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The One That Got Away

It is that time of year. No matter how satisfied you are with your current partner (if you have been blessed)) the mind’s eye is cast back to the one you thought, no not thought, you believed that person would be yours.

Your friends, family, colleagues, canteen ladies, lollipop ladies and well.. All those people who love you tell you incessantly that it wasn’t meant to be. It becomes irksome. Somewhere inside, you think that some colluded campaign has begun to try make you feel better about yourself. Guess what? You are not THAT important!

So.. Your trust has been broken. Think carefully. It was not broken by the very people trying to pull you out of the emotional pit into which you gladly sank- because to you it meant Mr/Mrs right felt, that they were a fingertip away.
The one that got away: Nobody escapes unless they want to be FAR away from you
You can blame circumstance.
You can blame fate,
Blame poor timing
Blame yourself.

Because…. Guess what! You are not yet capable or able to blame the source of your love and pain. My heart breaks time and time again as wonderful people tell me that they feel horrendous because some person has no interest in them.


Just as you are
You do Not need to: lose weight, get fake nails, fake eyelashes, get a spray tan, remove your eyebrows and replace them with pencil, wear clothes that freeze you to death, wear shoes that compromise your balance… sure it is great when dancing in shoes that feel like hot molten lava!
Nurture what you desire, cherish what you have, and forsake what holds you back. No matter what thought fills your head, never give yourself or your body easily. Loneliness consumes us all from time to time. It is the temptation that leads us to further unhappiness and chaos. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT. One night of full attention cannot fill the chasm in your soul. Only you can examine what that is about
He got away? If they were the conditions……. then good! You have had a lucky escape. If you have felt the need to change, you must ask yourself.. was it the real you he ever truly liked?
Life is filled with wonder, and filled with pain. You can make that choice. If you are made feel less than amazing, he is NOT for you
If you have managed to read this far, this article has been written for you.

From many years of varied experience may I please inform of you the following:

• If you still need to ask yourself where you messed up to make him leave you, then he didn’t have the respect to tell you, therefore the problem is his. 
• Why is he the one who got away? Because fundamentally he knew you would come to realise that he is flawed, not perfect, and not good enough for you
• Why is he the one who got away? Because deep inside, subconsciously you understood that the challenge was to change him, not keep him. He was never meant for you.

For all those people who have been hurt by this article, consider and remember that if it hurts us.. it is about us.
Let us ask ourselves once more.
Despite the tears and pain and holding onto familiarity why did the ONE get away? 
Because something much better awaits you. You deserve it.

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