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All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

In my experience Mediums are born, not made, they are simply born gifted.  I know some would disagree with this and I only speak of my own experience.

Not all mediums wish to use their mediumship and I for one do not like it when spirit has literally whispered in my ear, I much prefer the voices in my head (and yes, I know how that sounds!!)

Mediums come in different strengths and not one is the same as another.  Some are brilliant at names, others are great at picking up situations, some are extra receptive to numbers, but collectively they all do the same thing; they give information and validation of spirit.

It is always difficult when those that we read for want a certain person to come to the reading.  The last mediumship reading I had was with the late Derek Acorah and he bought through my Uncle Sam, who I had never met in my life, but had heard all the stories about. He even got his potty mouth, his attitude and his really bad limp correct. 

I share this as sometimes we do not get who we think will come through and please remember, it is your reading and you can ask that that person not be ‘pulled through’.  As a medium I will always thank spirit for coming through and ask them to step aside if this is the case. 

Nor can we ‘order’ someone to come forward.  There can be many reasons why someone does not come through, and sometimes the time is just not right. They may be in their own ascension process or they could simply be busy doing something else.  Never read into it that there is something wrong, or there is any discord, as it will not be that.  Grudges are not borne. 

It’s important to realise that not every reading is a mediumship reading. Sometimes readers just tell you what they see and work with their guides. 

I had one client who tried to demand the way I work. Doing that is so disrespectful to spirit, as everything given is from the universe. Please remember to always show utter respect to the universe and spirit, as they are not the ones down here learning the life lessons - we are, and they do not have to give us any information, nor do they have to even try to guide us.  They choose to. 

I would always suggest that no one goes for a mediumship reading unless they are absolutely ready for one, so you can enjoy it and take comfort from them.  If you feel like it’s going to upset you or make you feel uncomfortable then please do not have one.  You have to be totally ready and I know I speak for myself and most likely other readers in saying that we do not want you to feel uncomfortable.  By uncomfortable I mean you are simply not ready for the reading.

Every medium will validate the reading but I would suggest that you write it all down and make sense of it later.  What is important is that you ‘take’ what is given to you so that the reader can move to the next link.  This is a leap of faith but often when people think about things later, they are able to place things. 

Never be logical about a reading. Never try to put your own timeframes on things as they are fluid. Let things play out.  That reading I spoke of with Derek … it took four years to play out but it all played out as I did not interfere with anything, I just let things happen.  This point is important as people are so quick to judge.  Just because something did not resonate at the time does not mean further down the line it won’t, so please do not jump to a judgement, do not knock the reading or your reader as things take time to play out. 

I hope this blog article helps you understand a little bit more about a mediumship reading should you ever have one in the future.


Shelly x

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