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Astrological New Year

If you’re already feeling disillusioned by un kept New Year’s resolutions all is not lost. Whilst January was the start of a new year by the Gregorian calendar, it’s worth remembering that this is a human construct. 


The upcoming spring equinox on March 21st is the astrological new year. It is our true new year which aligns with the natural rhythm and order of life. 


The astrological wheel turns back to the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, which naturally motivates us to get things done. As the first green shoots emerge from the long dark winter and the sun shines brighter, we psychologically warm to start some new projects. Mid-March is renowned as a season of seed planting for gardeners in the northern hemisphere. It can also be a significant phase of time for planting seeds of intention. 


Your thought seeds may be tiny just like the beginning of an idea, but this is a representation of what is possible. Don’t be afraid of not achieving it, just honour its presence in your life. Go gently. Perhaps it's just a curiosity for a new skill or the acknowledgment of seeing a little twinkle in a certain someone’s eye towards you. There’s no need to try to rush this, just respect and lovingly nurture its potential. 


Manifestation has been a bit of a buzzword lately and while you can certainly practice manifesting and intention setting at any time, certain seasons are believed to be more potent within the metaphysical community. It’s a bit like the way we can eat fruit and vegetables all year round, but they taste better when eaten in their season. 


This year’s Aries season is especially important because the north node of the moon is also in Aries along with the sun. This is a dominant time for Aries and its opposite sign Libra, which is in south node position, but it’s influence affects everyone in some way as Libra and Aries rule a sector of our birth chart. 


The nodes of the moon are mathematical points in the sky formed by the moons orbit around the earth’s path to the sun. It’s placing on your time of birth gives you information about your strengths and weaknesses as well as karma. 


We often attract a partner or specific people who have the same sun or moon sign as our nodes. These connections often feel very karmic in nature as if we have previously known them. 


The North Node began its 18th month stint in Aries from July of last year, meaning it will be there till January 2025. This is therefore a poignant phase as it is the first time we have this placing of node since 2006. Aries is a fire sign which means things speed up. You may have noticed that the months seem to be flying by recently. 


When the sun and north node are together during Aries season you may experience the sensation of being at the right place, at the right time and have one of your best opportunities to develop your higher self. 


Collectively north node in Aries asks us to learn how to become independent by having more faith in our talents and abilities. It helps us find courage. Libra south node influence allows us to become equal partners in business and love and less dependent in ways which can be damaging. It softens attitudes of revenge to one of understanding where someone is coming from.  


This is the most positive power we can access from this placing, but we must intend this in order to activate it to work this way for us. Otherwise, we may be prone to its exact opposite.  


If you have Aries north node on your birth chart you are likely to be learning some powerful lessons of understanding about yourself and your partner just now. It is a time to take stock of where you have a habit to be impulsive in words and actions. Become aware of where compromise can help you to manifest what you want. 


So, try re writing your new year resolutions during this Aries season and see what happens.  

Happy Astrological New Year! 


Sending Love and Light,


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