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Finding Inner Peace

There are times in our lives when we all require some inner peace, not the sit down for 5 or 10 minutes peace to gather our thoughts, although that is good for one but the inner peace which no one can disturb no matter what beholds us.

It could be said that in the midst of a storm the eye of the storm remains still while everything else around it causes devastation or destruction. 

How often have we during our day had things that have hurt us?

In our lives felt as though we were in the turmoil which we couldn’t get out of?

Felt as though we were and are in a cycle, which repeats itself and we are not in control of what goes on around us, but we end up sorting things out, feel drained and feel that our life is not our own?

Of course our life is our own but what we can do is own it and no matter what is going on within or around us, we can remain calm, still and centred like the eye of the storm.

We cannot control what another person thinks or does and neither are we responsible for their actions, nor should we be.  By the same token this applies to us. 

By taking the time to remain calm in the face of adversity, centred in yourself in the knowledge that anything which is happening in the here and now, you can control how you perceive it.  Yes it is not outside of you and no one controls what you do despite at times it feels that others have the control and some may feel like a puppet on a string.

You have the control to change the way in which you view things, you can look at things objectively rather than subjectively.  Example if someone states I feel as though the world is against me; as a generalisation this is not true but subjectively we feel this emotionally.  However we can change the way in which we feel by changing the way in which we view, acknowledge and accept things.

Do we continue within the same energy, situation, dilemmas, of course you can if you wish?  Alternatively you can choose to make new decisions which will affect you going forward and your future path.  What you do now, in the here and now has a knock on effect to your tomorrow’s. Example, if you are in a relationship and a person has not rang for a while and the relationship is strained but you love them, what do you do? Do you fret about not having the contact; sit about it thinking about it and the problem then seems to get bigger in our minds; do you try to contact them if you can to find out what is going on or are you too fearful to know; do you decide that no matter how much you love them you cannot make a person ring you, want you, or be with you?  Have you escalated things out of proportion?  Decisions sometimes need to be made about you and only you, which affect you.  Yes it affects the other person too, but that is not your concern, obviously you care, but ultimately you have to do what is right for you and follow your path.  If you wish to stay in a relationship that is fraught with problems, will this change, probably not, not until you decide to do something about it.

Inner peace is priceless, things may be going on around you which you may be involved in but when you find the inner sanctum things do not disturb you like they did before, there is the calmness, an equilibrium is maintained, you are in control of you; it does not feel like other people externally are having such an influence on your life that they are controlling it.

This could be done in a variety of ways and unique to the individual such a meditation, prayer, silence, listening to relaxing music and being aware of self – getting to know the inner self – the true you.

So next time you feel that things are beyond your control, yes circumstances, situations may present themselves which have an impact upon you but then it is how you choose to deal with the situation in a calm, sensitive manner.

Remember, what is important is the here and now

Tomorrow is not guaranteed

So what is the use of worrying, as what does this achieve?

Far better to be in a place of peace, where you can also see the situation objectively and deal with it without engulfing your life.

Our paths are constantly changing, sometimes the old has to leave to make way for the new to come in, just like the process of life birth and death.  However with each there is a new beginning.


Angelic Light


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