Blogs and Articles by the Readers

Guided By Angels
Shell - 17th January 2021

How do you connect with your guardian angel? Read on to find out...

Self-Care: Why is it important?
Dawn Marie - 14th January 2021

Self care is more important now than ever! Here's a few handy tips to get you started...

Why Are They "My Type"?
Fiona S - 10th January 2021

Ever wondered why you keep picking the same type of partner? Read on to find out why...

7 Ways To Help You Through Your Grief
Waxyjo - 7th January 2021

We all go through grief at some point in our lives. Hopefully this insight can helpsomeone who needs it.

Preparing for a Psychic Reading
Draco - 4th January 2021

How do you prepare for a psychic reading? Here's some tips...

What Does The Devil Card Mean In Tarot?
Vivian - 3rd January 2021

The Devil Card can seem daunting at first, but do you know what it really means?

Psychic Dreams
Shelly - 20th December 2020

A dream can connect you with spirit in ways that will amaze. Read on to learn more...

Message of Hope
Sophie P - 17th December 2020

We all need hope. Here's a poem to spread some positivity from one of our readers.

How I Became Spiritual
Tyler-Antony - 13th December 2020

Sometimes gifts can take a while to manifest. Here's the story of one medium's spiritual journey...

Productivity in Lockdown
Diti Kaal - 10th December 2020

Is it always good to be productive? Read on to find out...

What Does Temperance Mean In Tarot?
Vivian - 6th December 2020

The Temperance tarot card has many meanings. Here's one reader's interpretation...

Adjusting Your Energy
Ronnie - 3rd December 2020

Can magical sounds really change the way we feel? Read on to find out!

Twin Flame Light Rays
Phil - 12th November 2020

Rays of light from your twin flame can tell you a lot about your partner. Here's an explanation...

QUIZ: Your Perfect Bed Partner
Zen - 8th November 2020

He might seem like Mr Right, but his bedtime habits may tell a different story. Try this quiz and find out!

Signs From Spirit
Shelly - 5th November 2020

Sometimes a feather is just a feather. But sometimes it can be much, much more...

Flower Healing: Dr Bach's Floral Remedies
Waxyjo - 1st November 2020

Floral remedies are more popular than ever, but do you know how they started?

The History Of Halloween
Shelly - 31st October 2020

Happy Halloween/Samhain/All Saints Eve! Here's some facts you might not know about the spookiest day of the year...

Blue Moon in Taurus
Amelia - 30th October 2020

The Taurus Blue, Full moon occurs on 31st October at 14:49 GMT/ 10:49 EST/07:49am PST