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Thoughtful and Aware - Holiday Energy!

The Holiday Season can be a very happy time for many and a sad time for others. Holidays bring memories to most and a lot of people rejoice in the memories they have and the new memories they are making, while others are sad with their memories of happier holidays with loved ones that are no longer in their lives.

Many dwell on what they don’t have and what they should have and can’t get past the depression and sometimes anger with their disappointments. This can make for negative holiday cheer in general because you find this when shopping or attending holiday parties and the down energy is all around you. The positive energy is there too and the happiness is all around, but it is important to try and help those less fortunate and those people having a hard time during this period.

It is good to be aware of this energy so you can protect yourself and help people who need it. Psychic vampires are people that drain you on an unconscious level and/or psychically. As a psychic, I may be more aware when I am experiencing psychic vampires and feeling them drain me on many levels. Most people tune into others feelings and have felt drained by other people at one time or another. There are times, though when you may be under psychic vampire attack and not know what is happening. This happens when you aren’t expecting it and when you are vulnerable because you are wrapped up in other things like the holidays, or when you are helping people and listening to their problems and not realizing you are taking on their problems.

We all pick up on energy around us. Some of us are more aware of this than others. Sometimes you can walk into a room and feel the tension hit you, just as sometimes you can walk into a room and feel the happiness and positive energy bombard you. The key is that you learn how to control and/or block negative energy or encounters taking over or sucking you dry. This can easily happen when you least expect because you may not realize that you are picking up on other people’s feelings and depression which is in turn making you feel down and you can’t quite pinpoint why. When this happens you are channelling for someone else and working through their feelings and issues. This can take its toll on you even when you become aware of what is actually happening. You still need to make a conscious effort to block the negativity and put the feelings in perspective for your own peace of mind, body and soul.

During the holiday season there is a lot of pressure to celebrate and about holiday cheer and being with family and friends. Many people are not happy and are alone and feel sad because they dread the holiday and all they are missing during the holiday. By being understanding, aware and thoughtful you can help people who feel hopeless and are in a dark place during a time that you feel happy and blessed! So, spread the holiday cheer and try to make an extra effort to make others smile and feel the warmth of your holiday tidings!

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