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Angel And Spirit Guide Messages

Over the many years of me working as a Spiritual Guidance practitioner, many people have posed the question, “So what exactly do Angels and Guides do”? Or “Do Angels and Guides really have messages”? Followed by “How can Angels and Guides help me”?

Firstly, let me start off by explaining exactly when Angels and Guides come into our life. You may think it is at the moment of birth; however, this is a misconception. Angels and Guides are with us from conception right through to our passing over into the next life, and will remain with us for a time in the next life to help us adjust.

You hear of people who connect and talk with their spirit guide or guides, and often people think you only have one, this is not true. We have one main spirit guide that stays with us, yet, throughout our journey in life, we have lots of other guides next to us, helping in certain tasks and areas. So when faced with different problems or situations a guide that has been through this in their lifetime will often link in with you to help you and ease you through, once the “storm” has passed this guide then leaves you, and so the cycle continues.

The same can also be said about Angels, we are always surrounded by Angels, they quite literally surround us every single day, you only have to call on them to ask for help, and they are with you immediately.

The connection that Angels and Spirit Guides have to us as individuals is one of the most powerful connections you could imagine. Some people are blessed to be able to see, hear and feel their presence, where others are not. Remember if you cannot feel them it doesn’t mean that they are not there.

Due to the significant strength of connection, and the fact that Angels and Spirit Guides are there for the higher good of yourself, they are extremely respondent in passing messages to you, when you reach out for them, whether it be you contacting them directly, or reaching out to somebody within the spirituality profession to do this for you.

I adore working with Angels and Guides; the strength of love, warmth and empowerment that they give out to the person I am connecting with and reading for is overwhelming.  Their messages are powerful, and they do their very best to help guide you through life to achieve your highest potential, be that personal life, social life, work, family and relationships. If you are having a problem in a particular area, they will be aware and trying to give subtle signs to help you with this. That is why a reading using Angels and Spirit Guides can be one of the most beneficial readings you have ever received. If this is something that you have not had before, then I really recommend having one, and allowing yourself to connect with your Angels and Guides.

If you would like to see what messages your Angels and Guides have for you, or you have problems in any area of your life, and not sure what to do right now, please do contact me, and give me the opportunity to form the bridge to connect you to your very own spiritual helpers, providing peace of mind, a sense of calm and a feeling of warmth and hope wash over you.

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