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To Be Or Not To Be?

Have you ever posed the question in life, why me?
Why do my relationships end the same way? 
Why do I attract a certain type of person?
Why am I in this certain situation and what can I do about it?
How can I turn my life around, Is it possible?

Well, in answer to the above, we all have times in our lives when it is not smooth, sometimes it can seem like the terrain is rough and an uphill struggle and we may feel we do not have the strength to continue or move on, but we do.  

One thing is certain we cannot remain stuck in time, because one minute ago is history, it is past and gone forever, in a minute this will be too as will the present.  Do we choose therefore to remain in the past or the PRESENT and shape our own future?
The past has gone and can help you move forward, in reflective thinking, but not dwelling or constantly criticising oneself; once a thing is done it is gone; you may change and look and things differently within your mind set and approach it differently to adapt to new ways of dealing with things, but your future depends on how you live in the present day.
Your past experiences may shape your future, they shape you; your experiences, what you encounter, whom you encounter and how you wish to evolve.  

You can let your past become a part of your future and let it become an OBSTACLE
You could let your past become a part of your future and let it become a learning curve and OPPORTUNITY to grow.
Your present is the here and now, it is all you have, it shapes your tomorrows’, it shapes you and it is up to you how you wish to shape your future no matter what has gone before; You choose, optimism and learn, or barriers, only you can make that choice.
However, don’t let your past determine your future, let your present, the here and now, lead the way forward dependent on how you view the world today in this minute, this second.  Your mind-set is the key, with your emotions, keep a check on balancing both along with living in the present and you are setting the course in the directions of the new you.

I believe the mind is the greatest computer and we also need to keep this is check in balancing our thoughts too, if we get many self-critical/defeating thoughts then replace them with other thoughts which are self-nourishing such as you can do it, negate the negative thought with a positive thought; it can take a period of time to learn to do this.  However, by learning to appreciate, love, respect and honour whom you truly are will help your self-awareness and self-esteem along its way.
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