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Soul Mate Signs
Annette - 18th April 2019

Anette - PIN 600389 asks how do you know if you've met your soul mate? Are there any signs that can help you recognise one? How do you know ...

Clearing The Air, Becoming More In Tune With Your Intuition
Vivian - 14th April 2019

Get in touch with your innate intuition and psychic ability. Vivian PIN 500544 will guide you.

The Reason And Purpose Of Relationships In The Human Condition
Thomas - 11th April 2019

Thomas - PIN 500126 lists the most common problems he has answered questions on for the last 20 years.

Using Himalayan Salt Lamps To Do Readings.
Starlight - 7th April 2019

Starlight - PIN 600393 uses a Himalayan salt lamp to aid in readings and here she explains how.

Relationships And Codependency
Summer - 4th April 2019

In today’s blog – Summer PIN 500954 reminds us of relationships and codependency. Keeping the focus on ourselves and our own self-care can b...

Five Signs You're About To Be Dumped and What To Do About It - (For Men)
Zen - 31st March 2019

How to spot the clues that she is itching to leave you and advise as to how you might prevent a breakup and build a more solid relationship.

The Guiding Goddess In Today's Reading Is: Hathor
Kammy - 28th March 2019

In today's blog Kammy PIN 500110 uses a deck that has Hathor as the Goddess of receptivity allowing us to receive messages, signs, energy an...

Relationships And Karmic Lessons
Vivian - 24th March 2019

Vivian PIN 500544 reminds us that not all relationships are simple and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

The Enemy
Summer - 21st March 2019

A Poem by Summer - PIN 500954

The Medicine Bag
Rhiannon - 17th March 2019

In today's blog Rhiannon - PIN 500993 tells us about the medicine bag that is usually carried by one seeking the guidance and instruction of...

5 Power Keys To Be With 'The One'
Athena Star - 14th March 2019

Athena star PIN 600386 explains how to use the 5 Power keys to help you attract your life partner or to transform your current relationship

The Secret Is Learning To Trust And Listen
Janette - 10th March 2019

Janette PIN 600242 reminds us that we need to trust our intuition.

Colour Your Mood - How Colour Affects Us
Vivian - 7th March 2019

Vivian PIN 500544 tells us how colour can have a profound affect on us. It can change the way you feel and view things.

Regaining Your Power With A Soulmate
Juliet James - 3rd March 2019

Juliet James PIN 500101 advises us how to regain your power and let a soulmate come to you

Summer - 28th February 2019

A poem by Summer PIN 500954

Women Have Many Moods
Fairy Queen - 24th February 2019

In Today's blog Fairy Queen PIN 600171 asks us: How can we deal with our ever-changing moods, or mood swings?

Tarot and Rune Reading
Guest Speaker - 21st February 2019

In today's blog Angel A PIN 600370 gives us a Tarot and Rune reading using the The Good Tarot deck

Don't Crawl Back To Me Now
Summer - 17th February 2019

A Poem by Summer