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Does Each Partnership Come To You For A Specific Reason And Purpose?

Sometimes we encounter a partnership whether it be a friendship/relationship/acquaintance during various times in our lives, it can be for a particular reason, a short or long duration or a lifetime. Some people move in and out of our lives more quickly than others and some are meant to stay.  I have also heard it mentioned, that if you do not complete your journey together then your souls were not meant to stay together along this physical journey, so perhaps you were meant to take a detour in your life from that specific person or relationship for a reason unknown to you at that time.

Now, there are reasons we are not privy to in our lives and sometimes the answers may come many years later when they are ready, it could be that we would have never moved on from a particular friendship or relationship unless a specific event happened in our lives, but perhaps it gave us the push we needed, although it may have been unwanted and been incredibly hurtful and hard at the time.

I believe life is a learning process, sometimes we make decisions which take different routes in life and may take a little longer or may be a harder route depending on our decisions, but whom says we weren’t meant to take that route, to meet the people we encounter, to learn within our lives.

What have you learnt in your life?  Have you reflected upon how far you have come?  Yes, that is right, how strong you are, the hurdles you have encountered, battled through and still braved the storm and come through at the other end!!!  
What did you learn about the YOU, the person in the relationship, the friendship, the types of relationships, friendships you encountered, where they equal, one sided, needy, was it a give and take relationship, or give or just take, were both parties honest with each other, could you be yourself and most importantly of all were you happy with you, happy with them and where you wanted to be?

Change in our lives is good, it can be frightening at times, uncertain, but every day is uncertain and not a guarantee.  Life is for living and making the most of it, what you have, the time you have, with wh om you have.  
Life I believe is not about mistakes but learning from past experiences on the paths we take, the decisions we make.
Therefore, I believe in being gratuitous now for all encounters whatever they may be, even if I am not grateful at the time, I know I will have learnt something out of it eventually and it will serve in my best interests too even if it does not feel like it in that particular moment; I trust that things will turn out so.    However, I know in time I will be grateful for all I encounter, for often in my hardest times I have learnt the most, if not at that time, so I know all experiences are invaluable.
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