Spirit Coach Readers

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Spirit Coach Readers - Rhoda
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PIN: 600089

I specialize in Clairvoyant Tarot readings. I use many spreads but mostly the Celtic Cross spread. I have worked both nationally and internationally in this field, having a natural gift passed down to...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Nat T
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Nat T

PIN: 600164

I am a psychic who has enjoyed doing Television and radio shows over the last 20 years, on the sofa on ‘This Morning’ with Holly and Phil was a treat. In that time I have had many famous clients. But ...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Gypsy Sage
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Gypsy Sage

PIN: 600045

I am a Psychic and Spiritual Advisor and Spiritual Counselor. I specialize in trauma and crisis therapy, and I also read intuitive readings and Tarot cards. I am an approved reader gifted with all the...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Autumn Lee
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Autumn Lee

PIN: 600934

For nearly my entire life, I have had the gift of psychic ability. A natural empath, I am able to discern the truth in emotionally charged situations, and provide sound guidance toward the best possi...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Erin
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PIN: 600044

Peace Luv, I will you love, light, and laughter. Thank you for finding the strength inside to search and love all of you. That is not an easy task, So CONGRATS TO YOU! I would love to assist you on th...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Lisa
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PIN: 600460

I am a Psychic Clairvoyant. I use Tarot and Oracle cards alongside my psychic gift. I work closely with Angels and Spirit guides. I am able to see past, present and future situations. This enables me ...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Jan
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PIN: 600906

I have had my psychic gift all my life and have a natural ability to connect client's energy and give insightful, honest and compassionate readings. I have been doing Tarot readings for many years an...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Sienna
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PIN: 600864

I can help you with many things; I am a 30 year Clairvoyant Psychic Medium. I am also Clairaudient so I hear correctly what I am being given regarding your situation. I have the added ability of remot...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Darren
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PIN: 600527

I am a natural born Spiritual healer and Reiki practitioner as well as a Psychic reader working with Tarot and Mediumship. I work intuitively with the help of my Spirit Guide. The gift I have has deve...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Dana
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PIN: 500782

I have clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. I also use Tarot cards as well. I have been psychic for as long as I can remember then picked up Tarot over 25 years ago. I work by feeling and s...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Crimey Queen
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Crimey Queen

PIN: 600833

Hi, I am Crimey Queen, your partner in crime, ready to assist you in breaking barriers and building bridges to help you navigate in these times. My gift, as a Psychic Tarot reader, is to highlight the...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Maria
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PIN: 500291

I have a gift for Angel and Fairy card readings, that I would love to share with you, in a one to one reading. As a colour therapist I like to draw upon the energies of the rainbow, using them to prov...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Charnjit
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PIN: 500410

In our 21st century, have it all society, we don't always have that "friend" to listen to us and give us insight because they too have their stuff going on. Sometimes, just by talking a situation thro...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Andre
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PIN: 600188

Welcome to, "Relationship Calls!" Since 1996, my joy and specialty has been to help people just like you with my Psychic love readings. I look deep in a Psychic way into my callers love-relationships,...

Currently Unavailable
Spirit Coach Readers - Carrie
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PIN: 500885

I have been working as a psychic medium for 25 years. I can connect with your loved ones who have passed away using evidence to give you proof and reassurance they are living on in the afterlife. I ca...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Kulbir
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PIN: 600741

I am a natural psychic and also use Lenormand cards to get to the root issue of your question. I specialise in love and relationships, with deep emphasis on mastering masculine and feminine energy. I ...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Janette
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PIN: 600242

I am a gifted psychic with clairvoyance and I am a natural medium. I have worked for over 35 years and featured in 'FATE' and 'Womans Own' magazines. I use the cards plus my inner wisdom to offer you ...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Debbie
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PIN: 500905

From a very early age I knew I had a psychic gift. I can see and hear spirit; this is a hereditary gift which has been passed down from my Grandmother. For over 40 years I have helped people assisted ...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Healing Hand of Light
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Healing Hand of Light

PIN: 600862

I am a psychic medium, remote viewer, Tarot card reader, clairvoyant, clairaudient, intuitive reader and healer who has been practising for 20 years now with a great proven track record. I live and tr...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Michael Ryan
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Michael Ryan

PIN: 500903

I have worked as a professional psychic since 1992. I have appeared on numerous live television programs in the US, UK and Germany and I work as a no tools psychic. I will know which area of your life...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Sue Joshi
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Sue Joshi

PIN: 600475

I am a Psychic Clairvoyant gifted by birth lineage and an expert in love and relationships. With over 20 years of experience as a Psychic reader, I work with connection to Source and Spirit Guide to t...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Raj
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PIN: 500803

I have been linking with Spirit since childhood frequently predicting events. In my teens I realised that communicating with Spirit and talking with Guides was not quite usual! A friend introduced me ...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Naomi
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PIN: 600848

I am an intuitive psychic and medium and have over 18 years experience communicating with both national and international clients face to face, over the internet and telephone. I have helped people fi...

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Spirit Coach Readers - Alanna
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PIN: 500270

I am a natural empath with clairvoyant, clairsentient and psychic gifts. As a child I could see and feel things far beyond what people and life presented physically, this caused me distress until as a...