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I like to offer readings on a level that we can all understand and relate to, from a young age I have had a connection with Spirit and the Angels. Their energy can appear as wonderful orbs of sparkly light in my healing room. I have a spirit guide who has been with me since childhood and grown up with me, he is same age as me and helps me portray my readings from a male point of view if required. Animals are very much part of my life and I can also make a link with a pet you may be wishing to communicate with, in spirit or living. I use tarot, angel and oracle cards and these help me link in with your energy and then often the guides take over as we move deeper into the reading. I do like to answer specific questions during a reading as I feel when time is short it is good to focus on what you are wanting to know but often spirit will bring in random information as a way of validation. I am sincere and I like to work quickly so that the length of your reading is determined by you!

Polly's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Angel Cards - Spirit Coach

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I am very much an animal lover and communicator; I truly understand my pets and love every bone in their body. When I read I can pick up an...

Reviews for Polly (15)

DebbieRated: 5 

She is an unbelievable reader isn't a fairy story teller and doesn't try to fluff the reading by padding it out with ridiculousness she is clear honest accurate and just very grounding, spot on xx

Christine02Rated: 5 

Thank you for the e-mail reading you did for me Polly. It was very helpful. It was interesting that you mentioned being shown a book with blank pages - for quite some time, I have wanted to write a book for children and even came up with an idea for it some time ago. I haven't done anything with it because I then thought it was silly to think I could write one, let alone actually have it published! Maybe now I should do something about it! Thank you again. Christine x

Christine02Rated: 5 

I have had 3 e-mail readings with Polly and they have proved to be accurate with details that she gives in the readings. Thank you Polly x