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Mary Maria

Angel Frequencies & Divination

Do you ever find yourself noticing numbers?

Do you find yourself keep seeing the same number repeatedly and wondering why?

Do you notice numbers on clocks, phones, car number plates, in the clouds?

Have you ignored them, or are you beginning to feel there is some form of divine synchronicity and divine order orchestrating this phenomenon for you?

Do you know angels have numbers; meanings known as Angelic Numerology which is a form of divination?

That’s a lot of questions, and you would probably like me to answer them. 

Adieu here we go.

When you keep noticing numbers, it is often the angels trying to get your attention. Trying to speak with you and give angelic guidance at difficult times and crossroads in life. So, as we become supported and don’t feel alone.  This angelic divination enables one to feel that life has a divine code.  A coding of numbers, meanings, and universal numerological systems. Which not only support you but support the universe and all its entirety. These numerological systems are deeply encoded within your DNA and within the universes divine matrix and divine grids.  Deeply embedded in this is a divine tapestry of universal order, knowledge, wisdom, angelic hierarchies, and angelic support structures for all beings. 

These angelic hierarchies are well orchestrated with a divine structure and process for enabling all beings to have spiritual support at a time of need.  The number system is perfectly aligned to divine order.  To try to explain this would take too long. However enough is to know that the many houses and angel realms within the heavens, are beyond infinity and back and there is a divine angelic house for all situations.  An example would be the angel of Hope, the angel of healing and the angel of grief and despair.  Now take a moment to try to understand that each angel has a matrix, which is number coded. This carries a frequency and colour code to enable communication. And it also responds to frequencies, vibrations, and auric emotions from all beings.  

Imagine being an angel and you sense a red radar frequency from a person on earth. This would mean that their aura is resonating on red frequency waves. Which will also resonate to specific red alert numbers, to call appropriate angels to come to the aid of the person in need of help.

When the angels respond it is to the sound of light frequencies, which are attuned to number and colour codes.  These numbers do not always resonate at the same frequency but will resonate to respond to where the frequencies show the need for help is.

The universe provides perfect responses to these frequencies as and when the time correlates to the individual’s auric frequency emotion.  These auric waves transmit signals to the angels in specific realms and each realm knows its own frequency and divine healing, educational or service role for all earth beings.

To work with angelic divination all that is needed is for you to know when you are being drawn to numbers by the angels and begin to be open to listening and being receptive to what the angels are wishing and trying to say to you, and how they are trying to help and support you.

The amazing service and support that can be given is often miraculous beyond the belief of some and other times it simply supports you through to your next stage of life.

The numerological sound of re-incarnation shows within the auras of those about to pass into the spiritual realms.  This phonetic form of numerological language enables the angels to process souls into groups. Which are then led to appropriate healing halls & corridors which take souls to the next wonderful stage of life’s journey into other unworldly realms. They then prepare souls for re-incarnation.  This process is different for all and can be short or long depending on each soul’s needs and vibratory tones.

If you are becoming curious about angel numbers, try to keep a journal.

Write down the numbers you are noticing and keep notes of the angelic meaning of each. Very soon you will begin to see a pattern and start to feel divinely supported and assisted throughout this wonderful journey of life.

Love & light

Mary Maria

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