Blogs and Articles by the Readers

Relationships And Karmic Lessons
Vivian - 24th March 2019

Vivian PIN 500544 reminds us that not all relationships are simple and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

The Enemy
Summer - 21st March 2019

A Poem by Summer - PIN 500954

The Medicine Bag
Rhiannon - 17th March 2019

In today's blog Rhiannon - PIN 500993 tells us about the medicine bag that is usually carried by one seeking the guidance and instruction of...

5 Power Keys To Be With 'The One'
Athena Star - 14th March 2019

Athena star PIN 600386 explains how to use the 5 Power keys to help you attract your life partner or to transform your current relationship

The Secret Is Learning To Trust And Listen
Janette - 10th March 2019

Janette PIN 600242 reminds us that we need to trust our intuition.

Colour Your Mood - How Colour Affects Us
Vivian - 7th March 2019

Vivian PIN 500544 tells us how colour can have a profound affect on us. It can change the way you feel and view things.

Regaining Your Power With A Soulmate
Juliet James - 3rd March 2019

Juliet James PIN 500101 advises us how to regain your power and let a soulmate come to you

Summer - 28th February 2019

A poem by Summer PIN 500954

Women Have Many Moods
Fairy Queen - 24th February 2019

In Today's blog Fairy Queen PIN 600171 asks us: How can we deal with our ever-changing moods, or mood swings?

Tarot and Rune Reading
Guest Speaker - 21st February 2019

In today's blog Angel A PIN 600370 gives us a Tarot and Rune reading using the The Good Tarot deck

Don't Crawl Back To Me Now
Summer - 17th February 2019

A Poem by Summer

Poem: What Is Love?
Charnjit - 14th February 2019

A poem just for you on Valentines Day by Charnjit PIN 500410

Find Happiness Takes Work
Fairy Queen - 9th February 2019

I have worked for over ten years as a professional psychic and although I have thought about writing a book that would help women, I never r...

Summer - 7th February 2019

A Poem By Summer

Our Loved Ones Are Not Far Away
Trish - 2nd February 2019

In today’s blog Trish -PIN 600124 comforts us by explaining that our love ones are never very far away and they come to see you out of love.

Relationships and Karmic Lessons
Vivian - 31st January 2019

In today’s blog Vivian PIN – 500544 reminds us that no two relationships are the same and there are Karmic lessons to be learnt

Summer - 27th January 2019

Today's blog by Summer- PIN 500954 is a beautiful poem.

Colour Your Mood How Colour Affects Us
Vivian - 24th January 2019

In today's blog Vivian PIN 500544 explains how to make changes in the colours around you to achieve the feelings you want to feel.