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PIN: 602020

I’m one of the world’s best spiritual and healing gurus. I have over 15 years of experience in training and developing various healing and spiritual m...

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Fairy Queen

PIN: 600171

Do you feel lost and confused? Allow me to assist you in finding answers and alleviating you of any unnecessary stress. I am certified as a reiki mast...

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PIN: 500140

I'm an intuitive reader who uses both Tarot and Angel cards in my readings. I have been reading for over 20 years now and have helped many people gain...

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Sasha Pearl

PIN: 600186

I am a gifted psychic and angel card reader. I am kind, understanding and honest. I focus solely on you and your energy to give you insight and guidan...

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PIN: 600228

A born dreamer, I see visions with my Tarot cards and can determine when the love of your life, when they will turn up, or return to you. Using astrol...

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PIN: 600892

I am a psychic who uses all of the claires. My best friend gave me a Tarot deck over 20 yrs ago and they were immediately my most sacred possession. A...

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Willow Moon

PIN: 600869

Merry meet! I'm a Witch and High Priestess with over 35 years experience in the ancient Arte of Witchcraft. I am very much looking forward to connecti...

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Angelic Light

PIN: 500727

I am a psychic medium, looking into the past, present and future circumstances via psychic ability, cards and from information via my guides, on gener...

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PIN: 600768

I have been reading Tarot cards for over 30 years and I am also an empath. Together these skills and abilities combine to ensure you receive the very ...

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PIN: 600774

I am a spiritual empath and clairsentient. I specialise in Tarot and Oracle readings in all areas of life especially love and twin flame connections. ...

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Amelia Mai

PIN: 600861

I am a natural born psychic and I do in-depth readings with Tarot cards and Oracle cards. I specialise in love readings and often connect with the per...

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PIN: 600577

I am an intuitive empath with the abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance. I use divination tools such as Tarot and Oracle cards ...

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Diana C

PIN: 600559

I am a Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master. I work with the Angels in your readings to offer guidance and support. Tarot and Angel cards are ...

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PIN: 600310

I perform Tarot and astrological transit readings and mediumship channelling. As a clairvoyant, intuitive advisor, I provide detailed, insightful read...

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Angelina S

PIN: 600853

I am a reiki master, animal communicator and medium. I specialise in healing, Tarot and mediumship. I love connecting with clients and shining a light...

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Psychic Kay

PIN: 500751

I have been aware of my psychic senses since the age of 11, and have been performing psychic readings for many years with the help of my spirit guide ...

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Jenny C

PIN: 602007

I have been reading Tarot for more than 20 years, and have been a spiritual empath my whole life. I am an intuitive reader and use the cards as tools ...

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Aura Explorer

PIN: 602001

Sat nam. As a shaman I have healed and given psychic readings worldwide for over ten years now in all areas of love, career and spirituality. I run a ...

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PIN: 600997

I have been reading Tarot and Oracle cards for more than 5 years. I am connected to my cards, which will ensure a better reading for you. With me, you...

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Sarah G

PIN: 600881

I am an intuitive astrologer and Tarot reader. I use astrology and Tarot to support the guidance I provide my clients. I specialize in working with as...

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Sara L

PIN: 600951

Let me be your love expert. With my 10+ years of reading Tarot, as well as Lenormand and Oracle cards, combined with my skills as a life and relations...

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Diti Kaal

PIN: 600766

Do you need help navigating this treacherous landscape known as life? Are strong emotions and conflicting responsibilities making your path seem uncle...

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PIN: 602021

I have always been able to read people through communications and that intuition has translated through to Tarot card readings. I use Tarot and Oracle...

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Chloe Saskia

PIN: 600821

After I had a spiritual awakening I decided Tarot and Oracle cards were certainly for me. I enjoy helping others; I’m a natural born gifted individual...