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‘Are they my soulmate?’ is one of the more popular questions that over the years I have been asked as a Psychic Medium and what a huge topic for discussion that is! To briefly cover my view on this subject, I believe we have many soulmates. Some can even be just friends, but they come into your life for either a reason, a season or a lifetime. The difficulty comes in knowing which one is which.

It’s often the case that in a relationship situation two people get together and feel as though they are completely in sync. They understand each other, have the same interests, think the same and even have similar views about things. But then for some reason it all goes terribly wrong. The phone calls stop, the communication breaks down and things get a tad confusing. The things you originally liked about your partner start to annoy you and everything they do causes an argument. So what happened?

Well firstly, when we meet someone new we are always on our best behaviour and the little habits they have don’t seem so bad and we think we can ‘handle’ them. Then as time goes by those little things become huge issues and the cry of ‘stop trying to change me’ starts to be heard.

This is the point of compromise in a relationship and the point where we really decide if they are the ‘right’ one for us. Are we really going to let them leave the toothpaste lid off all the time?  Or leave their laundry all over the floor? Hmmm, time for a think.

When that first hurdle is done with what happens next? The phone calls stop again, communication dries up and again we wonder what’s happened. This is where I believe a much deeper level of relationship dynamics begins and we have to take stock and decide: Are they here for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime?

Often, relationships are like mirrors and they show us aspects of ourselves. Perhaps the aspect of your partner that you dislike so much at the moment is some aspect of yourself that deep down, on a subconscious level, you would like to change. In this case then, perhaps this relationship was only meant for a reason; to help you grow spiritually and emotionally.

Then there’s the season relationship. it lasts slightly longer but is more like a roller coaster ride. It has its ups and downs, but towards the end more downs. This type of relationship was just meant to be for so long and perhaps you made a spiritual agreement before you were born to meet up, perhaps to share some life experiences or bring some happiness into each other’s life.

The lifetime relationships are the ones that last. They still have their ups and downs but the way forward seems smoother. The level of respect and support between both partners is stronger. The whole feel to this relationship is very different indeed. All these different types of relationships I would class as soulmate relationships, simply because they begin in the same way, with an intense feeling of knowing that perhaps you have met this person before and an ease of communication without even knowing each other for very long. There is an instant ‘connection’ to each other. Each of these relationship types whether long lasting or not will give value to your life in their own different way.

So which relationship are you in? Is it Reason, Season, or Lifetime?

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