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When The S**t Hits The Fan - Make A Plan

When stuff seems to be blowing up all around you, how do you keep faith that you are on the right path? The last 8 weeks have been PARTICULARY intense for many of the lovely souls I connect with. People are going through seismic shifts in their inner and outer worlds, and it seems like obstacles have been emerging from out of nowhere faster than ever before creating a less than straight forward path to intended goals.

For some this has looked like convoluted legal proceedings, for others, the seemingly endless search for a new home, new job, new school. For others breakdowns in communications with family and friends, misunderstandings, financial stress and feeling socially isolated. For still others huge overwhelming anxieties around relationships and how they are perceived in the world have loomed front and centre.  There’s also been a flurry of work related dramas for those I read for.

Crisis of any sort leads us out of the ‘old’ and into the ‘new’. The possibility of great change and the ability to create new results can feel overwhelming and scary if left to the unconscious to navigate.  There is no doubt that life is full of opportunities (sometimes messy ones) to grow and learn and co-create with our Soul and Divine Helpers, but we need to engage this support to reap the benefits.

While it can be comforting and healing to receive a Soul Level in depth reading regarding your current soul growth (and the energies surrounding you and your situation), there are some proactive steps you can take to find your way back to life flowing with more smoothness and grace.

So how do we navigate these obstacles? How do we regain (and remain) cool and calm, centred and connected to our loving Source? It feels better than the alternative.  Fragmenting off into fear and unhealthy coping mechanisms that send us further down the spiral to self-destruct, is no fun, promise. So when the world is looking “crapola” shaped and feeling worse: Try the following:

Step 1:

Entertain the possibility: that there are benevolent forces hell bent on helping you out! We all go through tests of our faith. Some of us (myself included) started out this incarnation with ZERO spiritual belief or outlook. (Wow did Spirit open my eyes! But that’s another story).  The best starting point when we maybe want to believe there is assistance for us and we really WANT to receive help, is often just to imagine that it’s possible. Treat the Universe as a grand experiment and operate AS IF help is there for you in the unseen, “un-felt” realms. This requires some playfulness and practice sometimes. Try ‘wondering’ out loud a lot: “I wonder if angels do exist? I wonder if they did and they wanted to help me what might I experience? I wonder why I’ve been having so many helpful ‘coincidences’ (read divine interventions!) lately? Wonder. Wonder. Wonder. And see where it leads you…. Seriously, try this! The magic starts here with entertaining the possibility. Maybe you are an old hand at believing in our Spiritual Helpers and The Divine… wonder anyway! When faith is tested it takes trust built through the receiving of assistance to create the foundation to receive more… we can all use a stronger bridge to our allies! Have fun with this! Wondering helps build this bridge… one piece of wonder at at time…

Step 2:

Get honest and get clear:

You may be saying to yourself “I’m honestly not enjoying ….. (Fill in the blanks)…. That’s cool. Honour your emotional responses (and gremlins) but BE CLEAR these emotional states are NOT who you are and while they need to be processed and released, you do not need to WALLOW and steep and marinate in them for a second longer than necessary. Make the clear choice to tackle and process unhelpful emotions pronto! Some helpful avenues to explore (and by helpful I mean QUICK and EASY) check out EFT also known as Tapping.  This quick technique is effective in combining acupressure, psychology and self-help to balance energy and provide a host of benefits. Chiefly for me, I use this for stress and overwhelm…  its also great to release anger, shame, guilt, and just about any emotional state you wish to move through quicker and with more grace. Check out some free resources on Tapping here: on YouTube search Tapping with Brad Yates (he has loads of cool free tapping videos). There are several cool books on EFT out there, I like The Tapping Solution, and also Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence (clearing up body image stress is so helpful in lightening the load we carry).  What are you waiting for? Tap. Tap. Tap. (That’s music to my ears) You won’t regret it.

Step 3:

Remember the WHY you are doing what you are doing and stop focusing on the pain.

We are human. We have desires. These desires lead us on a merry dance between obligation (making money, looking after our families, being adults, surviving loss and navigating change) and lifestyle choices (having fun!).  When we are going through intense stress and hardship we can get ‘locked in’ to a mindset that tricks us into thinking this daily grind is what its going to be forever. While we can’t always drop everything and run, we CAN make better choices about how we spend the 24 hours in our day.  Choose to make time to rest and flow a bit more. Choose to read that novel you’ve been meaning to for ages or get the audio book and listen to it while wearing the Mom Taxi hat.  Jot down your short term goals and place them somewhere you will see them daily. “ drink more water, take one 30 min walk, hire a cleaner, do some tapping, breathe deep” are a few examples… ticking ‘done’ off the list feels empowering and satisfying and reminds us to make room for  and show up to the little things that help us stay sane during stressful times. The Bigger WHY is really about feeling good, and making choices that support that. Sometimes this means ditching or distancing yourself from people or situations that no longer serve you. Don’t be afraid to make some changes and prioritise YOU for a change.

