Phone Readers (Clairvoyant)

Due: 24/06 @ 07:00 (EST)

Jackie Rocks

PIN: 500383

I have been one of the UK’s most premier and dependable Psychics Mediums for over 37 years. Trusted by host of celebrities, my talent leaves people amazed and intrigued. I am a highly regarded host on...

Due: 24/06 @ 09:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 700214

I'm a natural psychic of Romani descent. I have been giving professional psychic readings for over 38 years. I receive clear messages from spirit around soul mate connections, estrangements, career in...

Due: 24/06 @ 09:00 (EST) Ribbon

The Healing Witch

PIN: 700389

Hello, I’m Rachel :). I’ve had professional Tarot card reading training and have been practicing for around 5 years. I’m a strong empath and can pick up emotional responses from you or your situation....

Due: 24/06 @ 10:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 700390

I’ve been a professional psychic reader for many years. I specialize in a no tool, conversational based reading approach, although I can use tools such as Tarot upon request. I have always been a psyc...

Due: 24/06 @ 11:00 (EST)


PIN: 700166

I’m here for you if you’re seeking clarity and guidance. Feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable or a bit stuck. I’m not just a Psychic and Tarot reader, I am a certified life coach and NLP therapist too. I w...

Due: 24/06 @ 11:00 (EST)


PIN: 700241

I specialise in pendant readings, and Tarot cards, with the help from my sprit guide I can help you, if you have a question you need answering from a loved one who has passed, or a card reading to ans...

Due: 24/06 @ 12:00 (EST)


PIN: 500434

I have been a medium clairvoyant for over 17 years. I specialise in the Rider Waite Tarot, the Crystal ball and ordinary playing cards. I also use the Pendulum. I received my psychic ability when I wa...

Due: 24/06 @ 13:00 (EST)


PIN: 600493

I am a gifted clairvoyant medium and a certified tarot card reader. I had been aware that I had a gift from as young as 6 years of age when I used to dream about things whilst asleep and then witness...

Due: 24/06 @ 15:00 (EST)

Nat T

PIN: 600164

I have worked as a psychic now for over 25 years. In that time I have had many famous clients. I’ve also appeared on numerous TV and radio shows internationally. These include this morning the weakest...

Due: 24/06 @ 16:00 (EST)


PIN: 700310

I am a natural clairvoyant and Tarot reader with over 25 years’ experience. I have my own unique way of working. Sometimes I use a pendulum when I feel we need extra clarification. I used to have an i...

Due: 24/06 @ 16:00 (EST)


PIN: 600124

I am a life-long psychic and have sought to bring my clients peace, closure, happiness and their highest outcome. My spirit guides find the deepest meanings and reasons for obstacles in your path. My ...

Due: 24/06 @ 19:00 (EST)


PIN: 700053

I am a highly clairvoyant psychic-medium. I can provide readings via Oracle or Tarot cards with channeled messages or by just reading the energy. I work on a psychic mediumship connection using both t...

Due: 24/06 @ 22:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 700386

I have been gifted since I was a little girl to be able to communicate proficiently with spirit. In the last ten years I learned how to perfect and fine tune my gifts, I currently have all my chairs o...

Due: 24/06 @ 22:00 (EST)

Tatianna Anne

PIN: 700354

I have over 50 years’ experience in doing naturally clairvoyant readings in person and on the phone. I can look at any question about anything, career, love, finding your lost items, teaching you psyc...

Due: 25/06 @ 00:00 (EST)


PIN: 700323

I'm a natural psychic, clairvoyant and empath. I connect with you through spirit guides and can also use Tarot too. I've been psychic since birth inheriting my gifts through my mother's side of the fa...

Due: 25/06 @ 05:00 (EST)


PIN: 700034

I deliver readings with honesty and kindness, primarily using Tarot and Oracle cards. I want to help you explore whatever questions and difficulties are on your mind by tapping into the energies surro...

Due: 25/06 @ 06:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 500088

Pisces are known for being the most natural psychics in astrology. I am here to help with questions you have working with your timeline, blocks, past, present and future. I have natural psychic abilit...

Due: 25/06 @ 07:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 700305

A little bit about me! I have been reading Tarot and Oracle cards for over ten years. I am a psychic medium, able to connect and receive messages from the spirit and angelic realms. I can connect with...

Due: 25/06 @ 10:00 (EST)


PIN: 600906

I have had my psychic gift all my life and have a natural ability to connect client's energy and give insightful, honest and compassionate readings. I have been doing Tarot readings for many years an...

Due: 25/06 @ 11:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 700041

I’m a Psychic, intuitive, empath and Tarot reader, 25+ yrs experience. I do one to one personal readings, specialising in the twin flame divine soul journey, person of interest, relationships and gene...

Due: 25/06 @ 12:00 (EST)


PIN: 500331

I have been a Tarot reader both nationally and internationally for 28 years. Using Tarot as a tool my clairvoyant, intuitive readings can help prepare you for the future as well as helping you gain in...

Due: 25/06 @ 15:00 (EST)


PIN: 500861

I am a French Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, I have lived in the UK since 1998. I became aware of my psychic gift at the age of 8 when I saved a little girl from drowning. I have worke...

Due: 26/06 @ 14:00 (EST) Ribbon


PIN: 700368

I do all my readings with kindness, compassion and understanding. I have 16 years’ experience. I specialise in Tarot, Oracle, pendulum. I have my spirit guide with me in all my readings to guide you a...

Due: 26/06 @ 15:00 (EST)


PIN: 700291

I'm a Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant and a Psychic. With the help of my guides this enables me to give insightful information and direction regarding a reading with me. I also work with Tarot cards as ...