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Ace Maria

PIN: 600618

I am an intuitive and empathic spiritual coach and Tarot reader. I use my Tarot and Angel cards to look at your situation and offer insight and guidan...

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PIN: 600729

For most of my life I have felt as a strange type of intuition about certain events in the near future. I've predicted changes in my friend’s personal...

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PIN: 600605

I specialise in helping people to find the right solutions using empathic and spiritual coaching. Situations are rarely under the influence of just on...

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PIN: 600554

I'm an empath and for a long time felt people's pain and emotions, or understood depth of their feelings. I'm here to help you understand or clear the...

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Test Profile

PIN: 900002

This is a test profile, do not call, email or instant message this reader. I am here in order to test our services!...

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PIN: 400024

I have many many years experience of doing psychic and tarot readings. I began by doing readings for family and friends after an out of body experienc...

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Angel Amethyst

PIN: 600159

I'm a natural intuitive empath and I also like to work with tarot, angel and oracle cards to help me tune into your reading. I work with Reiki Healing...

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Porsche Monique

PIN: 600621

I’m a third-generation healer and intuitive who channels messages and works with crystals, Tarot cards, and oracle decks. I provide love and relations...

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PIN: 500586

I’ve had my psychic gift from as far back as I can remember. I’m clairvoyant too, also clairaudient, although I don’t always hear names. I was stunned...

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Lisa S

PIN: 600692

I have 10 years experience of providing email readings. My natural born abilities are clairsentience and claircognizance. I am an empath and highly se...

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PIN: 500171

I have been very sensitive to the spirit world for as long as I remember with 25+ years experience providing Mediumship, Psychic and Tarot readings. I...

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Rachael Joan

PIN: 600572

Hi beautiful souls, I am a Psychic Medium, Empath, Mentor and Spiritual Energy Healer. I have set the intention to received authentic messages for you...

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PIN: 600364

I specialise in Tarot but also like to incorporate my intuition and psychic abilities to give you the guidance you seek. For as long as I can remember...

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Angelic Light

PIN: 500727

I am a psychic medium, looking into the past, present and future circumstances via psychic ability, cards and from information via my guides, on gener...

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PIN: 600121

I am a spirit led clairvoyant and medium. During a reading with me I will work with my guide, use tarot cards or aura perception to your preference. W...

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PIN: 600484

I specialise in tarot card readings. I aim to be as transparent as possible. I can explain what is going on in your life regarding love, relationships...

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Ashley Elizabeth

PIN: 600455

I am a clairvoyant and clairaudient empath. I specialize in energy reading, healing and helping those who seek clarity and guidance in many different ...

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Crystal K

PIN: 600472

I have been passed down this gift from my mother’s side - both my great grandmother, grandmother and mother all have the gift. They are all psychic, w...

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Rose M

PIN: 600358

Hello, I have always been sensitive, from earliest childhood I was aware of things that most people weren't. Although I do not call myself psychic as ...

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Amanda J

PIN: 600529

I can read for you using my Psychic Clairvoyant abilities. I use many senses to get straight to the heart of the matter and I can help you to find the...

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PIN: 600315

Psychic from birth I favour the Cosmic Tarot to interpret messages about love, relationships, work and matters important to you. I aim to guide you to...

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Sharon S

PIN: 600118

I am a reader with 21+ years experience. I specialise in the Mythic Tarot deck, but on request I can read from the Lenormand and ordinary playing car...

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Michelle K

PIN: 600087

I'm a natural born clairvoyant, angel reader and medium, I've been reading professionally for 10 years I specialise in email and IM readings and the t...

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PIN: 500641

I am a clairvoyant psychic reader who is straight forward in my readings, but also very understanding, compassionate and non-judgmental. I do readings...