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Twin Flame Energy - Part I

OK, so first things first, twin flames are very rare (in the 3D). I channelled that there are around 500 globally on Mother Earth plain. People often use the term twin flame very loosely (and a lot of the time it is actually a soul mate energy they may be feeling or referring to). There are hundreds of thousands of soul mates globally (in the 3D), yet twin flame energy is incredibly rare (for now). As we transfer our consciousness to 5D and beyond we will see twin flame energy rising. 

A twin flame energy is a 50:50 soul split, so one soul that splits and then enters two bodies (for them to connect with one another in some capacity - usually that of a close relationship where one shows up as a mirror for the other and aims to create a wholeness energy of one). 

To be clear here, we are talking about twin flame energy not soul mate energy, however, a lot may be relatable in a soul mate connection, but there are a few things that determine whether it’s a twin flame connection or not. So, let’s get into it. 

First and foremost, the feeling:

  • Magnetic. 
  • A deep sense of familiarity. 
  • A natural affinity. 
  • A knowing. (An inner knowing). 

It may involve love and romance but not always. It can be friendships, colleagues, a parent, and child and so forth. 

I once asked my young son: 

“Why do you feel you chose me as your mother?" 

(As spiritually we choose our parents - which for some can be hard to digest). 

He replied: 

“To help you heal mummy”. 

Interesting right? 

One thing for sure though, twin flame energy is not easy. 

It highlights. Highlights all that is (within us and beyond). Wounds could feel like they are being gauged open and sometimes co-dependency and other toxic relationship dynamics exist too.

Twin flames are not always meant to be (and stay) together. Often it is just too painful (and often one or both are just not prepared to go deeper within and heal and elevate). One may and the other may not (and sometimes both may not), hence then the toxicity coming to light therein. 

Twin flames reveal parts of one another and often share similar behaviours and personality traits (which can cause a lot of tension and friction). 

As are you, so am I. That’s the twin flame energy. And that can spark very intense thoughts, feelings and emotions and trigger a lot of thoughts, feelings, and emotions (as well as bringing up past life thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as well as experiences. For example, how souls have departed in the past or what has been left unresolved and so on). You see why it's so complex? It’s a whole (deep and meaningful) journey (and not just in this lifetime)! It throws up so much energy, in so many ways. 

Intense personal healing will be required, however. Issues will arise. Issues on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level, and layers within too. 

Twin flame energy will feel like recognition and often creates a sense of longing (intensely). 

This level of soul connection is about soul growth (rather than humans thinking it’s about love). I mean, yes, love comes into play but that is a truth that we are all connected with. One love. We are here to love too. 

For twin flames it can be about what I call ‘rapid growth’. Not that I mean it happens quickly necessarily, just more that it is (and will be) and what I really mean here is deep, deep growth over a shorter timeline. Souls evolve over multiple lifetimes and soul growth can be (incredibly) slow. Souls will repeat and repeat and repeat (over and over) many, many cycles over many, many lifetimes (until they don’t). Think of Earth a bit like a school of learning (for growth and expansion). We are here to grow (through love). So, twin flame energy just excels that soul growth within a shorter timeline. 

I have seen a lot of people evolve very quickly (and when I say “quickly” I mean around ten years+) in one lifetime. That is amazing to see (and still quite rare). Yes, me too! 

You will only ever meet your twin flame when you are "ready" (and often you can attract that consciously and then when it actually presents, you can run scared because actually you were not as ready as you maybe thought). This can create a very back and forth energy with twin flame connections. It’s as though you’re telling the universe “yes, I am ready”, the universe then presents and then you look (at yourself) and decide “yikes, actually maybe not”. 

You see a healing journey is not an easy one, and not one every human is ready for (yet). It is incredibly triggering and painful. Remember though, it’s a soul elevation journey (an everlasting, continuous one from one lifetime to the next). Your time is coming (but it is best to get started with this now if you haven’t already). I mean, wouldn’t it be amazing to see all as twin flame energy? One where people are at such high levels of consciousness and have healed on all levels and we all just exist as one. Again, one love. I don’t know about you but I want to be part of that! 

In any twin flame connection expect turbulence and very in / out energy throughout the journey. One day it won’t be this way, but that’s a day I talk about above! It’s a journey (and still will be at higher levels of consciousness). There is always room for more right?!?

Some people will find it much easier to actually find a soul mate rather than be in a twin flame connection. We always have more options and for some the twin flame journey is just too toxic or painful (and often unwilling of one) so they decide on a much more ‘at ease’ kind of connection. And that’s perfectly acceptable. We have many soul mates and options are everywhere. The twin flame energy though won’t be felt in exactly the same light as a soul mate connection. 

To be continued... 

Lots of love (and bringing you more) Hope xoxo

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