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What If - Timing

It’s so hard to know when the time is right and the time is wrong to address a problem or concern, as we are so bombarded with outside influences, that we have completely lost tune with our own radar and own needs, and hardly have time these days to stop, clear our heads and think, WHAT DO WE WANT.. ??

Thinking time is always needed and we should try to not react on the spur of the moment, which is harder said than done.  Give yourself time to think… let the air clear…  and never, ever, try and address a problem, the same day as the argument, as that energy needs to change also.

But…. if something is really tearing at your heart strings, whether it’s an argument with a friend or relative, your boyfriend or your husband, or you simply don’t know what someone is thinking and you need to voice your thoughts and concerns, then do it…  in the nicest possible way…  and be PROUD YOU SPOKE YOUR TRUTH…!!

People go for days, months and years, not speaking their truth and then it’s too late. Someone dies, or they lose a potential partner/lover, because the other person thought they weren’t interested as neither of you came forward.  Or… you could lose a promotion because you never had that conversation with your boss, letting him know you were ready for more.

So go on ladies and gents…  whatever it’s about…  if you have something to say and you have waited long enough, then have that conversation.  Doing this makes us happier, healthier and lighter in our thoughts, as we don’t have to continually carry around with us the did he, did she, does he, what if scenario, or I should have, scenario.   It drives us all bonkers…!!

You might not always get an answer, but really, that is an answer in itself, BUT YOU WILL ALL HAVE SOMEONE OUT THERE, WHO IS WAITING FOR YOU TO MAKE THE FIRST MOVE…!! 

So go on Ladies and Gents… BE BRAVE… BUT BE KIND… you may not always like the response, but at least, you won’t carry the worry any more and that’s great. 

BUT… what if you do like the response…?? 

You could open a whole new world of happiness…!!


Love and Light

Jools xx




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