Guest Speaker

A Glimpse Of Heaven

Many people have questions about the spirit world, what is it, what happens when you pass over, is there a hell, and does limbo exist. 
When any living thing dies, its life energy passes back to God, or the universe, or Gaia, or the Great Spirit depending on the terms you want to use. Many religions throughout the ages have changed the names, yet they all concur that ultimately heaven is pure love, complete forgiveness and eternal existence. That it is available to all who accept it within their hearts and souls. 
All rivers ultimately lead to the ocean. As do all religions, unfortunately due to human nature, they also create prejudice, segregation and disharmony. This is humanity, the ego, and cultural differences. These being the cause of many peoples disillusionment with religion, rather than the religion's themselves. It is also true, that it is always the minority that spoil it for the majority. Those that use false spirituality to dictate their whims to the mass. Fanatics who blind themselves through their own passions.
We all go to the same place, everyone regardless of colour or creed, regardless of our actions here on earth. When we Passover, we all go to heaven. 
For many the transition is aided though loved ones we have shared part of our earthly lives with. 
Once the transition between worlds has occurred, the soul will gravitate towards other souls of a similar essence. Very similar to the way people do here. There is no right or wrong, good or evil on the other side that is not heaven that is of the soul’s creation. Based upon the experience it has learned here during its earthly existence. Heaven has no prisons, no place for punishment, all these things are just reminiscence of an earthly existence. Each soul has the opportunity to see past these and simply be in heaven. 
As we live our lives here on earth, we share our experience with those in spirit, and likewise they share there’s with us. It is an evolution of the soul. The veil between the worlds is in our own minds and hearts. Heaven can exist here on earth if people would allow it to happen and manifest. Alas humanity through its great power of mind, it has the ability to choose, to choose to believe and disbelieve in love. A person who no longer believes in love, seldom see's love around them, and it does not matter how many people are telling them, the rational mind will find a way to logically or illogically block it out.
The criminals, people who oppress other people, on this earth are such people. People who have be oppressed by others are such people often become victims unable to see. It is hard for them to understand, that there is such a thing. They have to find their own way to come to terms. A vicious cycle of negativity.
When such souls pass over, through the very nature of their experiences and power of will they, like all people create their own reality on the other side. Hell is not a place of burning fires, it is a place devoid of love, a place which people create for themselves. The only real judge of who we are is ourselves, and once material need, wealth and power are stripped away there is no escape, all that is left is our essence. It is only then that we truly see ourselves for who we are. 
Some souls will try to cling onto their earthly lives, their reasons their own, still in the end they have to face themselves with honesty. Each and every one of us is on a journey of realisation, a drop of water flowing along the rivers of life to the ocean. The keys to heaven exist within everyone’s own heart.
If heaven was to ever manifest itself here on the earthly plane, all humanity would have to first face themselves, In many religious text they call this judgement day.

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