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PIN: 700041

I’m a Psychic, intuitive, empath and Tarot reader, 25+ yrs experience. I do one to one personal readings, specialising in the twin flame divine soul journey, person of interest, relationships and gene...

Due: 25/02 @ 05:00 (EST)

Nina Anne

PIN: 500215

Questions? Let my 55 years experience help you in relationships, career, family or business. Get loving support from your Guides and Angels on your personal journey. Contact with loved ones, past live...

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Irish Jane

PIN: 500802

I am a well known and loved Irish psychic medium. I have appeared on radio and featured in many magazines. My gift has been passed down from my mother’s side of the family. My mother Angela is my main...

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Fiona M

PIN: 500648

I use the Tarot cards to give in depth readings for people. If you want to look at, relationships, career, money and house moves. I read the Tarot using the Celtic cross spread, using a major card and...

Due: 25/02 @ 05:00 (EST)

Tanya Amy

PIN: 700049

I'm a Psychic Clairvoyant Medium also an empath with Celtic and Romany bloodlines in my family tree. I noticed the gifts I have at the age of 3 started the spiritual path in 2016 when I started readin...

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PIN: 600810

I'm a Clairvoyant and empath, a Tarot card, Angel card, Unicorn card and Rune stones reader and a Paranormal Investigator. I have appeared on both TV and Radio. I've appeared on French TV in a paranor...

Due: 25/02 @ 06:00 (EST)


PIN: 500823

If you’re looking for an honest no nonsense reading then look no further, I am a 7th generation Tarot reader with over 11 years experience. I specialise in love readings, yes no answer, career guidanc...

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Deb Alba

PIN: 700217

I previously worked as a Psychic Medium with Derek Acorah on Most Haunted. From a very early age, I have been guided by spirit and have been enlightened by the many things that have happened to me alo...

Due: 25/02 @ 07:00 (EST)


PIN: 500944

After doing live shows throughout the world of mediumship and spirit channeled evidence, I grew a following; which permitted ease of availability through this platform. I have read minds since birth, ...

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PIN: 500022

I have been providing readings for over 30 years. I am not limited to what I can sense therefore I can be versatile depending on the requirement of your needs. I am an Empath that has had the opportun...

Due: 25/02 @ 07:00 (EST)


PIN: 700233

I specialise in Clairvoyance and Tarot methods to see your future. I use the Tarot cards to explain your current or future circumstances and the background effects involved. I also channel loved ones ...

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PIN: 700269

I’m an experienced reader of Thoth Tarot and regular Tarot cards. I’m very experienced and have worked all over the world in the last 12 years. The way that I approach my readings is to really connect...

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PIN: 500088

Pisces are known for being the most natural psychics in astrology. I am here to help with questions you have working with your timeline, blocks, past, present and future. I have natural psychic abilit...

Due: 25/02 @ 08:00 (EST)


PIN: 700107

I learned that I had a gift from a young age and through guidance of family members, chose to use this gift by reading Tarot cards. I have since been reading tarot for over 20 years. I have a keen int...

Due: 25/02 @ 08:00 (EST)


PIN: 600863

Since 1975 I have been reading Tarot, Runes, Angel cards and Crystal ball and have read for clients in Harrods, top society events in Paris and San Francisco and Country Fairs across the UK. I have nu...

Due: 25/02 @ 09:00 (EST)


PIN: 700214

I'm a natural psychic of Romani descent. I have been giving professional psychic readings for over 38 years. I receive clear messages from spirit around soul mate connections, estrangements, career in...

Due: 25/02 @ 09:00 (EST)


PIN: 700242

I am Psychic Medium and Tarot reader with years of experience, I connect with spirits: angels and past loved ones. My family background is of palmistry and tea leaves. Since the passing of my grandmot...

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Ally Bee

PIN: 600574

As you can see from my many testimonials I am a down to earth, no nonsense Psychic Tarot card reader, you will find no fluffy clouds or unicorns here. We can’t change the past so during our reading we...

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PIN: 700256

During my readings, I use my Psychic abilities as well as Tarot cards to gain insights and revelations to answer questions you may come to me with. I aim to give insights that aid people with aligning...

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PIN: 600824

I am a Psychic Medium. I trained with world-renowned medium, John Sherwin over 20 years ago. I have been helping people with spiritual guidance and Tarot readings for the past 10 years. My areas of ex...

Due: 25/02 @ 10:00 (EST)

Hayley Jayne

PIN: 700063

I have had a psychic gift since age 4, I knew my mother was going to pass away very young and since then I have seen many other events before they happen unfold right in front of me. I have worked in ...

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PIN: 700278

I am a Psychic Tarot cards and coffee cup reader. I pick up the energies around you with ease and go beyond the classical interpretation of the cards through understanding how they connect, enabling y...

Due: 25/02 @ 11:00 (EST)


PIN: 500544

I have been reading people and pets for over 35 years. My television appearances include healing with crystals, the coming year predictions and pet readings to name a few. I am naturally clairvoyant a...

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PIN: 500284

I have used my natural psychic abilities professionally for 20 years. Allow me to give you detailed information enabling you to see into your relationship needs, career and more the choice is yours. I...