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PIN: 400024

I have many many years experience of doing psychic and tarot readings. I began by doing readings for family and friends after an out of body experienc...

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PIN: 500214

I am a Psychic Clairvoyant Tarot reader. I was brought up within a family of Wise women Psychics and Astrologers. I offer compassionate non-judgementa...

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Michelle K

PIN: 600087

I'm a natural born clairvoyant, angel reader and medium, I've been reading professionally for 10 years I specialise in email and IM readings and the t...

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PIN: 600226

I'm a true Aquarian who has been in touch with my mystical side since I was 7. Spiritual experiences prompted me to study and gain qualifications in ...

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Lauren P

PIN: 600642

Tune into your divine guidance as I channel messages from your angels and guides giving you tools to manifest your full potential. Practical solutions...

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Sarah P

PIN: 600545

I’m a naturally gifted psychic medium with over 24 years of experience using my gift to help others. I communicate with spirit guides, angels and love...

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Rachael Joan

PIN: 600572

Hi beautiful souls, I am a Psychic Medium, Empath, Mentor and Spiritual Energy Healer. I have set the intention to received authentic messages for you...

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Forest Spirit

PIN: 600224

Hi there, stop scrolling! I firmly believe you found me here for a reason. I am the one who you are looking for, let me help you. I am a Romany Gypsy ...

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Porsche Monique

PIN: 600621

I’m a third-generation healer and intuitive who channels messages and works with crystals, Tarot cards, and oracle decks. I provide love and relations...

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PIN: 600670

I'm here to guide you and help you in times of uncertainty and doubts. I was born empath, with Clairaudience and Clairsentience. Professionally I have...

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Heaven Sent

PIN: 500825

I'm Caroline, I specialise in working with Spirit, bringing messages direct from your loved ones, friends and family, who have passed, I also work on ...

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PIN: 500575

I am an international psychic who specialises in tarot cards and angel cards with the help of my team of spirit guides, having worked in various areas...

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PIN: 600453

I am a Clairvoyant. I can see, hear and feel those in Spirit around my clients. I have worked with Police Scotland on missing child cases and have ai...

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Ashley Elizabeth

PIN: 600455

I am a clairvoyant and clairaudient empath. I specialize in energy reading, healing and helping those who seek clarity and guidance in many different ...

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Trixie P

PIN: 600043

I am a reader of astrology, spirit guides, angel cards, runes, enlightenment cards, tarot/oracle cards. I have been working with the Spirit world for ...

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PIN: 600647

I’ve been reading cards for five years; I offer my services on everything from relationships to your current situations. I use both daily oracle guida...

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Michelle M

PIN: 600341

I am a psychic tarot reader. I specialise in many forms of reading such as Tarot, Angel cards, Tasseomancy and charm readings. I am able to predict fu...

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PIN: 600228

I am an expert tarot reader, psychic and astrologer with 20 years' experience and great insight into psychology, the mind and human nature. I am also ...

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PIN: 500544

I have been reading people and pets for over 35 years. My television appearances include healing with crystals, the coming year predictions and pet re...

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Jenna Rose

PIN: 600696

I’m from a long line of Romany gypsies, I’m a psychic clairvoyant and I use my skills to guide people through their lives. I specialise in reading pla...

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PIN: 600660

I have qualified in Crystal Healing, Tarot Reading and Angel Cards. I have always been told I have a gift and it wasn't until I started to look in to...

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Selena Rae

PIN: 600655

I'm gifted with clairsentience and a knowing I am an intuitive empath using Tarot and Oracle Cards to guide me into the energies around your situation...

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Sharon S

PIN: 600118

I am a reader with 21+ years experience. I specialise in the Mythic Tarot deck, but on request I can read from the Lenormand and ordinary playing car...

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PIN: 600526

I have been reading tarot for over 10 years, and has been a gift that I have used to help people find their path and to give guidance, life is ever ch...