Live Phone Readers

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Live Phone Readers - Amuniyaa
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600884

I am a gifted spiritual counsellor, intuitive remote reader and psychic healer. I am here to support, help and guide you through the often confusing choices and decisions you may have to make in life,...

Next Due: Today @ 17:00 (EST)
Live Phone Readers - Camilla
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600832

I`ve been an International Clairvoyant for over 45 years. My work is my calling. For the enquirer, I can help, along with my Angels, to predict the future outcomes of your romances, family life and c...

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Live Phone Readers - Julie T
Credit/Debit card only

Julie T

PIN: 600048

I'm looking forward to connecting with you one to one. I use not only my intuition and psychic abilities. I'm also a Hypnotherapist and coach! We will see what you need to see and go where you need to...

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Live Phone Readers - Faith Bird
Credit/Debit card only

Faith Bird

PIN: 600444

I am a British TV psychic. 5th generation, I link in to your voice vibration and all the energy’s around you I hear I see I feel I sense all things for you. I work super fast, my spirit guides I have ...

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Live Phone Readers - Sienna
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600864

I can help you with many things; I am a 30 year Clairvoyant Psychic Medium. I am also Clairaudient so I hear correctly what I am being given regarding your situation. I have the added ability of remot...

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Live Phone Readers - Gypsy Sage
Credit/Debit card only

Gypsy Sage

PIN: 600045

I am a Psychic and Spiritual Advisor and Spiritual Counselor. I specialize in trauma and crisis therapy, and I also read intuitive readings and Tarot cards. I am an approved reader gifted with all the...

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Live Phone Readers - Lightangel
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600847

I have been working as a clairvoyant medium for the past 37 years, although I also use Tarot cards and Angel cards within my readings. I live a spiritual life and I believe I was born with this gift, ...

Next Due: Today @ 18:00 (EST)
Live Phone Readers - Toni
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600896

I have been reading for 20 plus years and use Angel Oracle decks I provide intuitive readings and I am a natural gifted clairvoyant. As an indigineous Polynesian my ancestral guides help me to provide...

Next Due: Today @ 19:00 (EST)
Live Phone Readers - Eilish
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600837

I’m an intuitive visionary, healer and a truth seeker who’s been reading professionally for 25 years on psychic hotlines, expos, markets and festivals in my gorgeous Gypsy wagon “Poppy.” We are in the...

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Live Phone Readers - Lady Lillith
Credit/Debit card only

Lady Lillith

PIN: 600755

You can talk to me about whatever is on your mind. When people talk, I get sort of a movie in my mind of what is going on which helps me understand what you are going through. I have been reading aura...

Next Due: Today @ 20:00 (EST)
Live Phone Readers - Andy
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600813

I'm an award winning psychic medium and demonologist as seen on TV; I've been working with Spirit and Angels for over 20 years and love the work I do helping loved ones getting the messages they need ...

Next Due: Today @ 20:00 (EST)
Live Phone Readers - Annie S
Credit/Debit card only

Annie S

PIN: 600860

I am a compassionate and non judgemental reader utilising the Lenormand, Kipper and Oracle cards to offer guidance of clarity and positivity. I have been helping people for many years with my gift, an...

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Live Phone Readers - Laura Evelyn
Credit/Debit card only

Laura Evelyn

PIN: 600540

I am psychic/medium, lightworker, and spiritual healer with a life time of abilities, and over 7 years experience in utilising my psychic skills to read for others to guide them toward their higher pu...

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Live Phone Readers - Sarah B
Credit/Debit card only

Sarah B

PIN: 600806

Greetings Tarot lover! I speak the language of Tarot fluently and can read your cards like a dream. You will feel intuition stirring in your bones when we talk. My readings are mostly psychology based...

Next Due: Today @ 21:00 (EST)
Live Phone Readers - Autumn Lee
Credit/Debit card only

Autumn Lee

PIN: 600934

For nearly my entire life, I have had the gift of psychic ability. A natural empath, I am able to discern the truth in emotionally charged situations, and provide sound guidance toward the best possi...

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Live Phone Readers - Kayla Jane
Credit/Debit card only

Kayla Jane

PIN: 600056

I’m a Psychic Medium connecting you to loved ones who are no longer with us, this will provide you with comfort and healing. I also do card readings using Oracle and Angel cards to give you guidance o...

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Live Phone Readers - Erin
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600044

Peace Luv, I will you love, light, and laughter. Thank you for finding the strength inside to search and love all of you. That is not an easy task, So CONGRATS TO YOU! I would love to assist you on th...

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Live Phone Readers - Anya
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600052

I’m a Psychic and an Empath. My life has taken many twists and turns which I believe has given me a lot of life experience in order to understand others. I am also a qualified relationship counsellor....

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 02:00 (EST)
Live Phone Readers - Ronnie
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600352

I'm a Psychic Clairvoyant specializing in clairaudience. Although I have been reading psychically for a great many years, I started reading on a professional international level just over 9 years ago....

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 02:00 (EST)
Live Phone Readers - Bow
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600589

I am a professional Tarot card reader and clairvoyant, I opened my first studio to do readings over 20 years ago. I am fluent in both English and Italian and have read for celebrities in Italy and Swi...

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Live Phone Readers - Debbie
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500905

From a very early age I knew I had a psychic gift. I can see and hear spirit; this is a hereditary gift which has been passed down from my Grandmother. For over 40 years I have helped people assisted ...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 03:00 (EST)
Live Phone Readers - Lila
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600895

I'm a psychic medium healer, clairvoyant, and work with my guides and with the angels. I have been blessed with my gifts since a child. Over the years I have worked in spirtualist churches and taught ...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 04:00 (EST)
Live Phone Readers - Mai
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600256

I am an emotional and intuitive empathic listener and aim to guide you on your future path, by channelling the Angel cards and using the crystal dowsing pendulum for yes and no answers. You can be ope...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 04:00 (EST)
Live Phone Readers - Yasmin
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600914

Let me bring you clarity with kindness with my heartfelt approach to your reading as I connect with spirit, tarot, angels and crystals. If you are feeling drained, confused and just not yourself, I ca...