Step 4:

Create the joy, be of service and be GENEROUS

Steps 1-3 really pave the way to this one. Maybe hire some comedies, sitcoms from yester year? Create a joke club around the family dinner table?  Find a cause you resonate with and contribute your time and energy (within reason)… (We help with the yearly SPCA fundraising drive locally, and school fundraising and I organise local vibe tribe community gatherings, because it’s fun, rewarding and feels so gosh darn good!   Try being kind to a friend, a partner or a stranger every single day. Because you can. : ) (Huge metaphysical reasons why this is helpful but in a nutshell it RAISES your vibration, feeds your Spirit and this brings cool vibes back to you!  And riding on the coat tails of those cool vibes life smooooooths out….. and goodness boomerangs back to you, promise.

Step 5:

Count the Blessings, say THANK YOU for EVERYTHING

Instead of just shrugging off the good stuff that’s coming your way, BE GRATEFUL. I love keeping a gratitude diary where I just bullet point list the blessings of each day before I crawl into bed. (Actually I often do this snuggled up in bed just before I turn out the light). IT’s a soothing, comforting and focus changing activity that boosts your vibration PLUS reminds you that it’s not all crapola out there. Sometimes the blessings are as simple as easy parking or a free cuppa coffee… other times it is the thankfulness of special moments or for a job well done. An Eadvanced practice of this is choosing to be grateful for it all! Especially what appears to be the S**T stuff. I’ve been around the block enough times (and seen with my own eyes enough times) to trust that there are hidden blessings to be found in the direst of outer appearances. We can choose to be patient, and grateful for the lessons and the strengthening that these crapola tests are bringing us. And in doing so we are already super charging our launch out of the mud towards the stars! I find it helpful to call in Angels to help elevate my reaction to distressing outer circumstances so I can find the gratitude and peace restored more easily. A little willingness goes a long way with this…. start small and see how far you can tango!

Step 6:

Work your Soul: journaling, art therapy, meditation, intuitive development, crafting

You are not your roles in life. You are a Soul having a human experience. As such, when you honour your soul and make choices in alignment with it, your life feels WAY MORE. More rewarding, more satisfying, fulfilling, manageable, fun… take your pick! Taking the time to make friends with your soul is fun. Some of my fave ways to do this include having readings, journalling, art therapy, meditation journeys, intuitive development practices such as Tarot spreads etc. Whatever path you choose to make room to express your soul, enjoy the process!

Step 7:

Prayer (Asking for help, sharing the load, giving the too hard stuff to God, the Universe, the Angels… basically anyone high enough vibe to take it off your shoulders! )

Not sure prayer helps? Doesn’t matter. It does. Try it and see and feel the difference in your vibration. Again, no belief required. Just a willingness to entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe there are forces out there that want to help or that we can tap into that are beneficial.

Use words that work for you. Don’t get caught up in the semantics. There are many prayers that I’ve used over the years and many custom ones I’ve come up with. However, the Lord’s Prayer is a staple for me, as is the practice of Ho’oponopono (I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you). I also love Marianne Williamson’s prayers and Sonia Choquette wrote a handy book called: Uplifting Prayers to Light Your Way: 200 Invocations for Challenging Times.   The point is if you are stuck, do some research, find some prayers you like. Maybe even write the ones you like in a notebook and add to it regularly. (Lifts your vibes, A LOT).

We all can use a helping hand from time to time if not daily! We don’t need to overburden ourselves with excess responsibilities (Chronic pattern in Western society). Try asking for assistance in accordance with Divine Will (rather than our egoic will), surrender the outcome and wait for the miraculous magic to unfold.

This often happens in surprising and ways. Just yesterday, I had the strong impulse to ring a friend and encourage her to visit a potential workplace. She had already applied for a job there just a few weeks ago and although a strong applicant was not successful. Despite this, prompted by our conversation she decided to try again. Not only was she hired on the spot but got accommodation included as well!  Result! I’d been praying for a way to help this friend shortly before the impulse to call her arose… so voila! Prayers answered all around. Such a yummy feeling!

Step 8: 

Celebrate your good vibes! Treat yourself to something nice.  Your life is now flowing better and you are travelling at a higher frequency. You are more connected to your intuition and when the next round of wobbles threaten to go “crappy style” repeat the steps!

Always remember you are loved, you are precious and you are guided. If you feel guided to connect with me, I’d love to hear from you.

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