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I use the Ryder-Waite deck and for me it’s like reading a storybook – yours! Now is it a wind blown sentence, to a chapter or the whole book? I am used to face-to-face events, as my banner reads – Tell me nothing I’ll tell you… As a Wordsmith the scene/s are conveyed with the ease of a silent film with you in lead role, including time frames. Allow me to pin point between, work, love/family, conflict and/ or money. Your life course has changed and you’re not happy with it? So is it a want or need. Ask yourself – Q. “What do I really need to know” Life is not a one-way street it is two-way traffic, so if you’re unsure refer to the Q. People incline towards me for suspicion confirmation, due to ignoring or they’re in trouble. Not always is a problem shared the answer. What I can do, is see if we can unravel the mess thus preparing a new path by breaking patterns thru recognition.

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Reviews for Belli (67)

PoppetRated: 5 

A straight talking reader (finally) hit the nail on the head with work/self employment. Gave me loads to think about/do! I needed this guidance/help as I was feeling lost and unsupported really. I need to change things/directions, I’ve felt it for a while so will implement these changes now. Thank you.

CarolynRated: 5 

Ty Belli for the calming reading exactly what was needed! Sooo much info!! Ty!!

SharonRated: 5 

Always a great reading from Belli, confident fast and direct but febtlecat the same time. 100 stars.