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What is life all about?

Have you ever wondered what life is all about, while we are here?

I used to contemplate that question a number of times over the years, life is a wonderful thing whether you look at the glass half empty or half full, Yes that’s right, It is.  It may not feel like it at times, when things are really tough, when your partner has left, your relationship/marriage ended, you are in difficulties to do with the economic recession, work, lack or work, stress, long hours, disillusioned with life, home life or indeed lost your way in life.  Any of this sound familiar?

We are lucky in that we are alive, we are here, we are breathing to live another moment, we can make changes in our lives, Yes, things may not come easily in life, but some of the best things worth fighting for are the most significant and profound changes you could make.

I believe life is about a learning path, we have ups and downs. Some severe and it takes us down many avenues, there are many paths we may take, but eventually some routes may be harder than the others, but eventually like the roots of a tree they eventually all come together again.  The route you take is the start, like the root of the tree, you are strong, you have an inner strength to get through things, to rise again, to take what has happened and turn it into a positive, you have that ability, don’t you?

I believe we have the greatest computer in the world, Yes, your mind.  If the self-sabotaging, self-defeating thoughts creep in; you could image placing an imaginary cancel rubber stamp over the thought and cancelling it out; or consider placing the self-defeating thought in an imaginary filing cabinet, or just moving the thought out of the way, you may even acknowledge its contribution and say no thanks!   Concentrate on your positive thoughts, you are light, you can do it.  The very first step is the most positive and create step you can ever take, if you step off the path, just step back on, don’t berate yourself, you are human too after all, just pick yourself up, pat yourself on the back, say well done for carrying on what you wish to do.

Life is about I feel experiencing life, love, being all that we can be in whatever way that is.  Not everyone has to be high flyers, we are all different and have very different skill sets, some of the most important skills are listening which is an art is itself, many hear but do not listen.

So be all that you can be, positive in your thoughts and actions, know that you are important, look after yourself, release your ego, have humility, serve yourself and others, love and live life to the full.

Remember, nothing is ever guaranteed in life, this is a precious moment, between you and I.  Make every moment precious, every moment count, for we do not know about our tomorrows’, we know about our here and now.

As they say:-  `Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift, that’s why it called the present’, so enjoy the precious moments……

Angelic Blessings

Angelic Light


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