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PIN: 602032

I'm an intuitive clairvoyant Tarot reader and Reiki Healer. I have been professionally using my gift for over a decade for email readings to ghost hun...

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Heather M

PIN: 600078

I have been in contact with Spirit all my life. I do Tarot and Angel card readings while connecting to Spirit to receive insightful readings and messa...

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Amelia Mai

PIN: 600861

I am a natural born psychic and I do in-depth readings with Tarot cards and Oracle cards. I specialise in love readings and often connect with the per...

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PIN: 600577

I am an intuitive empath with the abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance. I use divination tools such as Tarot and Oracle cards ...

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Crystal Cameron

PIN: 602042

I am a gifted psychic who has been performing readings for many years; I also follow the Wiccan religion which helps strongly with my practices. My cl...

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PIN: 500586

I’ve had my psychic gift from as far back as I can remember. I’m clairvoyant too, also clairaudient, although I don’t always hear names. I was stunned...

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William George

PIN: 602034

I am an intuitive Tarot reader and Angel Oracle card reader. I love being able to help others through using my reading skills and connection to spirit...

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Ace Maria

PIN: 600618

I am an intuitive and empathic spiritual coach and Tarot reader. I use my Tarot and Angel cards to look at your situation and offer insight and guidan...

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Pagan Skye

PIN: 600153

I am a fourth generation Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator and Spirit Release Practitioner. I work with the Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards, my sp...

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Diana C

PIN: 600559

I am a Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master. I work with the Angels in your readings to offer guidance and support. Tarot and Angel cards are ...

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Healing Message

PIN: 600379

Love and Light to you. Thank you for viewing my profile today! I'm an intuitive reader and specialise in Oracle Cards. I also do Pendulum, Charm Casti...

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Debbie W

PIN: 600550

Compassionate, clear and honest readings that will help you understand what is going on for yourself and what you can do. I have been reading Tarot fo...

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My Soulwave

PIN: 600107

~Intuitive Medium~ I have an amazing connection with my team of Spirit Guides and am able to connect with yours to help you with anything you may need...

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Julia Starr

PIN: 600214

I have been working professionally as a Tarot and card reader for over a decade. Prior to that I read for myself, friends and family. I specialise in ...

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PIN: 500544

I have been reading people and pets for over 35 years. My television appearances include healing with crystals, the coming year predictions and pet re...

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Michelle K

PIN: 600087

I'm a natural born clairvoyant, angel reader and medium, I've been reading professionally for 10 years I specialise in email and IM readings and the t...

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Ocean Empress

PIN: 600778

I have been doing readings on regular clients for over 8 years. I can offer 1 card readings and one question readings with 3 cards, yes or no answers ...

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PIN: 500062

Hello beautiful souls! I started my spiritual journey by strengthening my bond with my guardian angels; from there my intuition grew and now gives me ...