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Six Signs You Are Meant To Be Together

Six Signs Your Meant To Be Together


1: Respect 

Do you respect your partner? If you don’t respect your significant other it can cause terrible pain. It’s awful to feel that you are not respected, regardless if you deserve it or not. If there’s no respect in the relationship, you’re not meant to be together. Often a person will stay a lot longer in a relationship even if they’re not respected, but it rarely goes well.


2: Humour 

Do you easily laugh together? Even at each other? Do you find that even if something is not really that funny, between you two it is? If your able to laugh at the silly stuff together, ut;s a great sign. Humour is vitally important in a loving relationship a deep rapport with each other will occur when you laugh together.


3: Positive Impact

Do you have a positive impact on each other? This means supporting each other to grow together, regardless of what it is. You may have very different goals in life, but the key here is to constantly support to each other in every way. By forming a deep commitment to each other and by helping each other’s dreams to materialise, you grow together.


4: Knowing Each Other 

Do you know what they’re thinking? Can you tell what mood they’re in or what’s going on with them without the need to ask?  Can you read them, almost telepathically, and know if something is bothering them? Can you pick it up without the need for them to tell you? This is a sign that you’re connection is leading to a soulmate relationship.


5: Emotional Connection 

It’s a good sign when you are able to sit down and dream together. Are you able to fantasise about your future together? If the answer is yes, at this point it’s gone past just the lust and sexual connection. If you’re thinking of your future, it means it’s much deeper than that now.


6: Solving Disagreements 

No one is perfect andso it is important that you can resolve problems when they arrise. It’s important to be able to use respect here again, to listen and value each other s opinions, even if you don’t agree with them. If you’re able to see things clearly and from their perspective,  and if you can agree to disagree at times, this shows you’re in a good relationship. Disagreements shouldn’t (and don’t have to) lead to screaming, shouting, sulking or being generally vile to each other!


I hope this has given clarity to any of you struggling in your relationships. If you’re ever unsure about some one in your life, give me a call.


Love Jasmine – PIN 600595

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