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Phone Readers

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Phone Readers - Paula
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500420

I have been giving clairvoyant readings since I was 14 years old, though I have been aware of Spirit from a very young age. When I was 20 I decided to develop my psychic awareness and mediumship in a ...

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Phone Readers - Mandy-Louise
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500975

I am Clairsentient and Clairaudient and I use the Tarot as a guide to focus on hidden issues or obstacles that maybe blocking the path to your happiness. I can help you with love and relationships plu...

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Phone Readers - Yvette
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500298

I work with my ancestors and higher guides in love, light and compassion. I'm also a qualified Aromatherapist and do readings with coloured ribbons (psychometry), candle divination and tarot. Whatever...

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Phone Readers - Tina F
Credit/Debit card only

Tina F

PIN: 500792

I have been reading using Tarot cards for over ten years now; I am an intuitive reader and use clairaudience and my spirit guides to help me perform my readings. I have much life experience and can he...

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Phone Readers - Summer
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500954

As a gifted empath, I use Angel cards to help you get a better understanding as to why you are having challenges in romance, work, health, loss, or any changes you may be experiencing. I will show you...

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Phone Readers - Sandie
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500107

A reading with me will provide you with the tools, knowledge, insight and support into your current and future situations by understanding the past in order to make sense of the here and now. I am a t...

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Phone Readers - Jacob
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500747

I am a clairvoyant psychic and medium and I also use cards and crystals sometimes as well. I have been working with spirit since 14 and do much work on spiritual evolution and my spiritual path, but a...

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Phone Readers - Jane O'Hara
Credit/Debit card only

Jane O'Hara

PIN: 500802

I am a well known and loved Irish medium. My gift has been passed down from my mother’s side of the family. My mother Angela is my main spirit guide. My grandfather and mother were my first teachers s...

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Phone Readers - Angelic Light
Credit/Debit card only

Angelic Light

PIN: 500727

I am a psychic medium, looking into the past, present and future circumstances via psychic ability, cards and from information via my guides, on general readings, love, career, relationships or situat...

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Phone Readers - Vivian
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500544

I am an experienced psychic reader with over 35 years reading people and pets. Naturally clairvoyant, I use tarot, astrology and numerology to pinpoint specifics in readings including timelines. Relat...

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Phone Readers - Karen
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500049

I have been a Clairvoyant and Psychic since a young age. It was passed down from my Grandmother. Why not call me for an in-depth one to one reading. I use Tarot and Angel cards for inner guidance and ...

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Phone Readers - Debbie
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500905

From a very early age I knew I had a psychic gift. I can see and hear spirit; this is a hereditary gift which has been passed down from my Grandmother. For over 40 years I have helped people assisted ...

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Phone Readers - Alexandra
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500687

I've been reading for around 6 years now; using tarot, and psychic insight - I love to help a person see that no matter how bad a situation may seem, there is always a positive to come out of it and t...

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Phone Readers - Crystal
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500696

I am an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader I will not tell you what to do, or predict a certain future as I believe we all have the power to create our own futures and shape the lives we want for ourselves. ...

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Phone Readers - Wendy J
Credit/Debit card only

Wendy J

PIN: 500528

My readings are given with the guidance of spirit. I can't promise to be able to give you all the answers, but I promise the truth of what I see. I truly believe our soul is here to live a destiny pr...

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Phone Readers - Carol-Ann
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500583

I’m a third generation psychic, clairvoyant, love and relationships specialist reader and advisor. I specialize in all matters of life. I was born with my gifts; I discovered that I was a psychic clai...

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Phone Readers - Aurora C
Credit/Debit card only

Aurora C

PIN: 500913

I am a highly experienced psychic tarot reader. I use Tarot cards as my main tool in readings and I like to give psychic and clairvoyant guidance with Tarot cards as my main starting point. I enjoy gi...

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Phone Readers - Suzanne
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500136

I am a 3rd generation psychic who has mastered the arts of century old methods. I have given sound advice to thousands and would like to reach out to help many more. I am open, honest and I explain in...

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Phone Readers - Marisa
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500964

Namaste. During a reading, I combine my empath and intuitive skills with Angel, Oracle and Tarot cards to provide the best results. You can ask for a general life reading that covers relationships, lo...

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Phone Readers - Zen
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500538

I use my uncanny intuition (a gift since age 8), astrology and tarot cards to tune into peoples' multi-challenges. Need guidance with finding your soul mate, money matters or work woes? As an empath, ...

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Phone Readers - Laura
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500120

I have over 35 years experience as a Psychic Empath and feel your emotion when we connect. My tools are my guide, tarot, intuitiveness and a pendulum. I have helped others with career, finance, love, ...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 01:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - Esther
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500604

My spiritual journey started in 1990 when I was given an old set of Egyptian Tarot and my first astrology book by my girlfriend's husband named Geoffrey who was also an astrologer. Since that time I ...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 03:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - Quinn
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500105

I've worked as a clairsentient and tarot reader for over twenty years and I'm highly skilled in astrology. I absolutely love interpreting signs and symbols, whether from your daily life or dreams and ...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 03:00 (EST)
Phone Readers - Manuela
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500569

I have 15 years experience as a psychic. I am here to gently guide you and give you the answers you are looking for. In order to tune in I need your name and date of birth to see and hear clearly what...