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When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough

As a psychic specialized in love readings, I am often asked “Do they love me?” Another frequent question is “How could they love me if they are treating me this way?”

Most people want to know if the person loves them. Less people wish to know if that person is worth their time. Is it enough with being loved? Or is there something else that needs to happen? To me the answer is clear: Love is not enough.

You may be with somebody that loves you very much. Somebody that loves you above the rest, somebody that adores you. And yet this person may also be putting you through a nightmare.

Sometimes love is not enough. It is hard to walk away from someone who is making your life a misery. Why would you walk away from somebody when they love you?

Well, some may need to go through hell to learn the truths of love. The dark truths. Some may never learn them. Some may come across the lesson and refuse to take it.

You may or may not be with the right person. The right person does not make your life a misery. If you’re not with the right person, will you be able to learn the lesson and walk away?

Love is not enough. Yet it is enough to know that you have been loved, that you are loved, that you will be loved by this person that may not be right for you. It is enough to be able to move on with a smile on your face and open yourself to the new. You don’t need to hate the person you are not getting along with. But you do need to tell them goodbye.

How long does it take to learn this lesson? The fact that somebody loves you does not mean you are meant to stay together, especially if things are not working out.

Of course it is worth trying to save a connection. It is also worth taking therapy, consulting the tarot or trying any number of methods to preserve a relationship. It is worth trying to make it work. It is even important. It would be a waste to walk away without trying.

But if you have done all you possibly could, it is time to consider walking away, it is not worth staying when every possible effort to save things has failed. It is not advisable to stay just because they love you.

So, if all of the above applies to you, are you ready to move forward with your love life? Have you learnt the lesson? Can you embrace the lesson? Are you ready to walk away after every effort to save the connection has failed?

Everyone deserves to be happy, but more often than not it requires effort. It also requires facing truths we would rather ignore. Facing the truth is hard, yet it is necessary to attain happiness.

Are you open to the idea of embracing the hard truths of your relationship? Stop wondering if they love you and instead start asking yourself how you could work together on improving things.

And if things cannot be improved, are you ready to walk away? Things may not be working with the person you are with but they could work with somebody else. They definitely could. But you will never know if you never leave. If you never leave, you will never meet that person.

So, look at what’s not working. Try to make it work. Then walk away if it doesn’t.


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