Blogs and Articles by the Readers

The Fox Family Seance
Shelly - 26th May 2022

Here's a fascinating account of one of the earliest known seances!

Synastry and Frequencies
Janey - 19th May 2022

Synastry can have a huge impact on your relationship, but how does it work?

Energy Transference
Chiara - 12th May 2022

Intimate relationships can lead to an energy transfer. How do you prepare?

Ghosts And Hauntings
Shelly - 8th May 2022

Do ghosts exist? It's a question mediums get asked a lot.

Grounding Exercise
Elsa - 5th May 2022

Connect yourself to the earth and feel positivity flow through you!

A Far Out Experiment
Janey - 24th April 2022

Scientists are fascinated with the paranormal. Read on for Janey's personal experiences!

Finding a Light in the Darkness of Bereavement
Chiara - 10th April 2022

Losing somebody close to you is devastating, but it's not the end.

Neural Triggers
Janey - 7th April 2022

Can past life traumas affect your current life? Read on to find out...

The Significance of Animals and the Secrets they Hold
Maggie - 3rd April 2022

Animal encounters can be much more than you expect. Read on to find out more...

Getting Lost Love Back
Shelly - 31st March 2022

Can you get lost love back? Shelly has the answer...

Magical Garden Herbs
Chiara - 27th March 2022

Herbs have no end of magical properties. Read on to find out how they can help you!

Wacky Training Course or Mind and Life Advancement
Janey - 24th March 2022

What exactly is remote viewing and how do you learn how to do it? Read on to find out!

Why Do The Cards Seem Wrong
Erin L - 20th March 2022

If the tarot cards can't lie, why do things sometimes seem to go the other way?

Do Ghosts Exist?
Anya - 17th March 2022

Do ghosts exist? It's a question many of us have asked...

Do You Believe In The Supernatural?
Maggie - 10th March 2022

Many people believe in the supernatural, they just don't realise it!

Chakra Unblocking
Chiara - 3rd March 2022

Feeling spiritually bunged up? Try these amazing Chakra Unblocking exercises from Chiara!

My Start To Tarot
Castle Tarot - 27th February 2022

Each reader's path to tarot is different. Here's how Castle Tarot found her calling...

Starseed Relationships
Kadi - 24th February 2022

Some people believe that we are celestial bodies in human form. Read on to find out more!