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I am an innate Psychic Medium who delivers insights from my Spirit Guides using my 8-clair senses. I readily share messages and insights from the Spirit Realm to answer specific questions about love, relationships, career and what your purpose in this life is all about. Messages received can help you make better decisions, provide closure as well as gain a glimpse into what the Universe has in store for you to achieve a happier, successful and rewarding life. My reading style is direct, sincere and non-judgmental. As a practicing Psychic Medium for over 25 years, I also connect with loved ones who have crossed over and who want to say Hello or just want to offer added closure - especially if their passing was sudden or tragic. If you are looking for specific answers about a particular relationship, you career path or to learn when the timing is right for making travel plans or an upcoming residential move - then call me now and let's find out what the Universe wants you to know!

Brandy's expertises include:

Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Spirit Coach

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Reviews for Brandy (10)

KarlsgirlRated: 5 

Fabulous reading. Validated many things about business goals. Connected with those who had passed over. Very upbeat personality - direct answers. Loved it. Thank you

User91999Rated: 5 

Had my second reading with Brandy. I went back as she was sooo good the first time. I did not have time to thankyou as the money ran out. Will be back again when I need help and advice. Have an amazing Christmas.

IRated: 5 

I tried Brandy yesterday for the first time and I found her mediumistic abilities outstanding. She connected quickly, everything made sense, brought a lot of comfort/answers to me for which I am so grateful. She connected with my loved one I have no doubt of it. Many thanks Brandy, will be back.