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The Hunter's Moon: Red Full Moon

  • Partial Lunar Eclipse London
  • The October full moon will be the full moon in Taurus
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • Begins Saturday 28th Oct 2023 at 19.01
  • Maximum Magnitude: 21.14 0.122
  • Ends Saturday 28th Oct 2023 at 23.26

This month is the amazing celebration of The Full Red Moon. It has been celebrated throughout many cultures and civilisations across the globe and across time.

October is a very beautiful time of year, a time known to Christians as the second full moon harvest phase of Autumn. It is most commonly known as the Hunters Moon and is the second full moon of Autumn and All Hallows Eve, a Celtic Festival, Samhain, to celebrate the end of summer. This night is when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest and you can receive prophesy. Other names for this moon are The Dying Grass Moon or Travel Moon of Autumn. The Celts celebrate Ivy Moon this month, known as Gort. A reminder that life goes on in the endless cycle of life, death and birth. A time to banish the negative from your life. 

The three headed Goddess and Wise woman, a Mystical Seer so often seen at Halloween, was adopted in Greek mythology and Roman. Known as the triple headed Goddess guarding the crossroads of life. With many functions and a link between the upper sky world and the underworld. She was known as mother / crone, representing all faces of woman.  Also known as Goddess Diana / Artemis, Proserpina / Persephone and Hecate the Crone. She demonstrates the moon phases of a woman’s life. The owl / messenger, dog / companion and sounds of the night howling to the moon are some of the symbolisms of Hecate’s presence as the veil between the living and departed is lifted on All Hallows Eve.

The first Nation Native Americans, Alongonquin, knew this as the Travel Moon, Dying Moon or Frost Moon. A time to prepare before the swamps froze to ensure supplies for winter. 

The Mayans prophesy for 2023 October moon known as Lamat, associated with abundance fertility and harmony, was prophesied by Mayan Prophesy for this time to bring increased focus on balance in one’s relationships, work and environment.

According to the Tibetan moon days taken from the astrological Tibetan Calendar year of the Water Rabbit 2023/24, on 29th October it will be a Full Red Moon and a total lunar eclipse. Tibetan moon days are highlighted in their astrological calendar along with other significant days, such as sun days, for auspicious days, festivals and ceremonials, which are very important parts of everyday Tibetan life and culture. 

Tibetan Auspicious Moon Days for October 23:

  • 15th Oct good for friends and business
  • 23rd Oct day of the deceased
  • 30th Oct day for Brides

And finally, did you know?  

Some 20,000-year-old cave drawings of the moon depicted a primitive writing system, which recorded extensive details about animal life and a type of Lunar Calendar.

So, since the beginning of time people have been fascinated by our wondrous moon.

Either worshiping her, formulating calendars, or celebrating festivals with cultural lives centred around her.  Mesmerised deeply in awe of her and her life supporting spiritual sustenance which has been intrinsic to all of life for so many across the Globe.

As we enter this very special time, many cleanse, ground and clear negative energy, setting affirmations to bring in positive energy and manifest for the coming month.  Maybe you have some areas of your life you wish to cleanse and invite in a fresh start? Clearing your mental and physical clutter can be inspirational and healing in profound ways.  

Start by lighting a candle and clearing a space in your home, mind, and heart. Set your intentions and enter the beauty of the coming Full Hunters Red Moon’s energy, supported by all her divine grace, knowing you are supported for the month ahead.

May the Blessing of Hunters Moon restore all that was lost within you and may you find yourself renewed and replenished.

Red Full Moon Blessings, Love & Light…

Mary Maria

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