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The Royal Suite - Who Is Who?

King of Cups

Familiar People:  Prince Charles – First Born to the Queen of Great Britain.  These folks are born to be PTA presidents, never forget a birthday or an anniversary and somehow manage to spoil their kids without doing any real damage.  These guys love rich desserts, Russian music and family reunions and always decorate their houses during the festivals.  You will often find them populating the suburbs but they manage to retain their nuclear warmth and identity.  These King care about the world around them and do their best for it.  So you could well find some of them in Green Peace.

Queen of Cups

Familiar People:  Princess Diana – first wife to Prince Charles.  These are the ladies that teach arts and crafts at the Senior Citizens club with a royal fare along with playing the piano for the children’s dance group.  Topping all this off they still manage at the same to stay in touch with their high school buddies.  Unfortunately they also regularly lose their car keys and are overdrawn at the bank.  To them, friendship is an art form; parenting is as natural as breathing and loving someone a life’s work.  If they do actually dislike someone, they just avoid that person.  Anger and confrontation are foreign to this people.  Kindness is not.

King of Pentacles

Familiar People:  Prince Albert – Queen Victoria’s husband who was a Sun in Virgo man.   These folks are serious, conservative individuals and you have it in a nutshell – these are the guys that will be squirreling away their saving for a raining day.  They are also guarded in their manner but always willing to chair neighbour committees.  These Kings drive long, dark cars, read the Wall Street Journal and dislike but only just tolerate rock music and those on the left side of politics. 

 Queen of Pentacles

Familiar People:   Queen of Great Britain – Taurus Lady.   These lovely ladies are the quiet, reliable folk are so steady and normal you may miss noticing them.  Of course that may be her, the Queen’s natural choice but she is put into the spot light – like it or not.  Her children are always scrubbed up and polite in public, their cars never seem to need washing and their spaghetti sauce is made from beginning to end.  Their home library is full of both craft and cook books.  They are active in both their religious and general community.  WE never doubt they will be available to assist if we need them, but somehow we forget to tell them how valuable they are.  Without them charities would fold, youth groups would stop meeting and the plants in the office would be a thirsty lot. 

King of Swords

Familiar People:  Prince Philip – husband to the current Queen of Great Britain.  He is a Sun in Gemini Man.  These guys know what is going on in local politics.  The money market and other parts of the world, but forget to turn off their headlights.  This King is not interest in gossip or small talk.  Their foresight is generally meaningful and their knowledge authority.  We wonder if there is any room left for emotions and goof-ups.  They can be intimidating because they always seem so sure, so right.  They need a good laugh, shift their eyes from the computer screen and look out at the beauty that is surrounding them.

Queen of Swords

Familiar People:   Queen Victoria who was a Sun in Gemini Lady.  These ladies are earnest talkers and intense listeners who work quietly but with obvious skill.  They help those who need assistance, but brush off thanks in an almost embarrassed way.  Their private lives are closely guarded, but they somehow manage to show up with the most interesting people when they do come out.  They don’t tell jokes but find humour and soft irony in daily life and make us chuckle at our own foolishness.

King of Wands – Sorry Folks I cannot give you a Male member of our current British Royal Family – None appear to be born in any of the Fire Signs.

Familiar People:  They are good-natured outdoors types who call their spouses by silly (but loveable) nicknames, who reminisce about the good old days, go to football games and are loyal friends.  Unfortunately they drink a little too much, bluster a bit, but would lend you their box seats at the races or their sports cars without a minute’s notice.  Their talents for inspiring trust and confidence enable them to earn a good living even if their skills are undistinguished.  They are blessed by the “Luck of the Heavens” but hardly seem to know it, and we like them without knowing why.

Queen of Wands

Familiar People:  Princess Margaret, sister to our current Queen.  They are the lively, cheerful folks who organize the office softball games, sign up first the group bus trip and never have dull vacations.  Their energy and enthusiasm never seem to wane and they always find time for fun and games.  They take the third grade class to the zoo, play tennis twice a week, manage the local the Girl Guides and get more done at work than most of their associates.  Even if you don’t share their interests and enthusiasm, you’re still okay by them.  Nobody is allowed to be a grump when this lot are around.  They generate their own sunshine and share it gladly.

These are the views of the individual reader.

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