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The Right Time

Through our thoughts and feeling there is available two masters that provide insight to us all. Jesus said "you can not have two masters". When one looks at thoughts and feeling as these two masters, one begins to understand perfect right time to make any decision. In the case of relationship, our thoughts do not always agree with our feelings. In fact this is where one is made aware of the blocks to manifest anything. A fearful mind focuses on fearful thoughts which are then projected on to the screen of life to manifest as our experience. A pure mind that focuses on pure loving thoughts without any focus on fear will allow the desired result to manifest which are non judgmental thoughts that will resonate within our body, mind and soul to manifest the desired result.

The intelligence of intuition is using your "gut feeling" about possible courses of action based on an inner knowing from the intelligence of what feels right.This I call the "resonance of truth". This happens when thought and feeling come together and give us a "gut feeling" about something.

Intuition is little understood as fearful thoughts dilute down actions. This causes procrastination due to fearful thought of the past and fear of what will happen in the future. Within the human experiences, there exists the inner teacher who uses divine wisdom in a magical sense providing an inner knowing. Within my own experiences, intuition is actually a combination of past experience and your personal values, which it would be wise to follow. If the pure heart is influenced by fear, then without action nothing changes our experiences. It is worth taking your intuition into account, because it reflects your learning about life. It is, however, not always based on reality but only on your perceptions. Many of which may have started in childhood and through acceptance become our truth, but are not the full truth. Truth is perceptional and will change due to direct new experiences. It is therefore worth taken into account by examining your gut feeling and inner knowing closely, especially if you have a very strong feeling against a particular course of action, to see if you can work out why, and whether the feeling is justified. As one becomes away of the inner teacher one will get confirmation of one thought process and can develop communication directly from spirit.

Reasoning is based on the separate mind that has not yet known intuition. Reasoning is using the facts, figures and logic to make decision for one's good. Reasoning has it understanding in the here-and-now, and in facts already happened. Facts have to be gathered from the past. It tends to ignore emotional aspects to the decision, and in particular, issues from the past that may affect the way that the decision is implemented. The correct way to do this is to apply the two aspects in turn. It’s useful to start with reason, and gather facts and figures. In other words, do your home work, take your time before you make any course of action. If hesitant, have another look, and see if you can work out why not. If you’re not emotionally committed to the decision you’ve made, you won’t implement it well or effectively for to manifest anything for your thought and feeling have to match.

Intuition is a perfectly acceptable means of making a decision for some people although it would be advised for complicated decisions to takes time and contemplation about the course of action and the implication of said actions which require a more formal, structured approach, usually involving both intuition and reasoning. It is important to be wary of impulsive reactions to a situation, for one has to live with their decision making. Applying both reason and intuition using the inner knowing and outer past experiences, one can get conformation and acceptance with no regrets. One way to do this is to apply the two aspects in turn. It’s useful to start with reason, and gather facts and figures. Once you have an obvious decision, it’s the turn of intuition. How do you feel about the answer? Does it resonate within your heart, mind and soul? If not, have another look, and see if you can work out why not. If you’re not emotionally committed to the decision you’ve made, you won’t implement it well or effectively.

With the cultivation of only using the five senses (smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing) the human brain has been under developed to what its original purpose was intended for by its Creator. By failing to develop the other part of the human mind, man has cut himself off from the ability to receive spirit. The part of the brain that has been neglected is of course the cerebellum, since man has only developed one part of his brain and the rest is practically asleep. It is but a sleeping giant which is in the first stages of waking up. Much more complicated decisions tend to require a more thought out and unhurried structured approach, usually involving both intuition and reasoning. It is important to be wary of impulsive reactions to a situation, reaction and past experiences. By applying both reason and intuition, thought and feeling or Adam and Eve the human condition grown in greater awareness of truth.

From now on, the already awaken people will experience significant and profoundly meaningful intuitive knowing which will be from the higher self within. This experience will further awaken many to take up their divine purpose and offer their service and expertise to the many. Most will be directly guided from within; it is by paying attention that most of you will see significant realization towards becoming a conscious creator. At first you will encounter bursts of energy of spirit clearing away your fear and fear related issues. This energy will start like a small water spring and as you pay attention to it you will become a river of diamond light. The river of Diamond light will awaken the "diamond heart awareness" within your knowing. By embracing this new awareness of the purity of your soul, you will go through a process of remembering the love that you are. Your own body wisdom will reinforce your convictions of the new awareness that you are experiencing. Some will enter the secret space of knowing and be transformed by the transformation power of the diamond heart awareness.

The universe through your higher self will intuit to you the next step for you. You will be asked to embrace the intuitive thoughts that enter your mind with compassion and love and non judgment and an inner knowing will become your new truth. The non physical world will start to become a reality for you. This realization will reinforce your spiritual journey towards greater awareness. Thus you will take your part in building your unique gift to this world and accept the diamond heart awareness of new consciousness by becoming aware and inner knowing of the purity of you immaculate soul. You are blessed and loved and “all that is “will rejoice in your returning to your true consciousness.

Perfect right time to take action requires one to rise up their vibration so that fear is not taken into account. Then trusting the inner knowing coming from the higher self, one's focus will be trusting the empowered positive thoughts that will manifest our good. Your truth will keep on changing and our assumption about the nature of existence is now undergoing the process of change. It will become obvious to you that discovery and awareness changes your perspective. This new paradigm requires new understanding, wisdom, and acceptance. As you merge with the tide of this new paradigm shift, it will pick you up and move you faster and faster into the right path of life that you wish to experience. You too can let go the past and choose not to focus on what was, but start to build a new future, while letting innate intelligence or heart sense expresses itself through you. In the process of merging your heart sense, it will increase its current, which you will noticed as a feeling of love and a new found peace and stillness will be the result. This will create the right resonance to attract the corresponding dream for you. Each life will unfold effortlessly, beautifully, and it is in our acceptance of what is that we can ask for more. It is really in our ideas of what truth is that prevents the freedom of individual thought. Then it will become apparent that there is a fundamental illusion about what the mind accepts a truth and what is actually truth.

Any thought that is diluted down with the remembrance of fear is not perfect. Have the wisdom to know that your very thoughts are creating this world. Your daily objective was to remove fear which has built up over time. It is your fear related thought which block the flow of light and create a resistance to the flow of love for you. Becoming one by accepting everything exists because we do the best we can at the point of awareness, is the first step in eradicating fear. When you call on the higher self you invite greater clarity to your awareness of what could to you by your intention to be one with “all that is” where you let go the belief that you are separate isolated and less. Whereby you become God centered and let go the need to defend the ego. You will be shown by direct guidance coming from your own spirit self, how to take the next step. Thus with the increase of focused attention on truth, you will increasingly become aware of the presence within. New wisdom will become available to every person who seeks it, and new guides and teachers will be forthcoming in their wisdom to help all through the complexities of life.

If you feel I can help you to answer your questions about life or any confusions and insecurities you have at the moment as what and when is "The Perfect Right Time" for you? Please don't hesitate to call me and I'll do my best to help you. My name is Thomas and my PIN 500126

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