Phone Readers (Clairvoyant)

Due: 28/01 @ 09:00 (EST)


PIN: 500483

With having over 30 years experience of working with Spirit I've had the honour of having my Empathic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudiant and Energy Healing abilities well and truly tested within the psychic m...

Due: 28/01 @ 09:00 (EST)


PIN: 500279

I'm a Tarot reader, Psychic and Clairvoyant, Empath and Healer. I am an experienced reader. I have worked professionally for 15 years. I am a naturally gifted and 5th generation. I look forward to ass...

Due: 28/01 @ 10:00 (EST) Ribbon

Tristan Morell

PIN: 600123

I am a British TV psychic. I have been a professional Clairvoyant, Tarot reader and Astrologer for over 26 years and now have a large established client base in London and Brighton. In fact, I have cl...

Due: 28/01 @ 10:00 (EST) Ribbon

Sue D

PIN: 500566

I am a natural born Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant. I read with the use of the Tarot cards, Angel cards, Crystal ball, coloured ribbons and the pendulum to give you an insight into your future. I spec...

Due: 28/01 @ 11:00 (EST)


PIN: 500392

I am a Psychic of Irish descent and have been active for over 35 years. I would describe myself as being spiritual, realistic and grounded. I am extremely approachable and friendly, and aim to put my ...

Due: 28/01 @ 11:00 (EST)

Autumn Lee

PIN: 600934

For nearly my entire life, I have had the gift of psychic ability. A natural empath, I am able to discern the truth in emotionally charged situations, and provide sound guidance toward the best possi...

Due: 28/01 @ 12:00 (EST)


PIN: 600864

I can help you with many things; I am a 30 year Clairvoyant Psychic Medium. I am also Clairaudient so I hear correctly what I am being given regarding your situation. I have the added ability of remot...

Due: 28/01 @ 12:00 (EST) Ribbon

Banny Babba

PIN: 500823

I am a Tarot reader with over 10 year’s experience. I have always had a heightened intuition and work with your energy and guides to find the answers to your questions and guide you as best I can. I d...

Due: 28/01 @ 13:00 (EST)


PIN: 600089

I specialize in Clairvoyant Tarot readings. I use many spreads but mostly the Celtic Cross spread. I have worked both nationally and internationally in this field, having a natural gift passed down to...

Due: 28/01 @ 13:00 (EST)


PIN: 500722

I am a psychic medium, I discovered my abilities as a young woman in my late teens. I have read for people the world over for several years now. I love helping people to achieve their highest potent...

Due: 28/01 @ 13:00 (EST)


PIN: 500973

I have been aware of my gift as a young child. I have been doing readings for many years for people from all backgrounds from corporate to people who are celebrities in their own right globally. I wor...

Due: 28/01 @ 13:00 (EST)

Lady Lillith

PIN: 600755

You can talk to me about whatever is on your mind. When people talk, I get sort of a movie in my mind of what is going on which helps me understand what you are going through. I have been reading aura...

Due: 28/01 @ 14:00 (EST) Ribbon

Lori Ann

PIN: 500005

I am an Intuitive Certified Tarot reader, I have been reading Tarot for 25 years plus. I work with my spirit guides, Guardian Angels, as well as the Divine, which allows me to give very thorough insig...

Due: 28/01 @ 14:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 500194

I’m directly descended from a famous Scottish witch, my namesake, who paid the ultimate price using the same gift I possess. The gift to see what is hidden and hear in the silence. I’ll use my inherit...

Due: 28/01 @ 14:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 500379

I love to help people find the answers they are looking for. I use Tarot cards, Angel cards, clairvoyance and clairsentient gifts, alongside my spirit guides. I am a true empath and find it easy to co...

Due: 28/01 @ 14:00 (EST)


PIN: 500109

Welcome to my world of Tarot, I have over 30 years experience working intuitively with my Angel, Tarot and Guidance cards. I specialise in relationship, career and home life situations. I’m friendly a...

Due: 28/01 @ 14:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 500091

I work alongside 2 guides who will allow me to see your life path and which paths and doors will be better for you to go through. We all have free will and our fate is in our hands whist we are guided...

Due: 28/01 @ 14:00 (EST)


PIN: 500573

I am a natural intuitive, empath and Spiritual counsellor. I share my understanding of the human condition and connect using a variety of methods and Tarot decks. I have been involved in spiritual coa...

Due: 28/01 @ 14:00 (EST)


PIN: 600452

I am an Intuitive, compassionate Psychic. I use various Tarot, Angel, and Oracle cards, which allow me to connect with you in readings. I read what I see, and feel, from the picture on the cards, and ...

Due: 28/01 @ 15:00 (EST)

Claire W

PIN: 500699

I am a Spiritual Medium and fully qualified Psychic Counsellor working with my guide Daniel, I can advise and guide you with all aspects of your life including love, career and relationships. I also w...

Due: 28/01 @ 15:00 (EST)


PIN: 500755

I’m a Tarot reader and I use I-Ching to get the answers you want. I will give a blunt, honest and no nonsense reading. I realized I had the gift later in life thinking everyone thought like me! Until ...

Due: 28/01 @ 16:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 500812

I offer Psychic Mediumship using Angel cards, Oracle Cards and also connect to the Akashic records. I also teach with my guides to help you on your path, I have been connected to Spirit for 37 years a...

Due: 28/01 @ 16:00 (EST)

Shining Light

PIN: 500600

I am a non-judgemental Psychic Medium. I can sense and hear spirit, I also remote view. I can use my Crystal Ball and Angels cards but really I prefer to work hands free. I look forward in talking to ...

Due: 28/01 @ 16:00 (EST)

Carols Cards

PIN: 500809

I am a psychic medium and Tarot card reader. I can do different topic card readings. I also have many different Oracle cards I use to help you. I love to read for people and give them the answers they...