Guest Speaker

The Walking Zodiac

We often feel like a victim to our star sign! It sometimes feels like there’s nothing we can do and that as the planet’s change, we are influenced so heavily that we just have to accept ‘that’s the way it is’.

I am a big advocate for understanding how the planetary alignments affect us. But only to the degree that we can rise above it and not fall into victim oriented thinking. It’s great to have a heads up so that we can plan around our vulnerabilities and prepare to integrate more resources to support ourselves.


Our zodiac star sign and the planetary influences affect our emotional or astral body. If that was the only body we had, then I would say that we were at the mercy of the stars. However, we are not. We have a Higher Self Body that we can call on and learn how to ground or incarnate more and more into our Physical body. When we do this we are able to feel more centred and calm, no matter what the planets happened to be doing that day!


Apart from our emotional or astral body, the zodiac is also providing clues to where we can strengthen in our physical body too. Our Higher Self can support us to ensure that we have the insight we need to notice what needs strengthening and when.

The following zodiac signs pertain to our body parts and as we strengthen both our physical, emotional and energetic aspects that pertain to these, we integrate the zodiac:



Aries – Head

Taurus – Throat

Gemini – Arms

Cancer – Chest

Leo – Heart

Virgo – Abdomen

Libra – Hips

Scorpio – Sexual Organs

Sagittarius – Thighs

Capricorn – Knees

Aquarius – Calves

Pisces – Feet


We can ask ourselves, "where do I need strengthening  in my body today?" and read up on the star sign. Learning more about its strengths and how we can weave it more into our lives is an important part of being the walking zodiac.

For instance, Aries affects our head region or thinking. We find that when our thinking is ‘head strong’ or we are ‘hot tempered’ then we need to balance out our ‘Aries Shadow’ and come back into alignment. We can ask specific questions by calling on this aspect of ourselves into a meditation along with our Higher Self. We can have a little conversation about what the shadow needs and what its gift is for us. We learn more and more about ourselves as we go.


I hope that this has provided you some deeper insight into how amazing the zodiac is and how we can make it work for us to create the life we want.




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