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Past Lives

Past Lives and The Comical Influence of a Past Life…

Having had many clients over the years, what stands out, are those who did not realise they were repeating history, in some cases ancient history.  The balance is whether or not what you know can be expressed.

Current behaviour and pattern repeating can be easily influenced by the past, the querent’s own blockages both ruling and influencing the present.  Hailing from irrational fears, to driving ambition to both succeed and be the best, no matter the cost.

The examples herein as given are just that.  There needs to be some appreciation for the self as to what one is instinctively drawn to including being repulsed by and why.  I will start with a generalised breakdown as to the differing personality traits by way of short examples.

Example 1.

The woman who never seems to be able to let go.

Enter the Control Freak with a myriad of issues centered around personal worth.  It could well be that 2,000 years ago she was the local chieftain to her people with a penchant for leadership based on ‘slappership’.  These would have been men whom came to fight who suddenly find they have no monies or memory, only that it must have been good as all her infernal women were clapping when they left;  the clap, perhaps a warning of something to come…

She has the agility to confuse both men, and women.

This same ability to divide and conquer stands testament to her shrew like nature, both in the home and at work, within the modern world.  Many a store cupboard has required a refurbishment after she’s swept through.  Those who appear to stand against her are instant enemies due to not sharing her opinion.  She craves attention based on imaginary situations and refuses any voice which undermines her delicately balanced antagonism.

Her friends tend to be hand picked so as to not threaten her created world.  The men tend to find her needy with a selfish twist of bad grace, whilst the women either find her totally false or somehow expending far too much energy which leaves them feeling deflated.

The origins of the tale are based around survival techniques and sheer will power.  The undercurrent of time passes through each successive generation falling short of any actual closure.  Lands being lost in various disputes, failed marriages to the wrong Earl to even the local brothel Inn being side stepped for the one up the road.

This would be the delightful crossover between the Queen of Swords to the Queen of Cups in reverse.  So how many of you have encountered her in your life?

Authoress background – I do come from an ancient line with the ability to see ; the Seer.  If I can see it then I know it to be true, if not then it appears that there are further hidden matters to be dislodged.

More to follow...

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