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The Fox Family Seance

The Fox Family and the Link to Mediumship

Ever heard of them? The family lived in Hydesville in New York State, United States of America.

I found this story very interesting as it is one of the earlier documented signs of spirit activity.  I appreciate that there are many undocumented recollections, but this is a fascinating early account nonetheless.

It was the year 1848. I do not know how long the Fox family had resided at their family home, but the history books say that they had been disturbed by noises in the house for a while.  They did not know where the source of the noise came from and it’s important to remember this was 1848. There was no electricity and without all the modern tech to blame unexpected sounds on, it must have been very apparent.

One evening two of the daughters heard noises that sounded like a gun firing, keeping them awake. The girls decided to assume that the noises were being made by somebody and challenged this person to ‘do as we do’.  They clapped their hands and the ‘person’ making the noise, echoed their clapping’s.

I have no doubt what I am writing is known to many, but the girls then devised a way to hold a conversation with the man, who they named Mr. Splitfoot. They found out from these conversations that it was indeed a man, who gave his name as Charles B Rosna. He told them he had been a guest in the house years previously and he claimed that he was buried in the cellar, with a tin, after being murdered.

Their Mum found out and she joined in with the clapping thing that the girls did and again, the same number of claps were echoed from Mr. Splitfoot, aka Mr. Rosna.

News of the  Fox family and their interaction went viral, to coin a phrase and soon people from all over were visiting and finding out for themselves; others were attempting this in their own homes or the homes of others. It became apparent that some people were more predisposed to connect with loved ones departed.

If you’ve heard much of séance’s, you’ll probably recognize the familiar line ‘knock once for yes and twice for no’. This was part of the code the Fox ladies developed to communicate with Mr. Splitfoot/Mr. Rosna. Now you know where it came from!

Soon people began forming groups known as ‘circles’ to learn to communicate with loved ones and others that have passed over and the practice has continued till today. There is far more to this story than what I have written and I’ve decided to keep it brief, but still it is very interesting to find out where it all started!


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