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True Life - Am I In The Right Relationship


A  Reading  For Sandra Date Of Birth 3/11/1969

Hi Sandra, Thank you for contacting me for your email reading and I hope I can be of some help. You ask the question ‘Am I in the right Relationship?’

The question in itself does suggest that there is a problem. Sandra I wonder if you have ever consider asking yourself if you are the right one for your partner, or could it be that you are not right for each other, that you’re not compatible. The very thing that attracted you to each other in the first place could now have become the problem. Sometimes, you can just outgrow each other; one of you has a change of heart or their attitude toward their life direction has changed and finds a need to move forward, whilst the partner remains exactly the same and you don’t have the inclination to hang around to wait for them to catch up. So you are no longer singing from the same hymn sheet. I believe you have to ask yourself an important question, ‘why do I find myself having to asking this question’? It does indicate that there is a problem with the relationship. Nonetheless that doesn’t necessarily imply a separation or break up. I have a strong sense that your relationship can improve if you both try and make a concerted effort to talk, engage and communicate more or seek professional help. It’s important that you are honest and open about your feelings and why you’ve arrived at this state of mind in having doubts regarding the relationship. In most relationships there are times when you do have to compromise. But not so much, as to become a martyr and put up with an unhappy situation, this can only build resentment.

Three Tarot cards: The Lovers: speaks of a either a love relationship or possibly the relationship that you have with yourself. The Tower: speaks of difficulty with some disruption. Where there is the need to create a change. Where there is a need to reconstruct and rebuild a more solid foundation. Death: the death card is not a physical death; it speaks of a positive change; off with the old and on with the new.


In Numerology your life number is 3: The is calculated by adding your date of birth 3+1+1+1+9+6+9: 30:3+0 =3. In brief, the life number 3 is about communication, speech, writing, creativity and intuitive impulses and if developed, psychic abilities.                  


 Personal year number is six. This calculated by adding the day and the month of your birth and the year 2017: 3+1+1+2+0+1+7=15 1+5= 6 on your next birthday, November 2018 your personal year number will be 7. The six personal year number isn’t always easy; it’s about self-sacrifice, caring and service to others. Interestingly enough this is also a time when relationships can flounder. But a relationship that is worth its salt will survive. So Sandra I truly believe that your relationship will move forward. ‘Let the breath of God flow between you’. In a few months time, if you have both taken the time and effort to resolve your differences and accept that your relationship is going through a transitional process, in the end, all will be well.


love and light.



The Lovers

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