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What defines whether it is a twin flame energy?

Usually, it comes down to one simple thing here, mirroring versus complimenting (and the fine lines within that energy). Soul mate connections feel more at ease and usually pan out with more ease (a sense of comfort). Twin flame connections can feel incredibly uncomfortable and volatile (rollercoaster vibes). They can, however, lead to those feelings of ease depending on the timeline and the people involved. 


The energy is magnetic. Triggering. Amplified. Constant. 


You must learn how to control your energy (holding onto it as usually there is an on-going energy struggle). The more spiritual you are the better you will be able to cope with such a connection. 


I see a lot of 3D people in incredibly frantic energy because they don’t know how to take control of that energy (or where to begin trying to process it). 


It’s pretty easy though - wherever you are triggered (and whatever you see in them that is triggered), you heal. Now, that’s simple to someone like me as I am a healer so self-healing is what I know and understand (and do - and have done for years on top of years) but for some it’s usually a case of “ahhhh, where do I start”?


Let me give you some common ground here. A lot of soul mate and twin flame connections will usually see a seeker and a runner (and this can interchange between the two at different stages). 


So, if you are the seeker here, if you are drawn in and willing to look deeper / within and you’re dealing with a runner, then the healing would go into your lower chakras (where fear and self-discipline sits). I would put a focus on the base chakra here in particular. You see when you are healing, you are also “inviting” them to do the same. You can also take it a step further and hold out your hands as you self-heal and imagine the healing energy going directly to their lower chakras. When you heal you, you are also healing them (one energy). 


People make relationships and connections hard. Love is so easy. And it’s the unhealed. The unlearning process. The wounds left raw and open. Mind over matter. There lies the problem(s). 


I see so many in an absolute whirlwind energy when it comes to relationships and that is because they have no idea how to deal with the energy that is. You have to understand energy (not just people). Energetic levels of wholeness are required. Alignment. 


I say it again, love is easy, people make it difficult. 


BUT I will say this, twin flame energy is not usually easy. 


Quite the opposite (especially if you are dealing with one incredibly conscious human within that). Imagine for a moment someone who is 5D (or beyond) with their level of consciousness and then the twin is in a very 3D state. Automatically that causes some limitations within. They are not quite on the same page (yet). They must learn to compliment and grow together (usually requiring a lot of willing energy on both parts). This is why the journey can be very stop / start and you will see connections literally falling apart and then reuniting (sometimes over and over) and not always within one lifetime timeline either, it can span to the past and beyond this lifetime. When they are an energetic match, then unity happens (for the long haul). 


When it does align though - boy is that energy magic! 


Within twin flame connections insecurities, wounds, blockages and all around energy are highlighted like 1000%. It’s an energy of “you will see that wound, you will communicate your feelings, you will feel that magnetic pull…” and so on. And healing is not an easy process. It requires constant time and effort (and a lot of willing energy to uncover deep pain and hurt) and multiple ways in which to go to deeper levels - surface level healing will just not cut it! 


True story. I did a past life regression healing with my spiritual leader years back and uncontrollably I could not stop crying. I had never, ever cried so much in my life. I was mourning the loss (from that lifetime) that I had never done before. And this was only the start of that healing. This was just the opening up of this unhealed pain and wisdom. Years down the line and I am still doing so. With healing we don’t just get to a place of “ta da I’m 100% fixed, I am healed through and through”, the soul grows, expands, and excels and during different stages of our life (with specific people and experiences playing a huge part of that journey) but we are always called to look and go deeper (it’s up to us whether we do or not). I know this though, just when you feel you have healed on some level, the universe shows up, slaps another “lesson” on your knee and says: “Hey, it’s me, try this on that level of healing you’re at…” (eye roll)!! Like I said, we are always called to go deeper!!! “Thanks universe, always a pleasure”!!! (Lol). 


Lots of love (and bringing you more) Hope xoxo

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