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Understanding More About the Twin Flame Connection

The Twin Flame connection is a hot topic and something that gets thrown around a lot, but with very little understanding. It’s actually a journey of healing and learning, but it’s something that has built up many expectations and misconceptions.

Today, I am going to share my knowledge, experience and understanding on the subject, as I have become somewhat of an expert over the years around this incredibly complex and powerful connection.

Many who believe they have found their Twin Flame expect to be in union with their twin immediately after coming into contact with them, but this very rarely happens. Often in this kind of connection, you have a runner and chaser and there are reasons for that of which I will explain.

A Twin Flame is where one soul is separated in order to learn as much as it can throughout its life-time. One half is the divine feminine and the other the divine masculine. Towards the end of its lifecycle, it will come into contact with its other half, in order to rejoin and become whole again.  You would think this would be a happy union, it’s two halves of the same soul rejoining, but no, it actually has the opposite effect in the physical world.

You see, one of the issues with this complex connection is that our soul is in the 5D and has a deep understanding of connections and spirituality, but our physical minds do not. Our physical minds get confused by this connection, they get scared by how powerful it is and they think that having this connection is just too good to be true. Our physical minds doubt it and reject the idea.  There is often one twin who has become spiritual in the physical world as part of their half of the soul learning and one who doesn’t quite understand it and becomes fearful, thus creating a running and chaser scenario.

Our physical beings at this stage of the souls’ learning have also experienced a lot of pain. You will often hear about the Twin Flame connection seeming like you are looking into a mirror when you are around your twin, and this is very true, but many people don’t quite understand what this means. In order for twins to move into union with each other, this pain needs to be healed, it’s the last part of learning for our soul to be able to move to its higher being, known as the Twin Flame ascension.  However, the mirror image kind of acts as a reverse mirror. The ‘runner’ will find it incredibly difficult being around their twin as you will be mirroring themselves back to them. If they have a lot of deep routed pain that they can’t face, they will run from that, it’s too painful for them.  It is so important to remember here that they are not running from you, they are running from themselves. The mirror image that they see is actually there to highlight the fact that they still have a lot of healing and learning to do, and it brings that to the forefront.  The chaser in this instance will chase harder, they know they have met their special person, but by doing so, this causes the runner to run harder and faster.  It’s a catch 22!

Neither scenario here, whether you are the runner, or the chaser is a healthy way to be. As I have already explained, if you are a runner, it’s because you are not facing up to your own pain and healing from it.  However, if you are the chaser, this indicates a need to work on your own self-esteem and self-worth.  After all, why would you want to chase someone who is making it very clear that they do not want to be around you? 

What gets so confusing here, is that while all this is happening, the chaser counterpart feels the connection as the two halves of the soul are communicating with each other. You know deep down that this is your twin, you have conversations with them about the love you share for each other in the 5D. This often comes in through dreams, picking up in their energy, suddenly thoughts of them that you can’t shake off. But this makes the chaser chase harder, as they have the knowledge that this is their twin and you are supposed to be reunited and in union.

So, let’s go back to something I mentioned earlier – this is a journey of healing and learning.

Now, the runner would have had it highlighted to them that they have a lot of deep routed pain, and they will begin a journey of healing that pain. This could take time, so there is a lot of patience that will be required by the chaser.

However, before the runner can come back fully healed, the chaser also needs to become fully healed, and this is where I often see some issues.  The chaser doesn’t always seem to recognise that they need to heal, they think they have already healed.  It’s not always the case, but I see it so often when providing readings to people who have come into connection with their twin. 

You also have to add in the fact that there is a push pull going on here.  Try to imagine that you and your twin are connected by a cord.  If they run, the cord pulls you with it, therefore making you the chaser.  But, if the chaser starts to focus their attention on themselves and moves away from the runner in order to work on their own healing, what do you think happens to that cord?

So, in short, the most important and necessary thing you need to do in a Twin Flame connection is not chase and not run, but simply focus on working on any internal pain that you have, work on your own well-being, your own self-esteem, self-worth and confidence and your own healing.  By doing this, your twin will be able to come to you and stay in union for your happy ever after.

Love and light,


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