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PIN: 500186

I am known as the Dream Detective or Dreamer; I have been working as a psychic for about 40 years. I have been in hundreds of TV shows across the world and a quick search on the internet will tell you...

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Crystal Waters

PIN: 600535

I'm a professional clairvoyant with a vast amount of experience. I'm extremely intuitive and can pick up around situations using words and signs that come through as part of my intuition. I love natur...

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PIN: 600226

I'm a true Aquarian who has been in touch with my mystical side since I was 7. Spiritual experiences prompted me to study and gain qualifications in Tarot and Cartomancy, Runes, Dreams and Numerology...

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PIN: 500020

If you are ready for the truth look no further! I am gifted in most areas however my strength is using my gift in having foresight to help get to the core of one’s problems. I use my abilities to conf...

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Charli Haynes

PIN: 600788

I have been doing psychic readings as a clairvoyant and an empath for 31 years. A long time! I am compassionate yet I'm straightforward and honest. I am also a medium and can tune in to those that hav...

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Lady Mogwa

PIN: 601006

I am an experienced and full time Psychic, Tarot reader and Medium with decades of experience! I have been reading for many people all over the world, going on 6 years now. My name was given to me by ...

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Fairy Queen

PIN: 600171

Do you feel lost and confused? Allow me to assist you in finding answers and alleviating you of any unnecessary stress. I am certified as a reiki master teacher and I am also certified as a RYT (regis...

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PIN: 500582

Do you have current relationship problems or issues? As an Empath Clairvoyant, I channel into the problem, issues. If you need or want I will give you a Tarot or Angel reading with more clarity. I con...

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Faith Louise

PIN: 600710

I am an intuitive reader; emphatic and believe in the true power of the Divine and his angels. I have been on an extensive spiritual journey over the last 12 years and am experienced within the readin...

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PIN: 500061

I am a sixth generation psychic clairvoyant and medium. I have helped thousands of people live the best life they can possibly live through my readings. I encourage you to pick up the phone and chat w...

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PIN: 600144

I'm an Indian Mystic and Chakra Advisor with a cultured gift from the Great Spirit and guidance from The Ancient Fathers. I have been practicing and studying the Esoteric arts and Universal Law for ov...

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PIN: 500338

Offering sincere spiritual guidance with relationships, career and life issues. A naturally gifted seer, clairscentient, clairaudient and claircognizant psychic reader and spiritualist root worker. I ...

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PIN: 600057

I am an intuitive empath and Medium. The “Grand water trine” is strongly placed in my birth chart indicating lots of water elements, which represents the available “psychic energy”. I was born with an...

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PIN: 602032

I'm an intuitive clairvoyant Tarot reader and Reiki Healer. I have been professionally using my gift for over a decade for email readings to ghost hunts and development circles. I offer a non judgemen...

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PIN: 500322

I started reading Tarot for others by popular demand 7 years ago, and I'm glad I did as I have had the opportunity to help so many people through trying times. I have life experience coined with esote...

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The Chatty Witch

PIN: 600374

My name is Rachael and I’ve been a practising witch, psychic and medium for over 20 years. I’ve always been sensitive to spirit since childhood and developed my skill at reading in my teens. I am visu...

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Agne Oracle

PIN: 500635

I am an empath, psychic and medium. You can ask me anything that bothers you or if you need a clarity in an aspect of your life. My Oracle cards and pendulum provide me with guidance around your quest...

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Psychic Kay

PIN: 500751

I have been aware of my psychic senses since the age of 11, and have been performing psychic readings for many years with the help of my spirit guide Martha, who is also my late, great grandmother. I ...

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PIN: 600500

Sky Television psychic. I am a kind, honest, caring and considerate psychic that has been giving professional readings for over 15 years. I am an Astrologist, Dream Analyst and Spiritual Healer. Altho...

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Heather M

PIN: 600078

I have been in contact with Spirit all my life. I do Tarot and Angel card readings while connecting to Spirit to receive insightful readings and messages for you. I specialise in love, career and futu...

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PIN: 500570

I am a natural born Psychic and have been in this line of work for over 30 years. My work has included various platforms such as Internet, TV, Radio, Magazines, face to face Psychic readings and Psych...

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Amelia Mai

PIN: 600861

I am a natural born psychic and I do in-depth readings with Tarot cards and Oracle cards. I specialise in love readings and often connect with the person you love to give you their thoughts and feelin...

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Natalie B

PIN: 600099

I’m a clairvoyant medium, I work with my guide to help you on your journey; this can be with love, work or general guidance. I also work with my pendulum for those niggling yes or no questions. Whilst...

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PIN: 500007

I’m a psychic and very experienced Tarot reader using a double pack of cards. I use the cards as a gateway to open up psychically to you. You can talk to me and find out details and find clarity on yo...