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Nancy K

PIN: 600076

I work with Tarot to give guidance to those seeking it. I have a naturally intuitive ability and a kind and compassionate heart. I work with guides an...

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PIN: 600057

I am an intuitive empath with many years of experience in all things psychic. The “Grand water trine” is strongly placed in my birth chart indicating ...

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PIN: 602032

I'm an intuitive clairvoyant Tarot reader and Reiki Healer. I have been professionally using my gift for over a decade for email readings to ghost hun...

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Mother Tempyst

PIN: 600090

I'm an Intuitive Empath, Lightworker and Reiki Practitioner. I provide spiritual guidance to all respectful seekers. The services I offer are Tarot an...

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PIN: 600303

I am a natural Healer and Medium. By integrating my Healing with Spirit messages, I can help you make choices that are right for you. After linking in...

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PIN: 600774

I am a spiritual empath and clairsentient. I specialise in Tarot and Oracle readings in all areas of life especially love and twin flame connections. ...

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PIN: 600623

I am an intuitive and psychic, a healing coach and Reiki Therapist, passionate about helping and guiding clients in readings. I pick up on energy and ...

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PIN: 600530

Namaste! I offer a non-judgemental, compassionate space to explore your questions about love and life. I channel messages from Spirit and ancestral pr...

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Donna Crystal

PIN: 600494

Since being a child I've had a gift of being sensitive and able to foresee the future. I am a well experienced psychic of over 15 years, also an empat...

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PIN: 600866

I am an intuitive psychic with a natural ability to understand and clarify what is influencing your past present and future. With over 20 years of pro...

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William George

PIN: 602034

I am an intuitive Tarot reader and Angel Oracle card reader. I love being able to help others through using my reading skills and connection to spirit...

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PIN: 600968

Are you struggling with a dilemma or confused about a person or situation? Then let me help shed some light on it for you and offer some clarity. I ha...

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Angelina S

PIN: 600853

I am a reiki master, animal communicator and medium. I specialise in healing, Tarot and mediumship. I love connecting with clients and shining a light...

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PIN: 602008

I'm an intuitive empath, primarily using Oracle cards to bring you guidance. I have always been intuitive, and from a young age I have been able to se...

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PIN: 600993

I am an honest Psychic and Tarot reader. I use my connection with Hekate, Goddess of Magick and the golden Aphrodite to guide you. I am a devotee of G...

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PIN: 602019

I am a Gifted Intuitive Tarot, Oracle and Angel card reader, a Psychic, Motivational Coach and a Feng Shui Advisor helping my clients for more than a ...

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PIN: 600892

I am a psychic who uses all of the claires. My best friend gave me a Tarot deck over 20 yrs ago and they were immediately my most sacred possession. A...

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PIN: 600210

I consult the Tarot when establishing a connection, thus allowing the energies and situations to present themselves accordingly. Moreover, as a psychi...

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Sage Tarotara

PIN: 600919

I am a 4th generation intuitive reader with Clairsentient (the sense of feeling) and empathic abilities. I study and use Tarot, Oracle cards, Angel ca...

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PIN: 600958

I am a "Master of Runes" I advise people all around the world since 15 years by now. Together we will find out what is really going on, and I will do ...

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Candice Marie

PIN: 602029

Need more clarity and insight into a situation in your life? I am here to help guide you! As an intuitive Tarot reader and spiritual coach, I can empo...

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Jenny C

PIN: 602007

I have been reading Tarot and using dowsing rods as forms of divination for more than 20 years, but I have been a spiritual empath and consciously awa...

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PIN: 600140

Problems call for solutions, let's see what's in store! Both astrology and Tarot are said by kabbalists to be profound tools in the work of repairing ...

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Samantha G

PIN: 600396

I am a psychic medium and spiritual councillor. I can use runes, tarot cards and other psychic tools if requested, however I do not need them to read ...