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Mercury Retrograde Shadow

Even if you know very little about astrology, you’ve probably seen a funny meme or two referring to the potentially chaotic effects of Mercury Retrograde phase.  

Mercury and Venus are 2 of the personal planets that move faster in space than Earth usually does. In astrology a personal planet reflects the basic human motives of an individual. 


However, 3-4 times a year planet Earth speeds up to Mercury. Simply put, it’s a bit like Earth is an athlete on the racetrack. From an astronomical perspective, when Earth starts to overtake Mercury, it creates the optical illusion that Mercury is moving backwards but in actual fact both continue to move forwards. 


However, during these phases where Earth seems to be ‘winning the race’ Mercury is said to be in retrograde. From an Astrological perspective this always seems to coincide with technological issues, delays of all kinds especially in travel and contracts as well as themes from the past returning. This is often where an old lover makes contact. 


In astrology Mercury rules communication, thoughts, words, and travel. Maybe it’s Mercury’s way of getting back at us Earthlings when Earth gets ahead for a while! Whether you believe in the effects of Mercury Retrograde or not, it’s always wise to prepare ahead by making sure you back up files, have technology that works and send applications off on time if they need to be posted. 


This year’s first proper Mercury Retrograde phase began yesterday, quite appropriately on April 1st.   It goes direct on April 24th where people often breathe a sigh of relief, only to be baffled by the fact that things still seem confusing. Why? The reason for this, is that which is known as Mercury Retrograde shadow. Mercury Retrograde shadow refers to the degrees that Mercury needs to pass over again before moving forward on to fresh territory. 


Since March 18th we officially entered Mercury Retrograde Shadow season. By May 13th shadow season ends and normal service resumes. 


A little-known factor that may come into play during shadow is that aspects of life from shadow season are likely to somehow repeat themselves again when Mercury revisits those degrees for a second time.  


This means that themes you experience between March 18th-March -March 27th could return. This phase could potentially be a preview like a movie trailer for events that occur between April 26-May 13th.  


Because of this influence watch carefully what is happening in your world in during this time, as it could give you an idea what you need to prepare for between late April and mid-May 2024. 


This Mercury Retrograde season occurs in the sign of Aries. Mercury in Aries represents a more impulsive mind, being quick witted, direct, planning ahead and impatience.


This means that it very important during this period to think before you speak, type, and hit send on emails and messages. If you have exams make sure you double check your answer. Also try to avoid misunderstandings that could lead to arguments because you don’t want to get into a row twice! 


 If you have a copy of your birth chart, check which house Mercury lands as it will enable you to see where you are most likely to be personally affected by Mercury Retrograde season.  


Mercury Retrograde gets a lot of bad press in popular culture but the truth is it does have a very positive side to it. It’s going backwards influence may give you an opportunity to rediscover an interest that you previously put on hold or give you an opportunity to reconnect with an old romantic interest. 


The main thing during this phase is to remain mindful and see where you can best use the celestial influences of the season to your advantage. 


Sending Love and Light,

Shantia 600226 



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