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Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice 21st December 2021

Some see this day as the day after the days start to get that wee bit lighter each day and not much else.

But for many it means so much more. To some it is about the ‘rebirth of the sun’, nature kicking itself to bring again all that had gone dormant.  It is a time to honour all of this, honour the long darker days; honour nature is about to spring again.

It is on an energy line, quiet.  This is the time for you to look within and focus on yourself.  What do you want to happen in the following year?  Set yourself some goals, with a few wishes in there.  A time to self-reflect and make those changes that you identify that are needed to develop. The one huge thing is to also let go of that past and not to take it into your future.  You cannot see that future if you are always looking backwards.

There are many different ways of celebrating the Winter Solstice, from lighting a candle with your intentions for the future written down, with the power of the light helping those intentions, to a visit to Stonehenge and everything in between.  But it matters not how you celebrate it, what matters is that you let go of that past, so it does not hold you back for your future. 

Every solstice is about endings and new beginnings and that should always be celebrated, giving us each another chance to make a difference.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and an even better 2022.


Shelly x

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