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Pet Loss and Pet Communication

I am very much an animal lover and communicator; I truly understand my pets and love every bone in their body.  When I read I can pick up animal energies and communicate with them.

I am sharing this as I know many reading would have experienced a similar loss and it may help comfort someone reading to know our animals to communicate with us when they pass over to spirit.

Recently I lost my much beloved dog Sheba.  All my animals seem to find me; they turn up on my doorstep or are guided towards me.  My wonderful dog Sheba was beautiful...she turned up at my door 14 years ago and never left my side, she was like my shadow.  When I did my readings she would be in the room with me laying at my feet and when I did my healings she would lay outside my healing room door .  Losing Sheba was something that touched me in such a deep place in my heart I just felt numb.  In the weeks leading up to her passing we knew time was short and we spent many hours together.  Her body was becoming weaker but her spirit was becoming stronger, she gradually needed me less and less on a physical level...preferring distance between us both...this I look on as transition...she was already making her way into the world of spirit and her spirit helpers were coming close to prepare her and guide her.

Eventually the day came when we knew that no longer could we allow her to continue on the way she was...if we had left her be she would of passed sooner as she was being kept alive by us encouraging her to eat and drink when she already knew she ready to transition, she was ready to begin her journey towards the spirit world.

Some call it Rainbow Bridge and that is a wonderful image to have in mind and very comforting and a wonderful place where we know our pets are just a bridge apart from us.  I linked with my own guides as I knew the time was coming and shortly after she passed felt such strong communication coming from her I knew she would make her journey with ease and be safe and happy.

For me grief took over for a few weeks, I was unable to give many readings to my clients as my energies were very much grief fuelled and this was not a good place to be in when offering spiritual insight  to others.  I worked through this with help and guidance from my own guide and spiritual advisors.  I can write about this now as I feel I have come through the intensity of this grief and loss...she had a wonderful life with us, she lived a long and healthy life right up until the last few weeks and her spirit is still very much by my side..Who could ask for more?

She gives me signs she is well and I sense her still close at times.  Since her passing I am finding my connection with the animal kingdom in spirit is stronger for me.  I cannot guarantee I can pass on a message every time from a passed over pet but they often do come through when I link with their energies.  Even if they are still with us I can also try to make a link so we get some insight as to how they are feeling and what they would like us to do to make them happier.

So now onwards we both go, Sheba I feel has shared lives with me before and will more than likely join me again, she has some journeying of her own to go through just now and I know she is being guided and cared for by my own family members in spirit and is certainly not lonely on the other side, she tells me she is happy and contented and is wishing to stay where she is for now enjoying where she has found herself.

If you have suffered loss of a pet or just trying to understand what is going on with your pet I am always happy to talk about and try to link with your pet during my readings. 

rainbow bridge

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