Phone Readers

Due: 10/06 @ 02:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 500241

Namaste, I am Ameel. You can tell me anything and everything as I channel my energies with compassion, sensitivity, love and empathy to best guide you. I am a third generation psychic, accomplished i...

Due: 10/06 @ 02:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 700062

I have been a psychic medium since I was a child, nearly 60 years ago, a gift I inherited from my mother. I am open, kind, supportive, non-judgemental, and happy to support you with whatever you wish ...

Due: 10/06 @ 02:00 (EST)


PIN: 700041

I’m a Pyschic, intuitive, empath and Tarot reader, 25+ yrs experience. I do one to one personal readings, specialising in person of interest, relationships and general. I use a mix of Tarot and Oracle...

Due: 10/06 @ 02:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 400009

Greetings and blessings. I am Ella and I’m here to read the Tarot with you and connect with Spirit. For most of my life I have studied and worked with tarot, astrology and the runes, worked with spiri...

Due: 10/06 @ 03:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 700016

I don’t use any “tools” to bring you the clarity and answers you need I work with Spirit world, Angelic Realm and energies from you and those you may be asking about plus add a sprinkle of the “5 “Cla...

Due: 10/06 @ 03:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 500905

From a very early age I knew I had a psychic gift. I can see and hear spirit; this is a hereditary gift which has been passed down from my Grandmother. For over 40 years I have helped people assisted ...

Due: 10/06 @ 03:00 (EST)

Nina Anne

PIN: 500215

Questions? Let my 55 years experience help you in relationships, career, family or business. Get loving support from your Guides and Angels on your personal journey. Contact with loved ones, past live...

Due: 10/06 @ 03:00 (EST)


PIN: 500440

I'm an intuitive psychic, healer and specialise in divination, Tarot reading and energy healing. Whether it's a love reading, relationship, career advice or a general reading, I will identify past and...

Due: 10/06 @ 03:00 (EST)


PIN: 500079

I am a psychic medium, clairvoyant and spiritual healer. I have worked with a local spiritualist group doing platform work and giving personal readings for several years. Working in love and light, wi...

Due: 10/06 @ 03:00 (EST)


PIN: 500227

I have been gifted since I was a small child. Upon hearing your voice I am able to connect. My insights have helped many people around the world on their journey through this life. I mainly use Tarot,...

Due: 10/06 @ 03:00 (EST)


PIN: 600863

I use Tarot, Runes, Angel Cards and Crystal Ball. I have nurtured my Mediumship Skills through study; and regular practice since 1975 when I first studied palmistry and Tarot with my Grandmother - Coo...

Due: 10/06 @ 03:00 (EST)


PIN: 600699

I have been reading Tarot cards for 13 years now. My expertise is in love, relationship and career. I am an empathetic and sensitive reader however, I am direct about what the cards are revealing in a...

Due: 10/06 @ 04:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 500077

My spiritual abilities include clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance. I am highly intuitive and empathetic and have used my abilities in and off until learning how to use them properly aroun...

Due: 10/06 @ 04:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 700064

I am a clairaudient and medium. I often use Tarot to give an insightful card reading. I am in touch with spirit guides. I can help guide you in the right direction concerning love, career, and prospe...

Due: 10/06 @ 04:00 (EST)

Jane C

PIN: 500728

I am a highly intuitive, empathetic Tarot reader. I’ve been successfully reading and coaching for over 10 years. No woo woo, I just find the cards can really help solve problems, heal, comfort and bui...

Due: 10/06 @ 04:00 (EST)

Ann Frances

PIN: 600553

You can ask questions about your path in life as well as your relationships with those around you. I am here to help you understand your current situation by connecting to Spirit in order to gain insi...

Due: 10/06 @ 04:00 (EST)

Stevie F

PIN: 500968

My main attributes are mediumship, channelling, energy work, symbology, dream analysis, past life regressions and general spiritual guidance. During a reading I try and make the reading as interactive...

Due: 10/06 @ 04:00 (EST)

Carol W

PIN: 600998

I have been connecting with spirit from a young age and started professionally as a spiritual artist and conducting photo readings. My aim is to give you a reading which is detailed, relevant, empower...

Due: 10/06 @ 05:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 500194

Being the direct descendant of a famous Scottish witch, I’m a spaewife who possesses the knowledge and power to help you navigate whatever life throws at you. My namesake paid the ultimate price for u...

Due: 10/06 @ 05:00 (EST)


PIN: 500488

I can guide you with my Tarot cards linking into my spiritual ability, I have been Psychic most of my life, so let me help you with either going down the right path in life, your love life, career opp...

Due: 10/06 @ 05:00 (EST)


PIN: 500105

I've read Tarot for nearly thirty years and I'm also an experienced astrologer. Whether you're seeking clarity on a specific issue or just looking for general guidance, I can use the cards to help fin...

Due: 10/06 @ 05:00 (EST)


PIN: 500812

I offer Psychic Mediumship using Angel cards, Oracle Cards and also connect to the Akashic records. I also teach with my guides to help you on your path, I have been connected to Spirit for 37 years a...

Due: 10/06 @ 05:00 (EST)


PIN: 500615

I have a variety of skills that allow me to be able to help you. I’m a psychic, Intuitive, clairvoyant reader, using Tarot. I have my own unique way to read through you and your situation; I am very e...

Due: 10/06 @ 05:00 (EST) Ribbon

Sarah Sinclair

PIN: 500353

I'm a British TV Psychic, a Reiki Master healer and a Spiritual Teacher. I have been working as a Psychic Medium for over 25 years now. I link in quickly to your energy and I work mainly hands free wi...