Guest Speaker

What To Do At A Crossroads

How to feel your way through life and know you are going the right way.

A lot of people ask me if they are going the right way in their life I feel it’s important to do a reading for them based on my empathic and psychic abilities but also to guide them to use their own abilities and important they can self guide when there is no one to ask or they need to decide something right away.

Getting to these cross roads in life there is a tendency to not always know which is the best path to choose and which would bring the greatest benefit to your life. Whether it be love, relationship direction or financial decisions that need to be made there is an internal knowing in you that can be used as well as asking others for their knowledge and guidance.

1: First there is a dilemma something you have to make a decision on whether now or in the future, maybe something has happened to change the plan you had or you want to go another direction after trying one thing then decide to go another way and try something else. This is usually when people want to know what to do but this is early in the stages where the problem is identified not necessarily solved.

2: Then it’s important to research what you know and maybe ask someone else what they think a lot of people will do this informally before asking an expert psychic, asking loved ones or people around for insight into the problems and what they should do and researching what others have done but at this phase it’s still important not to jump ahead to make a final decision as you are still in the research stage. 

3: A lot of people then get to the " I don’t know what to do phase " even with all the research and other peoples stories to go by they need more this is when I recommend you use your empathy and own feelings to help you decide .  How to do this?  

4: Imagine in your mind each outcome and this will bring up a feeling how are you feeling if you feel at peace and life seems smooth then it is a good indication that if you choose that direction you will feel good about your decision if you feel lost or undecided you are not ready to decide.

5: Seeking out expert help from an empathic or psychic can help at this stage as even if you’re inhibited in your own feelings a psychic can feel out the situation for you and help you to guide you in a direction but then the final decision is up to you.

6:The final decision - all decisions about what to do come back to you it’s your life and you need to take the guidance and apply it to your life but also make the final decisions yourself often we need to test a road before we go down it a psychic can help with this in a future guidance reading but ultimately the decision to act and go forwards is yours.

Never worry about a mistake, life tends to give you enough chances that you don’t have to make a mistake and if you are going by your feelings there should be less chance of life going against you in the future..

The future is yours and with a psychics help you can map out what you want to do and what direction to go and use your own empathy as well in your final decisions and actions.

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