

Dowsing is an ancient spiritual practice using the movements of an object to search for answers. This great blog by Shelly explains all!

Tarot Readings for Relationship Problems
Guest Blogger - 7th September 2021

Relationships are nearly always complicated. Tarot readings can help, but sometimes a little extra guidance is needed...

Symbolism Of The Crow
Anya - 5th September 2021

Crows have a bad reputation, but did you know that many cultures hold them in high regard?

Tao Oracle Musings: Inner Truth
Guest Blogger - 2nd September 2021

Continuing the series on the Tao Oracle Deck, here are some reflections on the meanings of the Inner Truth card.

Chakras: What Are They?
Shelly - 29th August 2021

Many of us have heard of chakras, but what exactly are they? Psychic reader Shelly explains all...

Energy Cord Cutting Meditation
Mai - 26th August 2021

Although it can be painful, sometimes in life we need to cut our ties with certain people. Here's a guide on how, from angel card reader Mai...

The Bee's Spiritual Meaning
Anya - 22nd August 2021

What does it mean when you see a bee? Embrace your bee spirit with this great explainer from Anya!

Mindful Walking
Jasmine - 19th August 2021

Over lockdown many of us discovered the benefits of getting outdoors, but what can you do to make it even better?

Spiritual Love
Shelly - 15th August 2021

There's more than one kind of love! Spiritual connections can be rewarding on a completely different level.

Crystal Visions Tarot Competition
Guest Blogger - 13th August 2021

We're giving away two FREE Crystal Visions decks!

Animals and Empaths
Mai - 12th August 2021

Why is it that empaths connect so well with animals? Read on to find out!

Tibetan Bon Astrology - Month of the Male Fire Monkey
Tasha - 9th August 2021

Here's your monthly rundown of August, via the ancient art of Tibetan Bon Astrology!

Manifesting Positivity
Anya - 5th August 2021

A bit of positivity can change the world! Read on to find out...

August Charmscopes
Michelle M - 5th August 2021

Here's this month's Charmscope predictions for each sun sign, courtesy of psychic reader Michelle M!

Jasmine - 29th July 2021

The Japanese art of piecing broken pottery back together with pure gold can teach us a lot. Jasmine explains more...

Guest Blogger - 25th July 2021

What does true abundance mean? More than you may imagine.