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Soul Mates

Have you ever encountered your soul mate?  Did you think it was for life? If it didn’t work Out Why? These are some of the questions I imagine many have asked and contemplated.

Sometimes we meet people in our lives and we have met them just on the first occasion and we knew that was it; it was meant to be;  we intrinsically feel or know we are meant to be with them for the remainder of our lives, there is just that soul connection, we feel as though we have known them; sometimes we feel we have known them before from somewhere else but cannot recall where, or we just know them but without never meeting them physically, this is on a soul connection, where it could be souls recognising souls.

This can be in a relationship, friends, acquaintances, some connections can be stronger and are drawn to each other, some may be in a friendship, but some are certainly relationships as there is a strong soul connection and chemistry between both that often consumes both. Also there are such things known as soul groups too, which is where souls are drawn to each other to us for various reasons either to help one person, or each other, maybe address karmic residue, or to help us learn along life’s path. These could be such as friends, family etc.

It can be the same with soul mates, partners and relationships etc.   I used to think that soul mates in a relationship were for life, however after a marriage of 18 years and a relationship of 9 years, I was devastated when they ended.  I knew it was a soul connection from the first day we met.  However, on a soul relationship level I found that sometimes the person on the soul path, whose paths had entwined together, were meant to meet for a specific purpose, whether it be for growth of one or the other during the relationship; it hurt so much when it ended, but I tend to look through rose tinted glasses; yes I can recall hurt as we all can, but why retain bitterness, anger within me when the only person it hurts is me and could result with the body feeling ill at ease with itself and being out of balance and possible dis-ease.  I worked hard on myself to release what I did not wish to hold on to.

I could not see the person as it hurt and have not seen the person from that day to this and that is really good with me as a purpose was fulfilled whatever it was, and I feel I genuinely know the  soul purpose.  I have grown so much now since the ending of the relationship and I feel that is a blessing and purpose in itself, again divine timing too.  I am responsible for my karma and only mine, whilst they are responsible for theirs.

They also lost out on a really good person, which they will I am sure look back on in time, but that is for them to deal with and not I, remember responsible for self.

So dear friends, Soul Mates can appear in many forms and at any time, but remember please, that sometimes soul mates, such as in a relationship may be are not meant to last for our physical lifetimes, sometimes they are.  You may meet more than one soul mate during your life.

So count your Blessings, open your heart and may your dreams be fulfilled.

Angelic Light


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