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PIN: 500859

I am a World renowned Psychic; my readings for celebrities have been published in national magazines and I have performed readings on live television and given personal readings to well known televisi...

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Wolf Raven

PIN: 600728

I specialise in Tarot and Rune readings and send healing vibrations with each reading I do, I’m not one for labels so I won’t label myself as anything more than a facilitator for you to find your trut...

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PIN: 600660

I have qualified in Crystal Healing, Tarot Reading and Angel Cards. I have always been told I have a gift and it wasn't until I started to look in to that - I realised that I do have something. I ca...

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Sarah The Muse

PIN: 600145

You deserve peace, love and prosperity! For over 20 years (not counting past lives!), I have been providing clarity, hope and sometimes a cosmic booty kicking to thousands of seekers just like you. Al...

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Angel Amethyst

PIN: 600159

I'm a natural intuitive empath and I also like to work with tarot, angel and oracle cards to help me tune into your reading. I work with Reiki Healing energy and use this in my readings where needed. ...

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PIN: 500586

I’ve had my psychic gift from as far back as I can remember. I’m clairvoyant too, also clairaudient, although I don’t always hear names. I was stunned when I heard through spirit that the new royal ba...

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PIN: 600121

I am a spirit led clairvoyant and medium. During a reading with me I will work with my guide, use tarot cards or aura perception to your preference. We will take a look at where you are and how you ca...

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Aurora Sky

PIN: 600739

Greetings and life force energy to you! I am an experienced reader of about 10 years, and work with the energy around you and my spiritual guides and angels to bring you guidance and support with what...

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PIN: 500928

I’ve been working with the spirit world professionally for the last 15 years. With the help of my guides and your loved ones I will tune into your life and the questions on your mind that need answers...

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PIN: 500531

I am a Medium Psychic and Reiki Healer who offers genuine, unique and individual readings. I have been giving readings with 10 years and love to communicate and give healing messages from spirit. My r...

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Sharon S

PIN: 600118

I am a reader with 21+ years experience. I specialise in the Mythic Tarot deck, but on request I can read from the Lenormand and ordinary playing cards. I'm an intuitive reader who is also an empath...

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PIN: 600750

I have been reading Tarot for 16 years and am very sensitive to the energy of others. I have also gained a Destiction in a Tarot Diploma. The energy stored physically in the mountains in the Welsh val...

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PIN: 500558

I recognized my Spiritual gifts at the age of 4. I have been an Intuitive and Spiritual Healer and Advisor all my life. Marletha is my birth given middle name which means “You have Psychic Power!” and...

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Michael B

PIN: 600387

I am a lifelong psychic empath. My first memory of being psychic is when I was around 4 years old. On leaving school I was in the Army for 9 years that really held back my psychic development, but was...

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PIN: 600161

I am a holistic therapist and a spiritual coach, clairvoyant, and psychic, Certified Tarot and Oracle card reader, reiki grandmaster, relationship coach, and published author. I channel angels and I w...

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PIN: 600722

I use Tarot to pass on the advice you need to hear right now and can help with any problem. Comprehensive, considered e-mail readings are my wheel-house. I always give honest, direct descriptions of m...

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Esther Austin

PIN: 600721

I am a natural born Psychic with all the other gifts surrounding this. My readings are honest, down to earth and delivered with a lot of love. Being an empath I have always been able to feel how peo...

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PIN: 600294

I am a natural born Psychic and work with my Guides to help bring clarity and insight to your readings, plus help you get answers to all those burning questions. I specialise in love, relationships, b...

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PIN: 600605

I specialise in helping people to find the right solutions using empathic and spiritual coaching. Situations are rarely under the influence of just one thing so you'll benefit most from an email readi...

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Rising Above

PIN: 600261

I use the Tarot and Oracle cards and connect with your energy. I can give you guidance, illuminate truths and provide you with answers. I am unconsciously influenced by others I can be effected by the...

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PIN: 600582

I am here to guide you, love you, surfacing buried emotions within the aura by holding the space, transmuting fear into love and protection. Assisting with reiki, crystal healing, counselling, therapy...

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PIN: 500673

I am a natural clairvoyant and palm reader from a young age and been inherited from my mother and Romany gypsy family. I can read from ordinary playing cards, and fairytale tarot I also use pictures o...

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Rose M

PIN: 600358

Hello, I have always been sensitive, from earliest childhood I was aware of things that most people weren't. Although I do not call myself psychic as I don't like the term, I have seen and experienced...

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Amanda J

PIN: 600529

I can read for you using my Psychic Clairvoyant abilities. I use many senses to get straight to the heart of the matter and I can help you to find the way back to love. I have been born with the gift ...