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Phone Readers

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 03:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - Jules
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500582

I am a gifted Psychic, with Mediumship abilities, Clairvoyant holistic Empath, Clairempathy, Clairaudience, Claircognizance with visions and predictions, Angelic card reader, Spiritual counselling. I ...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 05:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - Ayla
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500112

I am a psychic clairvoyant. I read the tarot and angel cards, I also use a crystal ball. I specialise in relationships and careers. I worked as a psychic for over 30 years and have worked with the tar...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 06:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - Teresa Ellen
Credit/Debit card only

Teresa Ellen

PIN: 500522

I do clairvoyance, tarot reading and energy reading for anyone on any subject or aim that you’re going through in life. I enjoy helping everyone. I have over 20 years experience with tarot reading and...

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Phone Readers - Noel Sorbie
Credit/Debit card only

Noel Sorbie

PIN: 500979

I am a professional clairvoyant medium and been in the business for over 34yrs. I have worked in Ibiza Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. I always give full in depth readings; I am a...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 06:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Julie
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500248

I have been giving Psychic readings now for over 20 years. I am an Empath and I also work on your voice vibration. I am a very honest reader and some would say very direct. I am here to help you along...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 10:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Matt
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500901

I am psychic and use the tarot cards to connect with you. I have many years of experience, and work full time as a professional tarot reader and clairvoyant. I enjoy reading for people, offering guida...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 11:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Kelly
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500967

I have over 20 years experience reading tarot. I’m an intuitive empath and I also have my spirit guides to help answer all your questions....

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 12:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Fiona M
Credit/Debit card only

Fiona M

PIN: 500648

I use the tarot cards to give in depth readings for people. If you want to look at, relationships, career, money and house moves. I read the tarot using the Celtic cross spread, using a major card and...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 13:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Mary
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500539

I am a lifelong intuitive clairvoyant and Certified Medium. When I do a reading I hear words, see images and smell scents in connection with the client and Spirit. I use oracle and angel cards to assi...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 14:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Natalia
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500530

I specialise in Tarot readings using the Spanish and Marseilles Mayor Arcana and the Rider-Waite Tarot decks. On request, I also use the Archangels and Ascendant Masters cards in my readings. Applying...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 15:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - Rossana
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500871

I discovered I was a Medium from around the age of 4, I could see and hear spirit people and had regular visits from what I discovered later to be my spirit guides. I started to study the Tarot from t...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 16:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - Amber
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500259

I've been mediumistic for 20 years, giving readings and healing. Being a trained psychic medium, counsellor and business consultant, I care about your path and will utilize my skills to bring you insi...

Next Due: 21/10/2017 @ 06:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Maria
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500291

I have a gift for Angel and Fairy card readings, that I would love to share with you, in a one to one reading. As a colour therapist I like to draw upon the energies of the rainbow, using them to prov...

Next Due: 21/10/2017 @ 13:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Griffin
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500659

I offer psychic straight talk; if you are serious about understanding the motivations of friends, family, lovers and even enemies, contact me. I'm honest and direct and I do my best to simplify comple...

Next Due: 21/10/2017 @ 14:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - Michelle-Anne
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500599

I have always had a gift. I use tarot, sometimes specific types to address particular areas that may concern you. I can also scry using mirrors and a crystal ball. So I have always used tools to do ...

Next Due: 21/10/2017 @ 14:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Shannon
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500902

I use mainly Angel and Tarot cards in my readings along with my intuition. I sometimes bring Astrology and Numerology into a reading, too if I feel it is helpful. I have given many readings over 20 ye...

Next Due: 22/10/2017 @ 16:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - TJ
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500874

I have been aware of the spiritual world since my childhood where I met my spitual guides and helpers. I have been trained by The College of Psychic Studies in London at advanced level and have been w...

Next Due: 22/10/2017 @ 17:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Crystal Rose
Credit/Debit card only

Crystal Rose

PIN: 500561

I am here to help you with your questions on love, relationships, careers, emotional and spiritual. My Angels love to help me and I am a Clairvoyant Counsellor and Medium. I have over 30 years experie...

Next Due: 23/10/2017 @ 04:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Natalie
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500541

I have been reading Tarot since my teens. I gain insight into your life and emotions through the use of the cards and Runes, and my psychic abilities. I use different Tarot spreads and more than a one...

Next Due: 23/10/2017 @ 07:00 (EST) Ribbon
Phone Readers - Helen
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500103

I am a psychic trance medium and card reader, I specialise in mediumship, working with my main spirit guide Joseph, who assists me with communication. I am a very sincere and forthright reader. I can ...

Next Due: 24/10/2017 @ 14:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - Silver
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500384

I am a Clairvoyant Medium. I am here to help you find a way forward, link with loved ones, and find insight to help with any problems you may have. As a practising medium for many years I have gained ...

Next Due: 25/10/2017 @ 14:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - Renoir
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500570

I am a natural born Psychic and have been in this line of work for over 30 years. My work has included various platforms such as Internet, TV, Radio, Magazines, face to face Psychic readings and Psych...

Currently Unavailable
Phone Readers - Leonora
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500859

I am a World renowned Psychic; my readings for celebrities have been published in national magazines and I have performed readings on live television and given personal readings to well known televisi...

Currently Unavailable Ribbon
Phone Readers - Jackie
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500285

I use either clairvoyance or the tarot cards in my readings. Being a 'Telephone Exchange' for the spirit world what I get given comes directly from them. I have always been very sensitive to unseen in...