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True Life - Will A Past Lover Return?


Thank you all for reading my blog’s, it has been great helping you all see an insight into your lives.

I have provided a sample reading done by the Angel Tarot cards using some numerology and astrology. After shuffling the cards, I have spilt them into three piles choosing the middle one to read. I will do the love and relationship spread putting them into a heart shape.

The sample reading is for Debbie DOB 10/07/1970. The question Debbie has is “will a past lover come back into my life”

1 The first card is the dreamer (fool in Tarot) with this card you can be assured that you have the tools to move forward. You have come to realize that you can use the elements to create the life you wish for. This card is associated with the plant mercury- which is all about communication and intellect.

2 The second card lays above to the left of card 1 which is the knight of earth (knight of pentacles in tarot). The position of this card tells us the ways this relationship is strong. The knight of earth tells us it’s time to move forward. The card number is 76 reducing to 4 7+6=13 1+3=4 telling us this card represents a guardian angel. The knight is a Taurus with a healthy amount of Aries thrown in.

3 The third card lays above to the right of the first Knight of water (knight of cups in Tarot). The position of this card gives us an insight into how the relationship is being challenged. The Knight indicates a powerful new emotion. The knight of water is number 48 reducing to 3 4+*=12 1+2=3. Which is related to communication .The knight is a Scorpio giving a deep emotional and passionate person.

4 The fourth card lays a little lower to the left of the second. Which is the queen of air (queen of swords in Tarot). This is person’s A’s hopes for the relationship. Person A wished for a life free of clutter or emotional distraction’s. The queen of air is number 63 reducing to 9 6+3=9. This person will focus their life on divine purpose and helping others around them. The queen of air is a Libra showing signs of Libra.

5 The fifth card lays below the fourth which enlightens person’s A’s true feelings regarding person B. This card is the strength (justice in Tarot). Person A is ready to exercise their desires of their will in a way no one is harmed. The card is number 11 reducing to 2 1+1=2. Person A has a positive and up lifting energy towards person B. The strength card is a Leo.

6 The sixth card lays to the right below the fifth which is the page of fire (page of wands in Tarot). The position of this card shows us how person A is adversely affecting the relationship. Person A has new opportunities which could be a barrier with person B. Page of fire is number 33 reducing to 6 3+3=6. Person A reflects a spiritual person. There is no astrological meaning to this card.

7 The seventh card lays to the right below card six. This is the ace of fire (ace of wands in Tarot). This tells us a suggestion to how person A could be a help to person B. This card represents passion and self-development. Aces always means changes with a passion and looking at self-development. This card is number 23 reducing to 5 2+3=5. Telling us its very important to keep our thoughts positive. There is no astrological to this card.

8 The eight card lays to the right below the third. This is the queen of earth (queen of pentacles in Tarot). This card will indicate person B’s hopes for the relationship. The queen of earth is showing we’re in a time of manifestation telling us that person B’s hopes the relationship will change. This card is number 77 reducing to 5 7+7=14 1+4=5. Telling person B, it’s an excellent time to ask for help about the relationship should they feel they need it. The queen of earth is a Capricorn. Capricorn’s are hardworking and good at making money, however person B may need to look at their emotional side at this time.

9 The ninth card lays to the right below the eighth. This is the ace of earth (ace of pentacles in Tarot). This card reveals person B’s true feelings. The ace of earth show abundance with brilliant new ideas to leading to success, therefore person B feels the relationship needs to change. This card is number 65 reducing to 11 6+5=11. Which is the energy of powerful manifestation. Person B is open to changes within the relationship. There is no astrological for this card.

10 The tenth card lays to the left below the ninth. This tells us how person B is adversely affecting the relationship. Card 10 is the king of water (king of cups in Tarot). The king of water has a golden lead and can be fully trusted. Enjoys doing charity work. Looking at the previous cards could person B be working to hard and spending time helping others has this being affecting the relationship? The number for this card is 50 reducing to 5 5+0=5. Giving the importance of emotion’s with in our lives. The king of water is a Pisces.

11 The eleventh card lays to the left below the tenth. Offering an insight to how person B could help person A. This card is the ace of water (ace of cups in Tarot). Indicating changes within the relationship, a new begging. The card is number 37 reducing to 1 3+7=10 1+0=1. Telling us our thoughts are about what we create. There is no astrological to this card.

12 The twelfth card lays at the bottom of the spread between cards 7 and 11 this completes the heart shape. Telling us the most likely scenario regarding the relationship. This card is the emperor (the same in Tarot). The emperor tells us we have few rules and some organization. This card is number 4 creating stability and structure. The emperor is an Aries.

Debbie DOB is 10/07/1970 1+0+0+7+1+9+7+0=25 2+5=7. This tells me that Debbie loves nature finding beauty in green grass and flowers. Debbie is a Cancer star sign telling us she is a water sign, can be shy but determined.

Debbie’s past lover will come back this is showing in the fourth card (Debbie’s hopes). The queen of air and further cards indicate the need for change. Both parties show they are willing to change in the spread. Cancer is an active sign giving Debbie incentive to change. Person B holds the ace of water indicating changes and new beginnings. With a little work this relationship can be rebuilt.

A thought that is worth remembering: I now accept and appreciate the abundant life the universe offers me. Many Thanks for taking the time to read this sample reading for a reading of your own call me.




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